Joffrey Baratheon Vs Ramsay Bolton

Written by Alex Crilly-Mckean When these two play the game of thrones, countless bodies are left in their wake. Welcome to and in this instalment of versus we are pitting Joffrey of House Baratheon against Ramsay of House Bolton to see who the more despicable villain is. Be warned that this whole versus is a giant spoiler for the events of the show, so if there were ever a time for a SPOILER ALERT, it would be now. Have an idea you want to see made into a WatchMojo video? Check out our suggest page at http://WatchMojo.comsuggest and submit your idea.

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When these two play the game of thrones, countless bodies are left in their wake. Welcome to and in this instalment of versus we are pitting Joffrey of House Baratheon against Ramsay of House Bolton to see who the more despicable villain is.

Be warned that this whole versus is a giant spoiler for the events of the show, so if there were ever a time for a SPOILER ALERT, it would be now.

Round 1: Psychotic Tendencies

After assuming the Iron Throne, it doesn’t take long for Joffrey to indulge in the power that comes with the position of King. Perhaps most notable is how poorly he treats Sansa Stark. From making her look at her father’s disembodied head, having her beaten by his guards, and even threatening to serve her own brother’s head to her on her wedding night, the lengths to which Joffrey will go to physically and mentally torture his enemies are extensive. He even gets his own hands dirty on a couple of occasions, like the time he makes two prostitutes abuse each other, and then slays one with a bow and arrow just for the fun of it. There’s little doubt a monster lurks just below the surface of this Lannister, born of incest.

On the other hand, Ramsay makes no secret of how much of a monster he is. Before he ascends to power, his vicious nature is made evident through the torture and castration of Theon Greyjoy, as well as the skinning and flaying of his enemies... though if you ever forget about that last bit, just look to the Boltons’ sigil. After finally being granted power, Ramsay ups the ante by raping and mistreating Sansa Stark, killing his own father out of jealousy, and feeding his newborn brother to the dogs. Up until the very end, he remains defiantly evil. He even kills WunWun! Oh, and Rickon too. A seriously bad dude, this one.

Joffrey may be the worst child to ever exist, and he certainly makes life miserable for a lot of different people. But while Joffrey would rather let others do the dirty work, Ramsay is on a different level of moral insanity, taking pleasure in the pain he inflicts with his own hands. So the Bolton takes round 1.

WINNER: Joffrey Baratheon 0 / Ramsay Bolton 1

Round 2: Ambition & Motivation

Joffrey makes it all too clear that he loves being King of the Seven Kingdoms. Despite his creepy conception via Cersei and Jaime – information that’s largely hidden from the public during his life – Joffrey is still in line to sit on the Iron Throne following his so-called “father” Robert Baratheon’s death. And to ensure he is, he removes the threat that Ned Stark poses when his position is called into question. Once he is crowned, he’s all-too content to play puppet-master with his subjects and torment them in any way he sees fit, only feeling any real sense of motivation when it comes to humiliating Tyrion or sending more warriors to battle the North.

On the opposite spectrum when it comes to privilege is Ramsay Bolton – or Snow. Born a bastard, Ramsay has always sought the glory that comes with being a Bolton. As such, he does everything his father commands to prove his worth, whether that means capturing a Northern stronghold, laying siege to Stannis Baratheon’s forces, or even marrying Sansa. Once he secures his title, Ramsay is determined to keep it no matter the cost. If that means murdering his entire family to ensure he can become Warden of the North, and starting a war with Jon Snow to recapture Sansa, so be it. Now that’s what you call committed.

Joffrey is very happy to lounge around after assuming the throne and let others fight his battles for him; not to mention he was born into royalty to begin with. Ramsay has to fight every day to earn respect from his father and to overcome his reputation as a bastard; which to his credit he actually achieves, although he leaves a mountain of bodies in his wake to do so. Those who work hardest achieve the most, so Ramsay wins this round.

WINNER: Joffrey Baratheon 0 / Ramsay Bolton 2

Round 3: House & Allies

It’s no secret that the Lannisters have the Seven Kingdoms in their pocket. And why not? Great riches buy some very influential people. Aside from the vast army they’ve amassed, the Lannisters have also recruited Sandor Clegane, aka The Hound, and Ser Meryn Trant to act as Joffrey’s personal attack dogs – though one tends to kill enemies while the other just beats up Sansa. Of course, Joffrey’s most precious and powerful allies are the members of his own family. Cersei Lannister would do anything to protect her child, no matter how vile the act, and Tywin Lannister is so wealthy in funds and respect that it’s pretty evident he’s the one really running things. All the same, there’s no shortage of power in Joffrey’s corner.

Using fear and a mutual hatred of the Starks, Ramsay is able to amass quite a strong army of his own after the Boltons take control of Winterfell. Preceding the Battle of the Bastards, he’s able to recruit the likes of House Umber and House Karstark to his side. Also fighting on Ramsay’s side is his father, Roose Bolton. Before his untimely murder, Roose is shown to be adept in treachery and tactics, and that is made abundantly clear by his involvement in the Red Wedding. Of course, when it comes to Ramsay’s friends and associates, we can’t forget about his psychotically murderous lover Myranda, or the broken man once known as Theon Greyjoy… at least, for a time.

Ramsay manages to garner quite a strong following, and definitely isn’t without power during his brief reign over the North, but the Lannisters tower over all others. With the best fighters, armies and tacticians in the South, Joffrey and his allies would no doubt dominate in a war against House Bolton.

WINNER: Joffrey Baratheon 1 / Ramsay Bolton 2

Round 4: Overall Impact

We could see that Joffrey was basically a demon in a child’s body from moment his lies lead Lady Sansa’s direwolf to be executed. From that point onwards, he grew to become one of the most spiteful characters imaginable, abusing everyone around him – especially Sansa and Tyrion. Of course his crowning achievement remains the moment he orders the beheading of Ned Stark, causing the War of the Five Kings to begin in earnest and initiating the downfall of House Stark. No wonder he’s not only one of the show’s most hated villains, but also one of television’s greatest monsters.

Although he’s originally overshadowed by Joffrey’s tyrannical rule, it isn’t until Ramsay rises from bastard to Bolton that he truly starts to shine as a villain all his own – though his torture of Theon was a good indicator of his sadistic tendencies. The pain he inflicts on others easily dwarfs what the Lannister offspring accomplishes – although it’s on a much more intimate scale – and his cavalier attitude about it all just makes him that much more hate-able. Ramsay stands as the perfect antithesis and mortal enemy of the hero Jon Snow. And without either of these men, we would never have seen the Battle of the Bastards, arguably the greatest fantasy battle ever adapted to television.

Ramsay accomplishes a lot in his time as a “Game of Thrones” villain, but the impact of his actions doesn’t quite ripple as far across the Seven Kingdoms as Joffrey’s. Whereas Bolton is just trying to claw his way through life, Joffrey actually has the power to make things better, but chooses instead to make things so much worse than they were before him. So we can’t help but give this round to the boy-king with an appetite for destruction.

WINNER: Joffrey Baratheon 2 / Ramsay Bolton 2

Round 5: Deaths

Fans began demanding Joffrey’s death from practically the moment he first opened his mouth. All the suffering he’s caused the Starks and Tyrion – the odd Lannister out – needed to be paid back tenfold. Unfortunately, retribution doesn’t come during the War of the Five Kings, the Battle at Blackwater, or from some grisly assassination attempt. Nevertheless, Joffrey’s ultimate demise still proves to be quite shocking and satisfying, as he is poisoned at his own wedding. While we would’e liked to have seen something a little bloodier, watching the life drain from Joffrey’s face is extremely cathartic.

In the wake of the Battle of the Bastards, there was a brief moment where we feared that Ramsay would live to fight another day after he fled the battleground. But that moment of panic is quickly abated by the sight of Jon Snow punching the crap out of him. The best is yet to come, however, as none other than Sansa carries exacts the ultimate revenge against her estranged husband. Tensions build as she lets loose Ramsay’s own hounds, who haven’t been fed for days. While he tries to command them, the promise of fresh meat is too great for them to assist. Admit it, you were sharing Sansa’s smile as Ramsay Bolton was eaten alive.

Joffrey had it coming, and while his death was much deserved, the fact he died so suddenly took precedence over the death itself. On the flipside, no one could’ve invented a more fitting death for Ramsay. His habit of letting his hounds loose on his victims was finally turned around him, proving that a hungry dog’s loyalty is easily bought. Bon appétit.

WINNER: Joffrey Baratheon 2 / Ramsay Bolton 3

Narrowly outshining the lion with his villainy, the winner and undoubtedly the vilest villain in all of “Game of Thrones” is Ramsay Bolton.

Do you agree with our final choice? Feel free to debate it in the comments and of course be sure to subscribe to for more versus battles.

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