Top 5 Shockingly Fatty Foods You Should Stop Eating Now

These foods may not seem unhealthy or contain a lot of fat, but before you consume them next time, you may want to just check their nutrition label as they’re fat content is way higher than expected! We’re talking about Wendy's Sweet and Spicy Boneless Wings, Amy's Organic Thai Coconut Soup, Dunkin' Donuts' Coffee Cake Muffin and more!

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Top 5 Shockingly Fatty Foods You Should Stop Eating NOW

Don’t let words like fun, wholesome and salad fool you. The items on this list should be avoided at all costs. Welcome to MsMojo, and today we’ll be counting down our picks for the Top 5 Shockingly Fatty Foods You Should Stop Eating NOW.

For this list, we'll be looking at the seemingly safe fast food options that are surprisingly fattening and downright unhealthy. Whether they sucker you in with health-based marketing, chicken, fruit, or a lot of lettuce, all of these menu options should be avoided if you're really watching your weight.

#5: Amy's Organic Thai Coconut Soup

How could anything with the words “Organic”, “Coconut” and “Soup” be bad for you? Well as it turns out, this particular product isn’t all it’s cracked up to be. Human beings should consume no more than 16 grams of saturated fat per day. This soup contains 8 grams of the stuff, or half your daily intake. Seeing as kicking someone when they’re down is always fun, we should mention that one serving Amy’s Soup also contains 580mg of sodium and 10 grams of fat. Don’t let words like organic fool you, sometimes they can be just as bad as fast food.

#5: Wendy's Sweet and Spicy Boneless Wings

If there is one-thing fast food restaurants can’t seem to get right, it’s producing healthy food. Sure, most people would argue that if you’re eating at a fast food restaurant you probably don’t care all that much about your body, but that shouldn’t mean these restaurants should just give up. Wendy’s didn’t. When they released their Sweet and Spicy Boneless Wings, they asserted that they were “as far as it gets from fast food”. Ah, if only that were true. The reality of this product is that it’s pretty damn unhealthy- like 27g of sugar and 2,530mg of sodium in a single serving unhealthy. Avoid this menu item like the plague.

#4: Dunkin' Donuts' Coffee Cake Muffin

A coffee cake muffin is something the world has needed since the dawn of time. So when Dunkin’ Donuts’ added one to their menu the majority of planet earth’s populace jumped for joy – only to come crashing down in a landslide of fat, carbs and sugar. One of their coffee cake muffins contains no less than 87 carbs, 51 grams of sugar and 24 grams of fat. While many people look at a muffin and see a healthy alternative to a donut, bagel or other morning snack, it isn’t much of an improvement; and in some cases, it can actually be worse for you.

#3: Lunchables' Wholesome Deep Dish Pepperoni Fun Pack

Who could forget the incredible feeling of opening one’s lunchbox to discover that your mom had packed you a Lunchable? Unfortunately for children, and the adults still clinging to a vestige of their younger years, Lunchables aren’t all that healthy. The problem is that the meal is overly processed and very high in both fat and sodium – especially for a child. This is particularly true of the Deep Dish Pepperoni Fun Pack, which contains 20g of fat and 880mg of sodium. Going forward, drop the pre-made lunches and stick to something warm with a little more nutritional value.

#2: Smoothie King's The Hulk Strawberry Smoothie

Ah, nothing says healthy like a smoothie. However, not all smoothies are created equal. This is especially true of the ones produced by Smoothie King. Take their Hulk Strawberry Smoothie: 964 calories, 32g of fat, 125g of sugar and 145g of carbs – and that’s the small. Even the Hulk himself would be scared to drink that bad boy. While this item is advertised for those looking to pack on the pounds, it is still shocking to see something made primarily of strawberries so dangerously unhealthy. Unless you’re a gym rat who burns calories at a freakish pace, steer clear of this mountain of a drink.

#1: Macaroni Grill's Kids' Fettuccine Alfredo

This one was doomed right out of the gate; it’s right there in the name. When was the last time the words “healthy” and “fettuccine alfredo” were used in the same sentence? In this instance the combination is particularly alarming. On average, 10-12 year olds should be consuming anywhere between 1,600 to 1,800 calories per day. One order of Macaroni Grill’s Kids’ Fettuccine Alfredo contains a whopping 890 calories – or half their required daily intake. Tack on 67 grams of fat and you have a truly unhealthy dish.


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