Top 10 Best Warcraft Characters!

Script written by Mackenzie Houle War has a habit of crafting some very good characters...Welcome to and today we’re counting down our picks for the our Top 10 Favorite Warcraft Characters. Special thanks to our users “Igor Ilić”, “acertekin”, “Patrick Lopez Revilla” and many more for suggesting this topic using our interactive suggestion tool at http://WatchMojo.comSuggest

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Top 10 Warcraft Characters
The world of Azeroth has been reshaped time and time again thanks to its inhabitants. Welcome to, and today we’ll be counting down the Top 10 Warcraft Characters.

For this list, we’ll be looking at any and all characters from the Warcraft universe, spanning the RTS series all the way through World of Warcraft and its current 6 expansions.

#10: “Gul’Dan”

The first Orc Warlock, traitor to his own race, Gul’Dan has accomplished many a dark deed in his two lives. Cast out from his clan for being weak, Gul’Dan was drawn to the power of the demon lord, Kil’Jaeden, becoming the first Orc Warlock. He went on to betray his own race, leading them and the Burning Legion into Azeroth during the first few wars. During this time he was slain… unfortunately “time” has a funny way of keeping an Orc Warlock down. Brought in from an alternate timeline, Gul’Dan has managed to bring a new siege unto Azeroth, slaying powerful figures from both factions and breeding a new kind of darkness...

#9: “Uther”

A powerful cleric in his time, Uther became one of the first Paladin of Azeroth,and established a brand new order of that class. In a time filled with darkness and demons, the human race searched for a better means of combat, and with Uther, he was the answer to their prayers. Wielding the power of Light, he protected a great many people, while stomping out hordes of demons. Earning the title of “Lightbringer,” he helped bring order back to Azeroth and shape the minds of many young paladins. It’s unfortunate however, as even his light could not reach everyone.

#8: “Varian Wrynn”

Varian hasn’t had the best life - living through many wars, with many of his friends and family slain by the Horde, he developed a large hatred towards them. Only when the world was on the brink of death, did he ever ally with them -though begrudgingly. An icon to his faction, he was immeasurably strong for a mortal human, surviving countless battles, and even helping to slay The Lich King himself. His time however, came to an end when he sacrificed himself to save his friends (Varian’s sacrifice). A man with questionable ethics, there is no query that he helped to shape the Alliance into what it is today.

#7: “Jaina Proudmoore”

Unlike her friends, Jaina Proudmoore was not as involved with the first three wars, as her time was mostly spent in Dalaran. However, this didn’t mean she hasn’t faced her own hardships, as she lost her close friend and once lover Arthas to corruption. Eventually surpassing her Master’s expectations, Jaina became the most powerful human mage in all of Azeroth. Yet even with all her power, she still couldn’t stop the deaths of many of her friends at the hands of her enemies. Her hope for diplomacy has been tainted, raising distrust towards the Horde. (Jaina distrusts the horde).

#6: “Grom Hellscream”

A good friend to Thrall and father to the now late Garrosh Hellscream, Grom helped to shape the new Horde alongside Thrall. A powerful warrior in his own right, he survived through many battles against both the Burning Legion and the Humans. Unfortunately, his legacy is questioned as he is remembered as the first Orc to drink Mannoroth’s blood, binding the Orc race to the demons. Nearly losing himself to the demon’s blood, he sacrificed himself in the end to destroy Mannoroth, lifting the blood’s curse on the Orc race. While some still hold blame to Grom for his tainting of the Orc race, many more see his sacrifice as the ultimate redemption.

#5: “Sylvanas Windrunner”

Sylvanas has seen much tragedy in her lifetime. Once a great Ranger of the High Elves, she met her end by the hand of Arthas. If her defeat wasn’t enough, Arthas raised her as a banshee, to serve under him. It was only when Ner’zhul’s grip on her weakened, that she managed to recuperate and bring together her own army of the undead, creating The Forsaken. Knowing that she had no chance against the Alliance or The Lich King by herself, she allied with the Horde. Her draconic methods earned a reputation of distrust among the Horde’s other races (Sylvanas goes against Warchief), but her power could not be denied, as with Vol’Jin’s dying breath, she became the Horde’s new Warchief.

#4: “Medivh” a.k.a “The Prophet”

An extremely powerful mage, Medivh’s life was unfortunately doomed even before he was born. The twisted titan Sargeras entered Medivh’s mother, and possessed him while he was in her womb. Under the influence of Sargeras, Medivh struggled for a long time trying to control the dark thoughts the titan placed in his mind. In the end however, it was to no avail, as Medivh worked with Gul’Dan to open the first Dark Portal, bringing in the Burning Legion to Azeroth. Slain by Khadgar, Medivh’s spirit was released and roamed Azeroth, assisting in some crucial moments in history. It is unknown whether or not he is truly alive, but what is known, is he is finally free.

#3: “Arthas Menethil”

Arthas, Prince of Lordaeron, was a powerful and great man. Studying under Uther himself, he wielded the power of Light with a high sense of justice. Unfortunately, in his quest to save his kingdom, he became corrupted - drawing power from the evil blade Frostmourne and slaying his mentor. As a death knight, he gathered the Scourge and laid waste to many cities, killing his own father and taking Lordaeron for the Scourge. But that wasn’t enough, as he climbed to the peak of Northrend and donned an ancient evil helm, merging with the entity to become the new Lich King.

#2: “Illidan Stormrage”

When one thinks of betrayer, they tend to look towards Illidan. He cared desperately for his people, so much so that he went to forbidden lengths to protect the world. First trying to create the second Well of Eternity, he was imprisoned for 10,000 years, only to be released to aid in the 3rd war. It was there he became the first Demon Hunter, a warrior who absorbed the essence of demons to combat them. Transformed and tainted, his sense of justice becoming black and white. He was defeated in the Outlands and locked away, until recently he was released by a certain Orc Warlock. Whether saviour, or the end to us all, he is right about one thing.

Before we look through the Dark Portal, here are a few honorable Mentions

“Malfurion Stormrage”


#1: “Thrall”

Once ruler of the Orcs, Thrall established the new Horde, giving his kind and many weaker races a fighting chance. After countless battles, however, Thrall stepped down from Warchief, and set out to perfect his Shaman powers and seek peace of mind. Through his journey, he has become one of Azeroth’s most powerful Shamans, and even attained the title of Earth-Warder for his helping hand at destroying Deathwing. A friend and ally to many, Thrall has saved not only his people, but the world of Azeroth countless times, even if it meant he had to kill his once best friend.

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