Top 10 Worst Types Of People You Meet In Multiplayer

Script written by Fred Humphries I don’t know you...but I know your kind. Welcome to and today we’re counting down our picks for the Top 10 WORST Types of People You Meeting In Multiplayer. Special thanks to our user “Dan Paradis” for suggesting this topic using our interactive suggestion tool at http://WatchMojo.comsuggest

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Top 10 Worst Types of People You Meet in Multiplayer

With these guys running riot, it’s a wonder any of us still persevere with online gaming. Welcome to and today we’ll be counting down our picks for the top 10 Worst Types of People You Meet in Multiplayer.

For this list, we take a look at the people who, deliberately or indirectly, make life in your favorite multiplayer game irritating, irksome or downright miserable. Some of these troublemakers will cause grief through game-specific behavior while others will employ wider concepts that would be awful in any walk of life. They have one thing in common, however: they should be avoided at all costs.

#10: Campers

When you picture a stereotypical camper, many of you will envision a ghillie suit wearing, sniper-wielding troll strategically hiding in tufts of grass. While that certainly is one species of camper out there, the camping population is more diverse and complicated than you might think. You’ve likely encountered the power-up camper – relatively harmless individuals waiting in one spot for an item or perk to refresh – and probably had an RTS game ruined by a turtle refusing to venture out their shell and actually engage in gameplay. When challenged, they’ll inevitably argue about the legitimacy of their tactic as well, claiming that if the game’s design makes camping feasible, it’s their right to do it.

#9: Button Mashers

You’ve put in the hours. You’ve rigorously learnt your favorite character’s combinations. You now head online in search of a bout with an equally dedicated fighting game enthusiast, only to find you’ve been matched with a tactic-less tyke who is only capable of battering their controller to make some sort of random offense possible. Though such a novice approach is not entirely their fault – it’s an easy fall back for players who don’t have time to work out a fighting game’s complexity and some characters work far too well with this method – players with the perseverance to learn Mortal Kombat or Street Fighter’s intricacies will inevitably be frustrated by such inexperienced players who garner even less respect than spammers.

#8: Whiny Kids

As we get older and begin to reflect upon our gaming experiences with greater logic and consideration, you realize it is just all a game. While we might all still be prone to a moment of rage, it’s never on the scale of this brand of younger gamer who will blame anything other than their own ability for their gaming shortcomings. Lag, poor game design and cheating will all make up part of their high-pitched remonstrations that pierce your eardrum and possibly lead to other petulant actions that directly affect your personal enjoyment. This audible annoyance may be bad, but you really have to feel sorry for the anguished parents who have to reign in their hormonal offspring in reality.

#7: People Who Tell You How To Play

Polite, constructive advice from highly-skilled gamers will always be welcome when asked for, but when it’s unwanted and given in an aggressive, patronizing manner, you’ll quickly go looking for the block, mute and report buttons. This is especially a nuisance in team-based games like Overwatch where it can be difficult to find a balance between proper organization and letting individual players play as they wish. We appreciate there’s little value in a team of six Symmetras, but being forcefully instructed to use a specific character to fulfill a defensive or support role by someone unwilling to do just that, becomes extremely grating. For the last time guys I’m not going to pick Mercy.

#6: The “ists”

For many, gaming is an experience to escape the stresses of society and, for a time, enjoy a fantastically foreign reality. Others, however, exploit that same detachment and escapism to demonstrate their most abhorrent and bigoted views. Of course, many don’t hold such views and only use these offensive terms to troll and provoke a reaction – whether that makes it better is a matter that’s up for significant, controversial debate.

#5: Spawn Killers

Often simply known as SKs, these individuals are another species of camper and perhaps the version that will draw the most distaste. SKs are particularly potent when they work together to co-ordinate the implementation of their controversial tactic. They’ll study the map in advance to identify where they can create an efficient choke on your spawn point, never allowing an opportunity to escape and properly get immersed in the game. Victims of this strategy are consistently bemused as to why many FPSs persist with fixed spawn locations when flexible, teammate spawning or a temporary invincibility has been an effective preventative measure in other similar games. Until something is done, there’s little we can do against such committed, shady gamers.

#4: Rage Quitters

TypicalAngryGamer_69_xx has left the game: it’s a pop-up message you’ll experience in all game genres and a sure sign you’ve just facilitated a rage quit. This irate early finish could come after you’ve dished out a hammering in Street Fighter V or a slice of fortune goes your way in the 90th minute of a FIFA match. Although the quitter will often be penalized by systems that keep track of unusually high disconnect ratios, your victory will be tarnished, especially if you’ve spent a considerable amount of time waiting in the lobby.

#3: Smurfs

No, we’re not talking about Gargamel’s adorable blue archenemies; we’re referring to experienced players who create a new account to become a big fish in a little pond, dominating unwitting small fries for their own enjoyment. Relatively common in CS:GO, it can be acceptable if a higher-level gamer uses a second account to play with friends, but when it’s done as short-lived relief from the taxing nature of competitive, upper-tier gaming, it will tick off those unfortunate enough to have their match ruined. It’s unsporting and ultimately unsatisfying to slaughter noob after noob in search of an artificially inflated K/D – stick to your own level you smurfing smurf.

#2: Griefers

By having the intention of causing as much grief as possible, these ultra-trolls will often take on the personality of all or a few of the entries we’ve already discussed on this list. Team killing may be the most universally heinous behavior they partake in, but, as it’s such a broad and flexible concept, the type of griefer you hate most will largely depend on what specifically grinds your gears. While an individual’s griefing may be reactionary when they think they’ve been wronged, mobs of griefers will collectively risk bans just to destroy people’s creations, create lag and cause general disruptive mischief. No one is safe, you just have to pray you won’t be that day’s random target.

Before we reveal our top pick, we’ve got one dishonorable mention for you.

Singers / People Who Play Music Through Their Microphone

#1: Hackers / Cheaters

When these advanced saboteurs enter a game to start messing with innocent players, they tamper with the ones and zeros of that title to cause a degree of havoc so complex that you’re left with just one truly effective response: turning off your system. With such exceptional understanding of a game’s inner workings, you’ll probably wonder why they focus their talent on simple trolling or artificial advancement towards certain goals or achievements. Such incidents are still pretty rare however; so when random objects spawn around you in GTA Online or a player never misses a shot in TF2, take a moment to appreciate the effort they’ve put in to become an expert in the art of cheesing everyone off.

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