Top 5 “WTF?!” Just For Laughs Gags Pranks!

Written by Adrian Sousa Only the best pranks from comedy behemoth Just For Laughs are included in this list! The most cringey, “WTF,” awkward pranks that you will ever see on the internet! People cutting their hands, children giving birth, statues crushing babies, and so much more are included in this video.

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Top 5 “WTF?!” Just For Laughs Gags Pranks!

It’s time to get gagged! It's painless, we swear... unless you're a fake baby.

What's up, I'm Dan to, and today I’ll be walking you through the most “WTF?!” Just for Laughs Gags, uh, gags.

#5: Locking a Baby in a Locker Prank

Innocent pool-goers try to help a solo mommy out by keeping an eye on her baby. However, this lady subscribes to the Store-N-Go school of thought regarding childcare. Maybe this pool doesn’t rent out lockers, but instead rents out babies, and this lady was just being a good Samaritan and returning her baby rental into the drop box. These gullible goofs would have to come to terms with this terrible display of modern parenting, on top of spending the rest of their lives trying to rationally explain the time a magic locker turned a baby into a doll.

#4: Body Part Blender Prank

So, you’re leaving the grocery store, and you see a nice, Hannibal Lecter-looking dude wearing what looks like a Grand Budapest Hotel bellboy uniform doing a knife demonstration. Of course he’s perfect for the job, as he wields the knife like he’s never seen one before and has no feeling in his fingers! On top of that, this employee goes above and beyond to up the ante from dismemberment to dismembered limbs in a blender! I mean hipsters tend to throw literally anything into their smoothies, but they’re going to need some proof that this thumb is free-range and certified organic.

#3: Breastfeeding Prank

You know that friend of yours that would go to the bathroom and without fail, flick what you hope is just water onto you upon exiting? That’s what this prank is, but weirder. Of all the people you expect to prank you in the mall, a nursing mother is probably the last one. But, alas, if we’ve learned anything from these videos it’s that your distrust should apply to all, and even a nursing woman asking for directions is looking to Deadshot you between the eyes with a little milk from momma. But hey, shout out to our friend in purple. She looked like she may have even enjoyed it.

#2 Statue Crushes Crying Baby Prank

Okay, a few questions are popping into our brains: is there any discussion over how much of the Just For Laughs Gags budget goes towards the purchase of fake babies? Somehow we doubt we’ll ever find the answer to this, so let’s watch some BABY CRUSHIN’! Not real babies of course, though that’s what these suckers are meant to believe. Again, our clever solo mom hooks her prey with the ol’ “ask-‘em-for-directions” tactic before Atlas looses the force of the entire sky onto a crying baby. Honestly, it’s hard enough to hold the sky up without a baby crying at your feet. So, we side with Atlas on this one.

#1: Pregnant Little Girl

We’ve seen babies in lockers that turn into dolls; a man cutting his finger off outside of a grocery store; a nursing mother squirting helpful citizens with baby milk. What could possibly be weirder? How about a 10-year-old girl going into labor in a park where her fedora-wearing 10-year-old partner then picks her up? Fair play to the victims of this prank though; imagine the thoughts going through their heads: How is this possible? Who did this to you? Why is your 10-year-old partner driving a car? Why does your stomach look like a pillow? Are you going to give birth to ANOTHER pillow? What does a human/pillow hybrid look like? Why can’t Atlas drop the entire sky on me and make this bad dream end?

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