Top 10 Facts About Alien Covenant

Written by Nick Spake Ridley Scott returns to the directors chair for this upcoming instalment in the Alien Franchise, so here are some details that you might be interested to know before taking on Xenomorphs. WatchMojo presents the 10 most interseting things about Alien: Covenant. What's going on with the Engineers from Prometheus, how does it relate to the other Alien films, and besides the Xenomorphs, what new Alien species do we have to watch out for? Watch to find out!

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In space, no one can hear these fun facts. Wait… do they get Wifi up there? Welcome to and today we’re counting down our picks for the top 10 facts about Alien: Covenant.

For this list, we’re taking a look at interesting trivia regarding the 2017 entry in the “Alien” franchise.

#10: Three “Prometheus” Actors Are Returning

Since only a couple of characters survived the suicide mission that was “Prometheus,” it’s unsurprising that only three cast members will be returning. “Alien: Covenant” will reveal the fate of Elizabeth Shaw, played by Noomi Rapace, and the disembodied android David, played by Michael Fassbender. However, reports indicate that these two survivors will have smaller roles this time around, with several new characters taking center stage. Nevertheless, Fassbender will be getting plenty of screen time as he’s also playing another android named Walter. In addition to Fassbender and Rapace, Guy Pearce will reprise his role as the late Peter Weyland, the billionaire founder and CEO of Weyland Corp.

#9: The Film Originally Had a Different Title

For a while, the next installment in this franchise was simply referred to as “Prometheus 2.” Then in September of 2015, it was announced that the film would be entitled “Alien: Paradise Lost.” This title is a direct reference to John Milton’s 17th century epic poem about Adam and Eve’s banishment from the Garden of Eden. Just a couple months later, though, Ridley Scott confirmed that the film would instead be called “Alien: Covenant.” Shortly after, the film’s logo, plot synopsis, and release date were officially revealed. Based on both of these titles... it’s safe to say that this will be the “Alien” movie with the most biblical allegories to date.

#8: James Franco Plays the Captain

James Franco might’ve turned down the lead role in 2018’s “The Predator,” but he will be making an appearance in “Alien: Covenant.” In December 2016, it was officially announced that Franco would be playing Jacob Branson, the captain of the Covenant and husband of Katherine Waterston’s character, Daniels. While that sounds like a substantial role on paper, Franco’s screen time will reportedly be limited. That likely explains why he hasn’t been heavily featured in any of the promotional footage. However, we do get a peek at Franco’s character in a prologue entitled “The Last Supper.” He even shares a scene with Danny McBride, though the rest of Team Apatow is nowhere to be found.

#7: Weyland-Yutani Funds the Covenant

In “Prometheus,” the Weyland Corporation funded the ill-fated mission to moon LV-223. The expedition not only cost a trillion dollars, but also resulted in the death of Peter Weyland. This might explain why the Weyland Corporation had to merge with the Yutani Corporation to form Weyland-Yutani. In “Alien: Covenant,” the Weyland-Yutani Corporation fund the crew’s mission to an uncharted paradise. Fans that have been with this franchise from the beginning will recall that Weyland-Yutani also owned the Nostromo spacecraft from the original “Alien” film. Although their slogan is, “Building Better Worlds,” this company seems to have a real habit of funding disastrous off-world expeditions.

#6: Neill Blomkamp’s “Alien” Movie Was Put on Hold

Director Neill Blomkamp left his mark on the sci-fi genre with the Oscar-nominated “District 9.” After “Elysium” and “Chappie,” Blomkamp unveiled concept art for an “Alien” sequel he had been developing. The project was confirmed in February 2015 with Sigourney Weaver onboard to reprise her role as Ellen Ripley. The following August, though, it was announced that Blomkamp’s film would be shelved until at least 2017. The project was put on hold at the request of Ridley Scott, who wanted to get his “Prometheus” sequel off the ground first. When asked about his “Alien” film in January 2017, Blomkamp mentioned on Twitter that the odds of getting the movie made are “slim.” Bummer.

#5: It’ll Have Performers in Alien Suits

Believe it or not, the Alien from Ridley Scott’s 1979 film was, for the most part, a guy in a latex suit. Standing somewhere around 7 feet tall, Nigerian Bolaji Badejo donned the creature suit, bringing one of cinema’s most iconic monsters to life. “Alien: Covenant” will also feature performers in creature suits with animatronic heads. The casting calls specified that the filmmakers were looking for actors between 8 and 40 to play the aliens. The people in the suits needed to be quick, agile, and flexible, similar to a Cirque du Soleil performer. While the film won’t be without CGI, it’s good to know that “Alien: Covenant” will still have a practical touch.

#4: Damon Lindelof Didn’t Write the Screenplay

Writer/producer Damon Lindelof is perhaps best known for co-creating “Lost,” but he also rewrote Jon Spaihts’ original script for “Prometheus.” During a 2012 interview with Collider, Lindelof confirmed that he wouldn’t return to write the screenplay for a “Prometheus” sequel. When asked why, Lindelof explained that he had other commitments and could only juggle so many projects at once. Over the following years, Lindelof co-wrote “Star Trek Into Darkness” and “Tomorrowland” while also co-creating “The Leftovers” - making for an understandably full plate. In the end, John Logan and Dante Harper crafted the screenplay for “Alien: Covenant” based on a story by Michael Green and Jack Paglen.

#3: We’ll Likely be Visiting the Home of the Engineers

Call them Engineers or Space Jockeys if you like, but either way… this ancient extraterrestrial species is responsible for creating humankind. While we learned a little about them in “Prometheus,” there are still plenty of unanswered questions about this superior species. The film ended on an ambiguous note with Elizabeth Shaw and David setting out to discover where the Engineers came from. Reports suggest that the new planet in “Alien: Covenant” is actually the Engineers’ homeworld, which seems like paradise at first glance. Our protagonists quickly realize, however, that the path to paradise begins in hell. The movie’s poster notably depicts the Engineers at the mercy of Alien creatures, in keeping with the “Paradise Lost” theme.

#2: New Aliens Introduced

While the classic Xenomorphs are making a comeback, “Alien: Covenant” will also introduce some never before seen on-screen creatures. The film will most notably include a new species known as Neomorphs. Much like Chestbursters, Neomorphs can grow inside a human host and then burst out of their body. Rather can emerging from the chest, though, these beasts can burst out of a host’s back. Possessing white exteriors, Neomorphs resemble Xenomorphs, as well as the Deacon seen at the end of “Prometheus.” Of course there is one major question that remains: are we ever going to see an Alien King on the big screen?

Before we get to our top pick, here are a few honorable mentions:
- It’s Getting an IMAX 70mm Release
- It’s the 8th “Alien” Feature Film

#1: It’s Part of a New “Alien” Trilogy

“Prometheus” took place at the end of 2093 AD leading up to 2094. “Alien: Covenant” picks up approximately ten years later. At this point, Ellen Ripley would be just about twelve years old. As the second entry in the prequel series, “Alien: Covenant” will bring us one step closer to the 1979 classic where Ripley first encountered a Xenomorph. Scott has already stated that the next film in the “Alien” prequel trilogy will be called “Alien: Awakening,” which reportedly bridges the gap between “Prometheus” and “Covenant.” But don’t be surprised if Scott announces even more “Alien” films - in 2017, he told the Sydney Morning Herald that he may have another six in him.

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