Top 5 Surprising Facts about Once Upon a Time

Script written by Spencer Sher Whether you’re a diehard fan or a casual observer, we bet these facts will pique your interest. Here’s our Top 5 Surprising Facts about Once Upon a Time! Did you know that Prince Charming was supposed to die? That Lady Gaga was offered a role? That Captain Hook earned his spot by making a strong impression? Are there any other facts we missed? Comment below!

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Top 5 Surprising Facts About “Once Upon a Time

Whether you’re a diehard fan or a casual observer, we bet these facts will pique your interest. Welcome to MsMojo, and today we’re counting down our picks for the Top 5 Surprising Facts About “Once Upon a Time.”

For this list, we’re looking at some lesser-known facts pertaining to the hit television show “Once Upon a Time.”

#5: Prince Charming Was Supposed to Die

Once a few seasons rolled by, it became difficult to fathom an episode of “Once Upon a Time” without Prince Charming. Yet, the show’s primary male protagonist was nearly killed off in the very first episode! During the pilot, Charming is stabbed and is bleeding heavily. This was originally going to be where the character met his demise, but the powers that be deemed Prince Charming too important a cog in the show’s narrative to be killed off. A different pilot was then written wherein the character falls into a coma instead of succumbing to his injuries.

#4: The Ages of the Actors Don’t Match Those of Their Characters A common theme in the film and television industry is hiring actors who aren’t the same age as their on-screen counterparts. Nowhere is this more apparent than on “Once Upon a Time,” as Jennifer Morrison, who plays Emma Swan, is a year older than her on-screen father Josh Dallas, and only one year younger than Ginnifer Goodwin, who plays her mother, Snow White. However, seeing as how the show revolves around the daily exploits of a group of fairy tale characters living in a fictional village in Maine, it seems best to just enjoy the series and not get hung up on a few age discrepancies.

#3: Captain Hook Earned His Spot by Making a Strong Impression

As an actor, auditioning for a role can be a nerve-racking experience… unless you’re Colin O’Donoghue. The actor who plays Captain Hook made such a good impression during his initial audition that the producers decided to make his character a series regular before he ever appeared onscreen. Hook, who was reportedly heavily inspired by Westley from “The Princess Bride” and Han Solo of “Star Wars,” became one of the show’s most captivating characters; and in keeping with “Once Upon a Time’s” habit of presenting old characters in new ways, Hook turned out to be one of the easiest heroes to cheer for.

#2: Lady Gaga Was Offered a Role

After seeing Keegan Connor Tracy play the role of Reul Ghorm – A.K.A. the Blue Fairy A.K.A. Mother Superior – for this many seasons, it’s difficult to imagine anyone else filling her shoes. Yet, when “Once Upon a Time” was first conceived, the producers hoped that Lady Gaga would accept the fairy godmother role. While they reached out to the singer they never received a response, prompting them to go with their second choice. It’s always fun to imagine different people playing a particular character, but in this instance it’s especially intriguing, as Gaga is truly a one of a kind performer.

#1: The 6th Season Was Jennifer Morrison’s Last

All good things must come to an end. While the minds behind “Once Upon a Time” decided to move forward with a seventh season, they had to do so without Emma Swan – protagonist and primary protector of the fairy tale residents of the fictional town of Storybrooke. However, this bad news comes with a silver lining, as Morrison did state that she would make an appearance in one season seven episode. Throughout the first six seasons Morrison drew praise from fans and critics alike for infusing a little “girl power” into the fairy tale genre. While it might’ve been difficult to bide adieu to Emma Swan, viewers can take solace in the fact that this story isn’t over just yet.

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