Top 5 Things to Know before You Get Your First Tattoo

Ready to get your first tattoo? Take a look at tips before you go to the tattoo parlour! Remember, timing is everything, tattoos require TLC, remember that skin sags, you should really know yourself before you get something permeate on your skin!

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Top 5 Things to Know before You Get Your First Tattoo

Considering these things are permanent, it’s probably worth doing a little research before going under the needle. Welcome to MsMojo, and today we’ll be counting down our picks for the Top 5 Things to Know before You Get Your First Tattoo.
For this list, we’re giving you some info and advice that you should know and take into consideration before getting inked.

#5: Timing Is Everything

When booking an appointment, choose the date carefully. The sun and swimming are a new tattoo’s worst enemies, so both should be avoided for at least two weeks after you get inked. Winter is the best time to get tatted because you’re less likely to miss out on any sweet beach parties. Additionally, it will be easier to keep your tattoo covered. Nobody wants to wear a sweater in the middle of July, but if you ARE planning on spending the day outdoors, you really should cover it up. Even after it has healed, your tattoo will fade with sun exposure unless protected - so sunscreen should be viewed as mandatory moving forward.

#4: They Require TLC

The first two weeks are vital to your tattoo’s longevity. In addition to the aforementioned sun-related concerns, you’ll want to apply aftercare products at least 2-3 times a day to help it heal with minimal loss of color or detail. But it doesn’t end after two weeks. If you want your piece to dazzle the eye twenty years down the line, you need to take care of yourself and your skin in general. This means being mindful of hydration, proper diet, etc. If it’s a detailed piece, you may want to get it touched up over the years. A word of caution: certain medications increase the risk of infection, so check any prescriptions before getting tattooed.

#3: The Sag Factor

The beautiful thing about tattoos is you can get them anywhere on your body… from your eyelids to your big toe. However, certain body parts might be ill-advised in the long run. Tattoos on high traffic body parts such as the hands and feet have a tendency to blow out or fade, with the details blurring in an unflattering way. Sadly, some areas of the body are prone to sagging. Whether it’s a result of weight gain, time or both, sagging skin may cause your tattoo to morph into something you might not like or... even recognise. Placement is key when getting your first tat - work with your artist to find the best spot for it… now and forever.

#2: It’s Got to Be Perfect

A common mistake amongst first timers is that they don’t clearly articulate what it is they want. The artwork you’re getting is hopefully going to be on your body for rest of your life, so clear communication is key. Similarly, if after a few weeks you think it could use a touch-up, don’t be afraid to call your artist and arrange a follow-up. Often a tattoo artist will err on the side of caution and choose to make lighter lines and softer shading. If something isn’t to your liking, then speak up; it’s your tattoo and it should be perfect!

#1: Know Thyself

The most important thing to consider before getting a tattoo is the pain. Your session could last 10 minutes or 10 hours - either way... it’s going to involve a needle repeatedly piercing your skin. Everyone handles pain differently, so just because your friend sat like a rock during their appointment doesn’t mean you’ll react similarly. Furthermore, if you suffer from a skin condition such as eczema, it’s possible that the trauma of getting tatted could provoke an allergic reaction. Getting a tattoo is supposed to be a fun, personal process of self-expression, but going into it mentally unprepared could make for a deeply serious experience.

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