Top 10 Best Overwatch Heroes

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Start your engines, because he cavalry’s here to show you how heroes never die when justice rains from above! Welcome to and today we’re counting down our picks for the Top 10 Overwatch Heroes.

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Top 10 Overwatch Heroes

Don’t worry, loves! Cavalry’s here! Welcome to, and today, we’ll be counting down our picks for the Top 10 Overwatch Heroes.
For this list, we’ve studied up on the courageous characters of “Overwatch” and determined which ones prove to be the most interesting. We’ve had to take many factors into account, including gameplay, popularity, personality, character design, and backstory. However we’re not ranking these characters based on who you should play as in an online tournament, because honestly everyone has their ideal character.

#10: Soldier 76

After the collapse of Overwatch, Soldier 76 took on the role of a vigilante, setting out to find the people who conspirated against the organization. While his identity is a mystery to people in-game, it’s pretty obvious to us that he is the founder. What makes him somewhat appealing is how close to traditional “Call of Duty”-esque gameplay he gives, making him a good candidate for beginners of “Overwatch”. His ultimate, which allows him to auto aim enemies, gives those players more respectful nods by referencing the use of cheatbots. He’s not just a typical soldier, but a great representation of the military-shooter subgenre.

#9: Lucio

To quote Disney’s “Hercules”, a true hero isn’t measured by the size of his strength, but by the size of his heart. No other fits that definition better than Lucio, a Brazilian DJ who uses his power of music to bring people together. Using his speed skates and parkour abilities, Lucio is able to dart around the battlefield, firing his Sonic Amplifier to heal or boost his teammates. Sometimes, he can even provide temporary shields, allowing the team to fight through sticky situations. From the backstory to the play style, everything about Lucio promotes teamwork, and in the end, isn’t that what “Overwatch” is about?

#8: Pharah

Are turrets getting you down? Pesky clumps of enemies blocking your path? What you need is a helpful sprinkling of justice - rained from above, of course. Rocket jumping onto the countdown is our favourite flying Egyptian - well, she's the only flying Egyptian but that doesn't make her any less awesome. And in case you were wondering, the recipe for awesome is: two parts Iron Man armor, one part Quake 2 rocket launcher, a dash of brazen femininity and voila, you've got yourself a Pharah. Careful: she's hot.

#7: Widowmaker

What do you get when you give a femme fatale a similar backstory to Deadpool, but take away the happy ending? You get the appropriately named Widowmaker, a young woman who was tormented by a terrorist organization before being released back to her husband and murdering him. Basically, she was tortured into becoming a killing machine.Widowmaker is not an assassin to be taken lightly. She’ll reveal enemy locations to her teammates, making your death come much quicker than expected. Death by Widowmaker or death by Torbjorn? Let’s agree to make neither an option.

#6: Mei

Don’t worry. No ice puns here. This isn’t Mr. Freeze we’re dealing with here. This is Mei, and she is bae. She’s a climatologist whose research team was killed off by a polar storm, and yet, she still has hope for humanity. That’s some damn fine faith right there. Representing her personality, her abilities don’t give direct damage to foes, but rather make use of the environment to win the fight. Mei can freeze parts of the world around her to slow down her enemies and deal damage over time. That ice wall can get pretty freaking annoying, though, even for her allies.

#5: Junkrat

After being exposed to the radiation caused by a fusion core detonation, Jamison Hawkes became the infamous criminal, Junkrat. He soon meets Roadhog, and the two set out on an international crime spree, and the reputation shows in gameplay. Junkrat is perhaps one of the more deadly and rage-inducing characters…next to Torbjorn. But, this is what makes him on our list. Got a player with a killstreak against you? Settle it with Junkrat. His spiked explosive tire is notorious for taking out multiple players at once. So, here’s a tip from us to you; if you hear “Fire in the hole”, run.

#4: D. Va

Hailing from South Korea, Hana Song is a professional “Starcraft” player turned mech pilot. Regardless being the youngest member of the Overwatch team, she proves to be ruthless on the battlefield and refuses to show any mercy towards her opponents. When operating her mech, D. Va has access to advanced targeting systems and twin shotgun cannons. Should the situation get too heated for her, she’ll launch out of her mech, activating the self-destruct sequence. In this case, running way in panic is highly advised. Now, just because her mech is gone, doesn’t mean she’s vulnerable as she gets pretty volatile with her light gun. McCree’s not the only gunslinger in town.

#3: Mercy

Just tell her where it hurts. Overwatch’s most direct healing character, Mercy is a venerable angel watching over her team with healing, buffs and reviving her allies when they need it most. With practical use of her movment abilities Guardian Angel and Angelic Descent, Mercy is able to keep up with even her most mobile allies, and will almost always be found right in the heat of battle. Perhaps the most selfless character in the game she is the very definition of support, doing her best to ensure that heroes never die.

#2: Reinhardt

An old man with a jet-powered hammer? Tell us that doesn’t scream total badass! Reinhardt is one of those Tank characters that’s almost as hard to kill as someone like Roadhog. Using his bulky robotic suit to his advantage, Reinhardt is a huge threat when engaging in close combat. While dealing knockback damage with his hammer and charging at enemies for knockback damage, Reinhardt can easily catch you in a corner if you’re not careful. Speaking of charging, that’s just what he’s built for. So, if you got a Reinhardt, get behind that enormous shield of his and raise hell!

Before we unveil our top pick, here are some heroic Honorable Mentions:

#1: Tracer

You would not believe the amount of porn we had to wade through just for footage. Tracer is perhaps the most popular and well-designed character of the entire game. Through her time-travelling abilities, Tracer is one of the trickiest members of the Overwatch team. She can recall herself back to a certain point before dying, making her one of the most difficult characters to eliminate. However, with a load of charm and personality, who could ever hate our favorite Brit? She’s cheerful, she’s spunky, she’s goofy, and we’d blast “Careless Whisper” from outside HQ just for her.

Do you agree with our list? Which Overwatch hero do you find the most compelling? For more honorable Top 10’s every day, be sure to subscribe to

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