Top 10 Melanie Martinez Songs

She’s one of the most underrated female singers! We’re taking a look at 10 of her best songs. We’ve included Tag, You’re It, Sippy Cup, Dead to Me, Pity Party and Carousel.

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Top 10 Melanie Martinez Songs

As one of the most unique musical artists of today, this former reality contestant has amassed a loyal following by staying true to herself. Welcome to MsMojo, and today we’ll be counting down our picks for the Top 10 Melanie Martinez Songs.
For this list, we’re focusing on the most popular tracks recorded by Melanie Martinez, who rose to fame after appearing on “The Voice” Season 3.

#10: “Cake”
Cry Baby [Digital Deluxe Edition] (2015)

As the concluding track on Melanie’s debut studio album – on the Deluxe Edition, at least - this song excels with its rich lyrical content. On the surface, “Cake” is a crafty production about conflicted lovers, yet the subtle innuendos provide something more for mature listeners. Co-written and produced Christopher J. Baran, the song’s shifting production accentuates Melanie’s phrasings, complemented by her fabulous runs to emphasize Cry Baby’s romantic frustration. As the song progresses, the lyrics become more and more devilish, and it’s this type of songwriting that Melanie fans have come to love.

#9: “Soap”
Cry Baby (2015)

For this Dream Pop song, Melanie focuses on that feeling when you say just a little too much. On the production side, “Soap” hits the mark with its hypnotic melody. Meanwhile, Melanie glides along with careful vocalizations, tinged with anxiety about her personal revelations. Of course, there’s the drippy “drop” – a production effect that could be viewed as a welcomed addition or just a cute gimmick. Yet, it’s a unique way to enhance the song’s core message. Furthermore, the collective sound design sets Melanie apart from trend-following peers, as she’s anything but your typical pop star.

#8: “Mrs. Potato Head”
Cry Baby (2015)

At its core, this song is seriously dark and disturbing. Yet, that’s what makes “Mrs. Potato Head” such an effective Melanie production and so relevant within pop culture. Produced by Kinetics & One Love, the mix is relatively stripped down, allowing Melanie to maximize her message about personal appearances. Of course, it’s that infectious chorus that makes the track stand out even more. The title itself has a playful feel, of course, but it’s the insightful lyrics that give listeners something to chew on from verse to verse.

#7: “Mad Hatter”
Cry Baby (2015)

To close out the standard edition of her visual concept debut album, Melanie provides a song about embracing your individuality. Or, in this case, your perceived insanity, as Cry Baby immerses herself in Mad Hatter philosophy. The beat keeps the song popping with each elaborate verse, and Melanie highlights why she’s such an effective songwriter by loading up the track with gonzo lyrics. From beginning to end, it’s a biting commentary on what makes people “normal” or “crazy,” reminding Melanie’s fan base that some of the world’s most brilliant minds excel because they’re “off their rocker.”

#6: “Cry Baby”
Cry Baby (2015)

To kick off her debut album - and to introduce her conflicted alter ego – Melanie holds a conversation on self-confidence. Musically, the Kinetics & One Love production packs a punch with its spooky aesthetic, but then Melanie ramps it up by changing pitch and dropping an F-bomb to accentuate her point. Like many of her songs, Melanie mixes it up with pouty vocals along with more mature, forceful articulations. And so, this style of singing strikes a chord with younger listeners, all the while showcasing Melanie’s impressive range and potential.

#5: “Pacify Her”
Cry Baby (2015)

For this track, Melanie and her “Cry Baby” persona refuse to play fair. Produced by Michael Leary, “Pacify Her” is another adult-themed production that touches on childish behavior with a shrewd set of lyrics. It plays out like a lullaby; an ode to living deliciously. Compared to other Melanie songs, the vocals here are more about the ebb and flow of it all, rather than hitting power notes. Incidentally, there’s a hypnotic effect to “Pacify Her,” as Cry Baby attempts to manipulate her man to get what she wants, and many can certainly relate to such a concept.

#4: “Carousel”
Dollhouse EP (2014)

First recorded for the “Dollhouse” EP and later appearing on Cry Baby, this track brilliantly highlights the creepy aspect of carnivals. Fueled by the chaotic sound design from Kinetics & One Love, “Carousel” features a skeptical Melanie whispering seductively from verse to verse. Once again, she’s fully locked into a specific theme and mood, with the pacing, phrasing and trippy musical backdrop bringing it all together. While it’s certainly a memorable stand-alone single, “Carousel” achieved cult status as the theme song for “American Horror Story” Season 4, further introducing Melanie to the mainstream.

#3: “Pity Party”
Cry Baby (2015)

As the lead single for Melanie’s debut album, this track blends an old school melody with personal self-loathing. Co-written by former “American Idol” judge Kara DioGuardi and produced by Baran, “Pity Party” might’ve become a novelty track for a less talented artist with its overt homage to Lesley Gore’s 1963 hit “It’s My Party.” But Melanie projects a more adult sound with this track, making it more accessible to various demographics beyond her core fan base. Thematically, it’s perfect for the “Cry Baby” narrative, and its modest commercial success represents the icing on the cake.

#2: “Dollhouse”
Dollhouse EP (2014)

For this portrait of a highly dysfunctional family, Melanie gets her point across with some astute writing and playful wordplay. Co-written and produced by Kinetics & One Love, “Dollhouse” investigates the personal flaws that so many try to mask. Whereas some Melanie songs exceed with minimal, evocative lyrics, there’s more of an on-going narrative to this track, allowing listeners to dig deeper into the subtext. The spelled-out chorus has commercial value, of course, but it’s the collective storyline that makes “Dollhouse” such an impactful song.

Before we unveil our top pick, here are a few honorable mentions.

“Sippy Cup”
Cry Baby (2015)

“Dead to Me”
Dollhouse EP (2014)

“Alphabet Boy”
Cry Baby (2015)

#1: “Tag, You’re It”
Cry Baby (2015)

Talking about a kidnapping, this song is not your typical mainstream single. Yet, it’s a highly effective production from Melanie’s debut, as she addresses a difficult subject without offering a cookie-cutter conclusion. Due to the distorted sound effects, courtesy of producers SmarterChild and Michael Miller, the lyrics become all the more potent. So, when paired with Melanie’s off-kilter vocals and child-like rhyming, “Tag, You’re It’” becomes even more disturbing and awkward – and for a Melanie Martinez song, that’s the desired effect. She’s an artist that pushes the boundaries with stories about feeling vulnerable and insecure, and this track showcases why she’s so beloved amongst her fans.

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