Top 5 Surprising Facts About Pretty Little Liars

Script written by Ian Astraquillo Pretty Little Liars has been on TV since 2010, so there’s bound to be lots of shocking moments about the show. But even the fans might not have known these facts about the teen drama. Did you know that pretty much everyone auditioned for each others’ roles? That producers were steps ahead of fans? That the show is loaded with Hitchcock references and that the liars did their own stunts? Stay tuned to find out the Top 5 shocking facts about Pretty Little Liars!

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Top 5 Shocking Facts About Pretty Little Liars

This show has given us many things we didn't see coming, and it's no different behind the scenes! Welcome to MsMojo, and today we'll be counting down our picks for the Top 5 Shocking Facts About Pretty Little Liars.

For this list, we’re looking at the most interesting and little known facts about this hit Freeform TV series.

#5: Pretty Much Everyone Auditioned for Each Other's Roles

Not only did a large number of both the main and supporting cast audition for other roles, some almost actually had them. Examples include Shay Mitchell, who was nearly given the role of Spencer, with actresses Tammin Sursok and Janel Parrish also reportedly being considered. Additionally, Sasha Pieterse, who was only twelve when the pilot was shot, as well as Lucy Hale, were both contenders for Hanna. Meanwhile, in the male circle, Brant Daugherty, aka Noel Kahn, was hoping to receive either the role of Ezra or Toby. Of course, we know the role of Toby went to Keegan Allen, who originally hoped to play Wren Kingston. Yeah, we're as dizzy as you all are.

#4: Producers Were Steps Ahead of Fans

It should come as no surprise that the minds behind a show built on mystery, deceit, and, of course, lies, are themselves savvy and sneaky when it comes to concealing the secrets of the series itself. On set, the show would often shoot scenes dealing with major plot points and twists multiple ways, employing different scripts, crew members, extras, and, in some cases, main cast members, in order to undermine potential leaks. The most well-known of these is the traitor reveal at the end of the episode "The Lady Killer", for which two different versions of the scene show Paige and Caleb in Toby's place as a member of the A team instead.

#3: The Show is Loaded with Hitchcock References

You know the coffeehouse that the liars frequent to? Did you ever notice its name? Additionally, in the show's first season finale, shots that parallel moments in "Vertigo" are found throughout the episode, particularly during the church bell tower bell scene. However, arguably the biggest tributes came in second season finale, which borrowed extensive imagery from Hitchcock's "Psycho". The devil was in the details here, with the Bates Motel's sign used as a model for the show's Lost Woods Resort, which was complete with its own Norman Bates-esque owner. Topping it all off was a final scene featuring a deranged and blanketed Mona speaking familiar words in voice-over. And that’s just scratching the surface.

#2: There Are Plenty of Set-Related Secrets

Hollywood recycles sets, and Stars Hollow–uh– we mean Rosewood, is no exception. Yep! Most of PLL has been shot on the same Warner Bros backlot used for Gilmore Girls. The structure of the Apple Rose Grill previously held Luke’s Diner! Miss Patty’s Dance studio can actually be seen in various PLL shots. But not all secrets are Gilmore Girls related. You know the Liars' houses? Most are actually operational production offices for Warner Bros., with only the exteriors being filmed. Despite all this re-usage, crew members still found a subtle way to make Rosewood distinct, by placing the letter "A" in every set piece, even if they knew it may not appear in the final shot.

#1: The Liars Did Their Own Stunts

While doubles are readily available for every scene, the liars reportedly insist on performing most of their own stunts when filming, despite the producers having understandable concerns and reservations. Seriously, we have to applaud Ashley, Lucy, Sasha, Shay, and Troian for their dedications to the show, going to the point of risking injury all for the sake of maximizing realism. These ladies have seemingly done it all. And as if that isn’t impressive enough, consider that many of these stunts are performed in high heels! That takes real courage.

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