Top 10 Big Brother US Villains

Script written by Carly Comtois Aren’t TV Villains just the most fun to watch? They make the show so dramatic and entertaining. What’s Big Brother if not for intense drama, racism and a ton of inappropriateness? If you’re a fan of the show, these names are sure going to ring a bell. Danielle Reyes basically talked behind everyone’s back, Matt Hoffman was a major liar, Rachel Reilly was constantly fighting with her housemates and Aaryn Gries was racist and homophobic.

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Top 10 Big Brother U.S. Villains

Each season they warn us to expect the unexpected, but one thing we can always expect is a new villain to hate – or love. Welcome to MsMojo and today we're counting down our picks for the top ten Big Brother U.S. villains.

For this list, we'll be taking a look at the U.S. version of the popular reality show and some of its biggest baddies. Whether you love them or hate them, villains cause drama in the house, and the show wouldn't be nearly as entertaining without them. But we're only counting villains in the game, not in real life, so as messed up as Justin Sebik was, he doesn't belong on this list

#10: Jun Song

Jun was a HouseGuest on and ultimate winner of Big Brother 4, but her popularity in the house certainly didn't win her any votes. In fact, most people in the house disliked Jun because she was young - and acted it. She was immature and entitled, and her fellow HouseGuests did not appreciate some of the comments she made in the house. On finale night, the jury contemplated not voting for either her or Alison to win, and the only reason Jun won was because in the end her gameplay was better than Alison's.

#9: Danielle Reyes

Remember when the jury used to be able to watch the whole season along with viewers? In season 3, Danielle played a phenomenal game that landed her in the final two come finale night, but no one on the jury wanted to vote for her to win because they all saw her diary room sessions where she basically just said a lot of mean things about them all. If you've ever wondered why the jury members are now sequestered, it's probably because of Danielle and the fact that she lost out on half a million dollars just because of what she said in the DR.

#8: Matt Hoffman

Lying is an essential part of the Big Brother game, but some lies are more unforgivable than others. For instance, lying about having a dying wife back home when really she's fine? That's a big no-no. For some reason, Matt went into the house with this as his strategy, presumably to garner the sympathy vote from his housemates. But all it did was make everyone in the house hate him when they found out it was a lie, and it's not like it really worked to get farther in the game, since he was the first person cut from his alliance when the chance came.

#7: Ronnie Talbott

On a season divided into four social cliques, Ronnie was the self-proclaimed leader of the Brains clique, which was ironic because he made a series of dumb moves that got him booted from the house during week four. He got caught playing both sides of the house more than once, and so was called out on it. Playing sides is a typical move for the show, so housemates don't usually get all that much hate for it, but Ronnie was just so bad at it that his housemates – and the viewers – just couldn't get behind him.

#6: Rachel Reilly

Rachel's laugh will continue to haunt the dreams of her fellow houseguests for as long as they live... As annoying as she was, Rachel did play a decent game both times she was in the house, and she even won season 13. But when she wasn't gushing over her showmance with Brendon, she was usually fighting with people in the house, and that made her a huge target. Not to mention she was good at endurance competitions, so it was hard to get her out. They certainly tried though.

#5: Mike ‘Boogie Malin

Long time Chilltown member and sidekick of Will Kirby got his own turn in the spotlight when he won the All Stars season and returned without Will for season 14. Will may have been the mastermind behind Chilltown, but Boogie was a villain in his own right too. Since Will never won a competition, Boogie was the one who got the blood on his hands. When he returned a third time, he coached other players to be as ruthless and cutthroat as he was, which was his downfall since one of his protégés was the one who ultimately got him voted out.

#4: Dan Gheesling

Dan used his 'mist' to lie to and manipulate the other HouseGuests for nearly two seasons long. He managed to win his first season and was the runner up the second time around, making him statistically the best HouseGuest to ever play the game. But when you're as good a player as Dan, not everyone is going to agree with how you play the game - like Jerry, who famously called Dan “Judas”, and Danielle, who he backstabbed more than a few times. And, sure, he may be a strategic legend, but that funeral was taking it a little too far.

#3: Will Kirby

Will Kirby is considered one of the greatest Big Brother players of all time, because not only is he a master manipulator, but also he somehow managed to win season 2 even though almost all of the people he played with hated him. The only friends he had in the house were sidekick and cohort Mike Boogie, and Shannon Dragoo, who is best remembered for cleaning the toilet with another HouseGuest's toothbrush. He played both of his seasons without emotion or empathy, and that may have certainly won him some enemies in the house, but from the perspective of those watching the show, Will was good TV - and that quickly made him a fan favorite as well.

#2: Aaryn Gries

Season 15 is known by fans as one of the worst seasons in the franchise, and a big part of that is because of the sheer amount of racist, homophobic, and overall offensive comments made by some of the HouseGuests. At least three people lost their jobs after the show, and Aaryn Gries was one of them (as was her friend GinaMarie, who was runner up that season). On the outside she looked like a sweet, southern girl, but when Aaryn opened her mouth, she shocked viewers with the hate that came out. Never before has a HouseGuest been so universally hated, and even host Julie Chen called her out for her remarks during her post-eviction interview.

Before we reveal our number one pick, here are a few honorable – or dishonorable – mentions.

Andy Herren

Amanda Zuckerman

Janelle Pierzina

#1: Dick Donato

When people think 'Big Brother villain, 'Evel' Dick, the winner of season 8, is probably the first name that comes to mind. He even had his own theme music. In the house, Dick had to protect himself by playing the villain because he and his daughter Daniele, who was in the house with him, were already huge targets anyway. In fact, some of his actions, like waking the house up at night with pots and pans and insulting them, were planned so the house would target him instead of his daughter. Except, that is, for his feud with fellow HouseGuest Jen... He just hated her.


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