Top 10 Best Full House Moments

Script written by Joey Turner Full house may have come back for its revival, but we’ll never forget these best moments from the first Full House series! Adventures at Disney World, Steve Urkel’s guest appearance, D.J was accused of drinking, hole in the wall, Stephanie drives Joey’s car, the finale scene, Jesse and Becky’s wedding, were all of the best moments from the show!

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Top 10 Full House Moments

A list about one of the most iconic family sitcoms? [“You got it, dude!”] Welcome to MsMojo, and today we’re counting down our picks for the Top 10 Full House Moments.

For this list, we’ll be looking back at some of the most memorable moments with the Tanner family - whether they’ve made us laugh, cry, or hug it out; a lot of them hitting home in more ways than one. If you haven’t caught up on Full House by now… there WILL be spoilers.

#10: Adventures at Disney World
“The House Meets the Mouse”

Jesse’s performing at Disney World, and what was originally planned as a second anniversary with Becky turns into a family vacation. In addition to the usual attractions, the family has quite the eventful visit – Jesse tries to make time for Becky, Michelle is crowned ‘Princess for the Day’ (much to Stephanie’s envy), D.J. hallucinates her boyfriend Steve everywhere, and Danny tries endlessly to propose to his girlfriend Vicky… to no avail. Each subplot ends happily, embodying some of the core Disney themes – love conquering all, generosity, and most important of all, following your dreams – as heavily emphasized during Jesse’s concert dedicated to all the dreamers

#9: Steve Urkel’s Guest Appearance
“Stephanie Gets Framed”

D.J. and her friend Julie are trying to hide from Julie’s annoying cousin; and so they ask Jesse and Danny to keep him busy… but they have no idea what they’ve agreed to. That’s right, Julie’s cousin is none other than Family Matters’ own Steve Urkel; and he wastes no time doing what he does best – driving everyone crazy. Later on however, he offers Stephanie some helpful advice about her new glasses. Though he disappears after said scene, Steve still manages to steal the show just by being his annoyingly geeky, but kind-hearted self, bringing the best of both series together. Apparently, he made a habit of visiting other sitcoms.

#8: D.J. is Accused of Drinking
“Just Say No Way”

It’s rare that the adults are the ones slipping up… but it happens. D.J. catches her date drinking beer with his friends at the dance, and she chews them out for it. Unfortunately, Jesse winds up thinking that D.J. was the one drinking, and no one believes her when she tells the truth… except little sister Stephanie. Luckily, the truth is uncovered, and Jesse apologizes for jumping to conclusions. Let’s face it, the world isn’t always a safe place; but D.J.’s good judgment serves a strong example for younger audiences. Her stand is made all the more powerful when we later learn what REALLY happened to her mom.

#7: D.J. & Steve Break Up
“Love on the Rocks”
Since the start of season six, D.J.’s been dating the boy of her dreams, Steve Hale. However, near the end of next season, the spark begins to fade. While Steve is away for the week, D.J. takes time to remember that there’s more to her than being a girlfriend – she even conquers her fear of hiking up a steep mountain. When Steve comes home, he and D.J. hike up the same mountain and face the truth they were too afraid to admit – the magic between them is gone. They break up, but plan to remain close friends, reminding us that life doesn’t end when a relationship does.

#6: Becky Gives Birth to the Twins
“Happy Birthday, Babies, Part 2”

For much of the first half of season 5, Jesse and Becky prepare to become parents… to twins. During Michelle’s 5th birthday party, the big moment arrives. Of course, nothing ever goes smoothly for the Tanner clan – Jesse has to go into surgery, leaving Danny to coach Becky through the birth. Fortunately, Jesse –still loopy from the surgery- makes it in time for the twins’ birth… though not exactly in the right mindset to help. After all the madness finally dies down, the world greets both Nicky and Alex Katsopolis, and a new major chapter in Jesse and Becky’s lives – graduating from Aunt and Uncle to Mom and Dad.

#5: Hole in the Wall
“The Hole-in-the-Wall Gang”

Stephanie starts copying D.J. to act more mature… a plan that ultimately backfires when the duo accidentally punch a hole in the wall of Danny’s room. Now it’s a race against time as they try to fix the mess. Luckily, they manage a clean getaway by tricking Danny with a silly improvised song. Sure D.J. and Stephanie butt heads from time-to-time, but they make a pretty good team when they actually work together, as demonstrated by this successful little scheme. Showing that Stephanie’s a cool kid when being herself, D.J. doesn’t have to worry about her little sister mimicking her anymore… one of them, anyway.

#4: Stephanie Drives Joey’s Car
“Honey, I Broke the House”

Stephanie is playing in Joey’s car… but her pretend drive comes to a real crashing halt when she accidentally backs into the kitchen. Frightened of the repercussions, Stephanie decides to run away; but it’s kind of hard to hide a car wreck in a kitchen. Jesse convinces Stephanie to fess up, and she’s ready to face punishment, but she’s harder on herself than even Danny could be. All kids make mistakes –it’s just part of growing up; but no matter how bad Steph messes up, nothing will ever make her family stop loving her… which is the most valuable lesson of all in this episode. She’s not getting a license anytime soon, though.

#3: Papouli’s Death
“The Last Dance” The Tanners know all too well about losing a family member, but it still stings when it happens again. Jesse’s grandpa Papouli, who we met in an earlier episode, has come to visit and celebrate life. Unfortunately, the fun is cut short next morning with heartbreaking news… Papouli has died in his sleep. Jesse starts shutting everyone out, and Michelle tries to be strong for her uncle… but their closeness reminds them of the benefits of a big family – you’ll always have someone to cry with. The episode ends with the two dancing in memory of Papouli, and we’re left misty-eyed by this incredibly well-written tragic episode.

#2: Jesse & Becky’s Wedding
“The Wedding”

Having cast aside his woman-chasing ways, Jesse is finally ready to settle down and marry Becky… almost. Wanting one last thrill before he settles down, Jesse convinces Joey to take him skydiving before the wedding ceremony… unfortunately, he lands himself in jail. Luckily, Becky bails him out, and the two head off to the ceremony, where Jesse performs a beautiful cover to The Beach Boys’ Forever, symbolizing his love for Becky lasting forever. Tying the knot doesn’t mean the adventure’s over - on the contrary; it means the start of an all-new adventure –and the new Mr. and Mrs. Katsopolis are in for QUITE the ride.

Before we unveil the best moment in the series, here are a few honorable mentions.

D.J.’s Nightmare
“The Test”

Changing Michelle’s Diaper
“Our Very First Show”

“Michelle Smiling”
“Baby Love”

#1: The Final Scene
“Michelle Rides Again (Part 2)”

It’s been a hectic week for the Tanners, and worst of all, Michelle gets amnesia after falling off her riding horse. The family tries to restore her memory with little throwbacks, but to no avail. What it does do however, is remind them of what’s really important in life – family and loved ones. Thankfully, Michelle’s memory returns, and the Tanner Clan once again embody what made this series so excellent – despite the hardships and heartbreak they’ve faced over the years, they pull through it together, just like they always will. This was a beautiful and perfect way to say farewell to the cast… at least for the moment.

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