Top 10 Live With Kelly Co-Hosts We Would Rather See than Ryan Seacrest

Ryan Seacrest may have been announced as Kelly Ripa's new co-host on Live with Kelly, but there are a LOT of people we would prefer. Terry Crews, Queen Latifah, Craig Ferguson, Neil Patrick Harris, Fred Savage, Mario Lopez, and her husband Mark Consuelos are some of our choices. Join us as we count down our picks for the top 10 Live with Kelly Co-Hosts we would rather see than Ryan Seacrest.

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Ryan Seacrest? Really? Welcome to MsMojo, and today we're counting down our picks for the Top 10 Live with Kelly Co-Hosts We'd Rather See Than Ryan Seacrest.

For this list, we'll be ranking the celebrities we think would make a great and compatible co-host for Kelly Ripa on her morning talk show "Live with Kelly." Although the ever-busy Seacrest has certainly proven himself as a media professional, there are also plenty of other qualified candidates out there for the job; those who we think could provide a more unique spark to Ripa's show.

#10: Mario Lopez

This former "Saved By the Bell" star carved himself a pretty good slice of the entertainment pie after co-hosting "Extra" for ten years, which means that it wouldn't be that big of a transition to slip into a similar gig alongside Kelly Ripa. Lopez has even appeared on "The Ellen DeGeneres Show" to discuss the rumors that had followed the actor regarding him being on "Live's" shortlist of potential hosts. Sadly, it looks as if guest hosting will be as close as Mario Lopez will get to the show for the time being.

#9: Craig Ferguson

This hilarious Scotsman is no stranger to the talk show game, having helmed "The Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson” for a good, solid decade. His hosting duties have been proven time and time again, as has Ferguson's penchant for insane, off-the-wall humor. Although Ferguson and Ripa might seem like something of an odd couple for weekday mornings, we bet that the pair could generate enough silly shenanigans to keep their audiences entertained, while at the same time keeping the show fresh and exciting.

#8: Josh Groban

This famous singer-songwriter may not be best known for his comedic skills, but anyone who's seen Josh Groban as a talk show guest knows exactly how funny he can be when given a chance. This could translate very well into a co-host slot, a job Groban has actually held alongside Ripa a number of times in the past. Who knows? Maybe one day "The Josh Groban Show" might be a thing, but until that time comes, we'd love to see what this performer can do as a new name on the talk circuit.

#7: Terry Crews

Terry Crews may appear intimidating, but this actor and comedian has a huge irreverent streak, and a natural connection with an audience. This could bring big laughs to "Live! With Kelly,” making him a great comic foil for Ripa in the mornings. Plus, Crews' pro football history provides a connection with Kelly's former co-host Michael Strahan, for better or worse, and brings with it a certain sense of familiarity for fans. It only takes one look at any of Crews' ads for Old Spice to realize that the man possesses tons of untapped comic potential.

#6: Queen Latifah

If there's one thing Queen Latifah has proven over the years, it's that she can multitask. This Jersey girl has seen success in the rap game, the acting world and the big screen. What's even more interesting, however, is how Queen Latifah already has tons of experience hosting her own talk show, as she produced and starred in "The Queen Latifah Show" from 2013 to 2015. Charisma? Intelligence? Experience? Queen Latifah has all of the above, making her an excellent candidate for a spot on "Live! With Kelly."

#5: Neil Patrick Harris

NPH is no stranger to hosting duties, having MC'd the Tony Awards, the Primetime Emmys as well as the Academy Awards during his successful career. And this isn't even taking into account his acting work on "How I Met Your Mother" or the "Harold and Kumar" franchise. Put simply: it's second nature for Neil Patrick Harris to be the man of the hour. That said, it should go without saying that the man could easily step into the "Live! With Kelly" schedule with the greatest of ease.

#4: Andy Cohen

Andy Cohen has a massive personality, with tons of energy and charisma to spare. That said, it makes total sense that the "Real Housewives" producer would feel quite comfortable co-hosting with Kelly Ripa on her morning show. After all, Cohen himself already has tons of experience with live television with his own Bravo show, "Watch What Happens Live," so it shouldn't be too hard for the hilarious T.V. host to make a lateral move to a different network and timeslot.

#3: Jerry O'Connell

This former child star of films like "Stand By Me" has certainly grown up, and currently enjoys a very busy schedule of acting and voice over work. Jerry O'Connell also co-hosts the entertainment program "People's List" alongside former MTV VJ SuChin Pak, which means that he's already quite up to date on current events. Plus, O'Connell has already stopped by the "Live with Kelly" set a number of times, so it shouldn't be that much of a culture shock for the actor to add a new gig to his resume.

#2: Mark Consuelos

Ok, so this one's kind of a no brainer. Although both Kelly and her husband Mark Consuelos are very busy with their respective careers, we just can't help but think that a husband and wife morning team on "Live! With Kelly" is an idea that makes sense. We already know that Mark and Kelly have great chemistry–after all, they DO have three children– so why not make the somewhat obvious choice and hook up for a co-hosting gig? Ripa's audience would certainly like it, and the dynamic might make for some unique morning viewing.

Before we announce our number one pick, here are a few honorable mentions:

Rocsi Diaz

Fred Savage

Morris Chestnut

#1: Anderson Cooper

There's no one on this list with as much experience and skill as Anderson Cooper when it comes to being a television host. The silver fox feels just as comfortable reporting the daily news, as he does hosting New Year's Eve festivities alongside the irrepressible Kathy Griffin. Anderson Cooper started a talk show of his own, "Anderson Live” in 2011, and has co-hosted "Live with Kelly" a number of times since the departure of Michael Strahan from the show, making him more than comfortable with how the show is run.

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