Top 10 Deadliest Video Game Weapons

Script written by Alex Crilly-Mckean When it’s a bodycount you want, you want this countdown. Welcome to and today we're counting down our picks for the Top 10 Deadliest Weapons in Video Games. Special thanks to our user “SK8MENTAL2479” for suggesting this topic using our interactive suggestion tool at http://WatchMojo.comsuggest

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Top 10 Deadliest Video Game Weapons

When facing insurmountable odds, you’re going to need the right tool for the job. Welcome to and today we are counting down our picks for the top ten deadliest video games weapons.

For this list, we’ll be counting down the most iconic weapons of mass destructions in all of video games. Not all of these are world-ending per say, but they sure make one hell of a boom.

#10: Quantum Deconstructor - “Destroy All Humans” series (2005-08)

Turns out that if hostile aliens ever decided to take a crack at conquering Earth, getting probed would be the least of our worries if they are armed with something as destructive as this. While piloting his saucer, Crypto can unleash what basically equates to a giant thermonuclear cloud, where everything from the environment to the local population gets instantly incinerated, especially if you take the time to fully upgrade it. Never has the game’s title felt so real then when you unleash this alien superweapon on the inferior human masses below.

#9: Hyper Beam - “Super Metroid” (1994)

It may have only been used briefly but it can’t denied just how memorable this weapon was! During her final confrontation with the gruesome Mother Brain, our favourite interstellar bounty hunter finds herself badly wounded and on the brink of defeat. That is until help comes from a most unlikely place. Samus’ Metroid Hatchling sacrifices itself to save its adoptive mother from Mother Brain’s wrath, but not before granting her a multi-coloured beam capable of blasting the beast to pieces. Needless to say the revenge that followed was both swift and satisfying.

#8: Hammer of Dawn - “Gears of War” series (2006-)

As Marcus Fenix and company have often discovered, when it comes to the bigger enemies you’re going to need a bigger gun, and what’s bigger than a series of orbital, satellite-based lasers? During the early days of the Locust War it was frequently exploited to turn the tide of the battle, and as a result killed billions of humans in the process. Regardless, the weapon was still used against the likes of the Locust and Lambert, with Marcus often taking the helm in order to wipe our threats such as the Lambent Brumak and the Tempest.

#7: Spread Gun - “Contra” series (1987-)

An alien threat made up of some of the most gigantic and difficult bosses in all of video games? Only two guys left to save the world? Not a problem as long as they are armed with this mean machine. Ideal for when you’re wanting to pepper outrageous enemies with gunfire, the Spread Gun may not be as fast as something like the Machine Gun but it does have the handy function of being able to shoot in five different directions at once. Something you’ll undoubtedly need when face to face with the likes of Red Falcon.

#6: Cerebral Bore - “Turok” series (1997-2002)

For a game that contains alternate worlds, alien overlords and dinosaurs, you’re going to need a weapon that’s up to the task. We’d like to you introduce to the tool that allows you to fire projectiles that drill into and eventually explode the skulls of any targets it latches onto. Gruesome? Yes. Effective? Absolutely. Thanks to its targeting mechanic, it will automatically highlight approaching enemies, basically reducing the chance of any unwanted ambushes. Efficient and brutal when it comes to furthering the extinction of its Jurassic prey, what more could a Turok ask for?

#5: Dark Energy Gravity Gun - “Half-Life 2” (2004)

Technically identified as a Zero Point Energy Field Manipulator, this little beauty has helped Gordon Freeman out of more hazardous situations that can be counted. Able to clear out obstacles and lift heavy objects, it has become one of gaming’s most iconic pieces of equipment and served as a major influence for many other sci-fi based games down the line. Of course by itself there’s little it can do against enemies…that is until it is imbued with energy from a Confiscation Field. Now supercharged with dark energy, the Gravity Gun not only repel objects, but repels the life right out of any unfortunate enemies.

#4: Experimental MIRV - “Fallout” (2008)

If you thought that the Fat Man was the mini-nuke launcher of choice, then we would like to introduce you to the most devastating weapon in the entire Capital Wasteland. How can it improve upon catapulting miniature nuclear bombs at a group of Raiders? How about by modifying it so it acts like a nuclear shotgun, capable of letting loose eight nukes at once. All in all before it breaks from overuse you are going to get around five hundred mini-nukes worth of ammunition from a single weapon. War never changes, but its weapons most certainly do.

#3: Pandora - “Devil May Cry 4” (2008)

Dante is a man who knows a thing or two about hellish weapons, what with making a living slaying demons and all. Out of his arsenal nothing is quite as ridiculously awesome as the slickest interpretation of Pandora’s Box in gaming. It’s said to have six hundred and sixty six different forms, all which can cause an obscene amount of damage, and even though Dante only has access to seven of them, they still are impressively calamitous. These include but not limited to: transforming into a laser cannon, a Gatling gun, a giant shuriken and even a mobile missile battery. Damn.

#2: R.Y.N.O - “Ratchet and Clank” series (2002-16)

Admit it, as soon as it became available you were saving as many bolts as possible in order to afford the galaxy’s most destructive rocket launcher. Abbreviated from the appropriately titled ‘Rip Ya a New One”, this weapon has become a stable of the series whose ability to demolish any enemy with a few shots was truly worth its price tag. Much like the franchise, it has evolved to the point where its latest incarnation was so powerful that it even plays out the 1812 overture as you lay waste to everything in sight.

Before we reveal our number one pick, here are a few honourable mentions.

Ray Gun
“Call of Duty” Zombie series (2008)

“Duke Nuken” series (1991-2011)

Spartan Laser
“Halo” series (2001-)

#1: BFG 9000 - “Doom” series (1993-2016)

Big. Fucking. Gun. That’s pretty much all you need to know. While it’s gone through many changes over the years including its most recent reimagining in the highly successful 2016 remake, the BFG is well noted for being the ultimate weapon when it comes to slaying the denizens of hell. Able to unleash giant balls of green plasma, the greatest weapon in the Doom Guy’s arsenal is well known for being an instant kill for any demon unlucky enough to wander into its crosshairs. Something so deadly that even Hell is afraid of it can’t sit anywhere but at the top.

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