Top 10 Best Ed Sheeran Music Videos

Script written by Owen Maxwell This English singer-songwriter has released some pretty awesome music videos for his songs such as "Shape of You," "Thinking Out Loud," "Photograph," "Lego House," "Don't," and "Give Me Love." Join MsMojo as we count down our picks for the top 10 best Ed Sheeran music videos.

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Top 10 Best Ed Sheeran Music Videos

The right music video can turn a hater into a fan. Welcome to MsMojo and today we're counting down our picks for the Top 10 Best Ed Sheeran Music Videos.
For this list, we're looking at those music videos that took Sheeran's music to new heights. We are basing our picks on a mix of visuals, narrative and overall creativity behind each concept.

#10: “Castle on the Hill”
Divide (2017)

Nothing says youth like goofing around with your friends, bonfires and dance parties. Following a group of teenagers living their adolescence to the fullest, the video paints a romantic portrait of Sheeran's youth. Running through fields, hanging around old castles and driving down country roads are just some of the experiences they’ll have before the kids age, start drinking and partying at clubs. Switching to the song's revelations about the outcomes of each of Sheeran's friends, the video gets painfully real to lend a little more heart to its story.

#9: “All Of The Stars”
The Fault in Our Stars (Music from the Motion Picture) (2014)

You don't need a lyric video to have a powerful focus on words. For Sheeran's addition to the "The Fault In Our Stars'" soundtrack, the visuals were decidedly uplifting to help balance the weight of the film's subject matter. Cutting from dark shots of Shailene Woodley's Hazel to the inspirational cards on the wall, the video takes a fairly blunt stab at its attempt to lighten up a worried mind. Mixing in clips from the film along with a brief appearance from Ed himself to close things out, this video will surely brighten up your day. 

#8: “Give Me Love”
Plus (2011)

If you thought you had love problems, try being Cupid. As an intensely lonely woman struggles with her isolation, she suddenly gets a few sharp pains in her back, soon sprouting wings to become a very human version of the god of love. Using her workshop to craft the god's signature bow and arrow she takes to the streets to spread love throughout her city, making and changing up couples as she goes. The darker tone finds her even more lonely and pained after her powers emerge, jumping off tall buildings and seemingly taking her own life only to fall under her own arrow's spell.

#7: “Drunk”
Plus (2011)

Whoever said dogs were man's best friend has clearly never cracked a cold one with Ed Sheeran's cat. Flipping the dark subject matter of Sheeran's song, this video finds the singer feeling down and out, having a beer to soothe his emotions before his bro of a cat turns things around. Ed’s furry friend quickly lifts his spirits by playing wingman at the bar between shots, and even jumping in to fight off paparazzi. Not stopping there, the cat hosts a DJ session before it’s revealed that Ed’s night was really just the product of a few too many drinks.

#6: “Don’t”
Multiply (2014)

Have problems? Why not dance them away! Tackling one of Ed's funkier tunes in a unique light, we catch a man dancing his way through a derelict state of life, until his dynamic attitude starts to improve his life. Dressing and eating his way through one house, he's already trying to improve other lives by the time he's passing headphones at his next stop. Taking his moves to a new house, he finds a dance partner and manages to brighten up her day as well. Featuring American dancer Philip “Pacman” Chbeeb as our star, this video was equal parts funny, silly and uplifting.

#5: “Sing”
Multiply (2014)

In this Emil Nava-directed clip, Puppet Ed takes the town by storm, barreling his truck through streets and roadblocks before deciding a bar is a good next step. Wooing bartenders, destroying at karaoke and getting significantly drunk in the process, puppet Ed does NOT kid around when it comes to partying. When he hits the streets in his stretch hummer, the party really gets going with real-life Ed and Pharrell Williams along for the ride. After the drinks start to catch up with him though, puppet Ed ends up at the drunk tank, and all that’s left of the night before is some foggy memories.

#4: “Shape Of You”
Divide (2017)

Don't judge a book by its cover, or in this case a boxer by his gloves. Hitting the gym, Sheeran starts training for what seems like a boxing match as he pummels every kind of punching bag imaginable to get in fighting form. Taking this Rocky homage in a different direction, he also finds love with another boxer as the two go from training together to dates over food and a few friendly punches. While he wasn’t able to defeat his final sumo opponent, leave it to Ed to find love in a boxing gym.

#3: “Lego House”
Plus (2011)

With British actor Rupert Grint stepping into Sheeran's sweater-and-bracelet-wearing shoes, things seem pretty reflective and innocent as he plays music, crashes in his bus and writes lyrics down in a book. Getting ready to hit the stage, Grint seems a little nervous for a pre-show walk but gets the crowd screaming, anyhow –  before getting tackled. In a shocking twist Grint is actually a crazy stalker obsessed with Sheeran, going that much further to get close to Ed.  

#2: “Photograph”
Multiply (2014)

A personal video can win the hearts of just about anyone. Cutting together an unbearably adorable video using home videos from Sheeran's childhood, this montage charts his growth from first steps to first strums. Thanks to an incredible amount of footage from Sheeran's family, we catch his entire life, unbelievably edited into a cohesive and artistically strong piece thanks to a team with an eye for detail. Focusing on his musical surge in the latter half, we see him go from drawing lines on pianos to playing every instrument he can find before finally taking to festival stages across the world.

 Before we get to our top pick, here are a few honourable mentions:

Multiply (2014)
“Galway Girl”
Divide (2017)
“Small Bump”
Plus (2011)

#1: “Thinking Out Loud”
Multiply (2014)

Just when it seems that nothing could make Ed more impressive, we find out that he can light up a dance floor too. In this incredibly coordinated and emotive video, Sheeran dances with Brittany Cherry, their moves weaving a visual story. Taking on a lot more focus than he usually does in any of his other videos, this one boasts a lot of unique traits even before his killer choreography comes into play. Landing each move elegantly and with the right sense of fun, the pair has a stirring amount of chemistry. Despite the fact that Sheeran seems like he’s been dancing for years, he actually had to train from scratch for weeks. Just thinking out loud here, but we suspect he’s a natural.

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