ARMS: Gamers vs. BOXERS - The Bolt to E3 part 3

San Francisco to LA. Gaming all the way. J.D. Witherspoon from runJDrun, Sugar Gamers' Keisha Howard, Twitch streamer Lauralania, and WatchMojo's video game host Dan Paradis hit the road to the year’s most anticipated gaming convention, E3. In part 3, the competition gets heated... and a little weird. We play Nidhogg in the backseat of the Chevy BoltEV, and get some boxing pointers from actual trainers before a frenzied ARMS showdown! The series was brought to you in part by our friends at Chevy, Nintendo of Canada, and NVIDIA. Shout out to Box N Burn Santa Monica for showing us the ropes! (Twitter: @BoxNBurn) The slim, powerful laptops we were gaming on are ASUS ROG STRIX GL702 See more from our cast here: JD Witherspoon: YT: Twitter: @jdwitherspoon ‏ Twitch: Instagram: @jdwithserpoon Snapchat: jdwitherspoon Keisha Howard: YT: Twitter: @sugargamer Instagram: @sugargamer Facebook: Snapchat: Sugargamers Lauralania: Twitch: Twitter: @MytiaZimmer YT:

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