Top 10 UFO Sightings That MIGHT BE REAL

Script written by Shane O'Gorman.

Not all UFO sightings have been proven fake, which means there may be stories of REAL UFO sightings out there. The incident at the 2012 London Summer Olympics, the Warren Air Force Base UFO of the disappearance of Frederick Valentich all fall into the category of unexplained alien sightings – and we may never know what really happened. WatchMojo counts down ten alien sightings that have ever been explained.

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Script written by Shane O'Gorman.

We want to believe. Welcome to and today we’re counting down our picks for the top 10 UFO sightings NOT confirmed to be fake.

For this list, we’re focusing on those instances where mysterious flashing lights or other strange objects in the sky haven’t been convincingly, 100% debunked by governments or other authorities.

#10: Warren Air Force Base UFO

Do aliens really aliens “come in peace,” as the movies say? This 2010 encounter began when the Warren Air Force Base reported losing total control over the nuclear missiles they were storing, with their many engineers unable to communicate with them via their intricate computer network systems. Shortly thereafter, a massive cigar-shaped object, believed to be a UFO, was said to be seen hovering above the Wyoming base. You probably think there’s a connection between the UFO and the malfunctioning missiles, right? Well, it gets freakier. Supposedly the military base received transmissions from the UFO threatening them not to call for help due to the missile disruptions. Spooky stuff.

#9: Olympics

The 2012 London Olympics were packed with athletes and audience members during the opening ceremony. Well, packed on the ground. Word is there were no aircraft of any kind scheduled to be in the area at the time, especially considering the fireworks display. But if that were true, then what were those ominous lights hovering overhead? As stated, helicopters, planes, jets and every other aircraft vehicle right down to hot air balloons was banned from being anywhere near the Olympics that day, leading many to theorize that the saucer-shaped, metallic object could be an indication of visitors from outer space. To be fair, the Olympics are a huge event, so maybe aliens just wanted to see what all the fuss was about.

#8: Kecksburg UFO Incident

One night in 1965, residents across states American states and in Ontario, Canada witnessed a blazing fireball fall from the sky and crash to the earth in Pennsylvania. The thunderous impact caused shockwaves and sonic booms to ripple across the landscape, and started grass fires. It didn’t take long for members of the government and press to be all over the incident, which they wrote off as a simple meteor. However due to the unusual ‘sonic booms’ and the fact that many people said they saw trails of blue smoke in the sky where the object crashed, there was still speculation that the huge fireball was something out of this world – literally.

#7: Hopeh Incident

When Japanese student Masujiro Kiro was looking through his father’s old belongings, he probably never expected to discover a photo apparently taken in Hebei, China with a potential UFO smack dab in the middle. The object has a half-dome, half-disk-based appearance, and if you look closely at the photograph, you can see many of the people below pointing up towards the sky at it. Naturally, many skeptics have since shut down the UFO conspiracies surrounding the photograph, claiming the blip in the sky to be either a bird or a hat being tossed up into the air. To this day, the jury’s still out on this one, so it’s possible it was indeed little green men.

#6: Cash-Landrum Incident

Referred to as a Close Encounter of the Second kind, due to the direct physical and mental impact it had on nearby citizens, the Cash Landrum UFO encounter is like something out of a sci-fi horror film. After reports surfaced of military helicopters chasing a huge diamond-shaped UFO through the area, many individuals began to feel sick and cars stopped working altogether. Two women and a young boy claim to have seen the UFO up close, and say they felt an intense heat surging through them. Over the course of the next few days, they all grew increasingly sick, with one woman allegedly developing skin cancer due to whatever was in the sky that day.

#5: Disappearance of Frederick Valentich

It was October 1978 when a pilot named Frederick Valentich called Melbourne flight services, claiming that a strange aircraft had been following him. Officials told Valentich that radar showed nothing in the sky with him, but he wasn’t convinced, continuing to ask for help against his pursuer. He described the object’s design, stating it had a metallic surface and bright green lights… And moments later he reported that he was experiencing engine trouble. The last words heard from Valentich were extremely chilling, because when he was asked to describe the aircraft even further, he bluntly stated “it isn’t an aircraft” just before communications were cut off.

#4: Gorman Dogfight

25-year-old WWII veteran George Gorman was soaring through the skies of North Dakota on October 1st, 1948 when he noticed a blinking light in the distance. Gorman immediately contacted a nearby airport to ask if anyone was in the sky with him. They radioed back that, other than a small Piper Club plane he’d already noticed, the skies around him were empty. Gorman decided to get a closer look and an aerial dogfight ensued, but even with his jet shooting through the clouds at 400MPH, the supposed UFO was able to effortlessly avoid him at every turn. Just when Gorman thought he had the UFO caught, it fired vertically upwards and disappeared.

#3: Westall UFO Encounter

On April 6, 1966, students of two schools in Westall, Australia had their classes cancelled in the most bizarre fashion. A grey saucer-shaped object was seen descending from the sky and then landing not far from one of the school’s locations. There are conflicting reports as to the shape and color of said UFO, with some claiming it had hints of purple and others stating it had a more greenish hue. But one detail is constant; the UFO remained immobile for 20 minutes, doing nothing as nearly 200 people looked on. Eventually, the UFO shot back to life and gained altitude at a blistering speed, joining five similar looking ships as they all vanished into the distance.

#2: Lonnie Zamora Incident

Police officer Lonnie Zamora was driving alone in his patrol car one evening in Socorro, New Mexico when, out of nowhere, a loud ‘roaring’ sound shook his car while he was chasing a speeding driver. He then saw a flaming object fall from the sky. Moving in for a closer look, Lonnie says he saw an oval-shaped object that’d landed in the distance, with what looked like two small men – or at least four legs – standing next to it. Lonnie could barely register what the object was when suddenly that same ‘roaring’ sound came back even more intensely than before and the object rocketed towards the sky, leaving our atmosphere.

Before we reveal our top pick, here are a few honorable mentions:
- Washington, D.C. UFO Incident [aka Washington Flap]

- Melbourne UFO

- Trans-en-Provence Case

#1: Battle of Los Angeles [aka The Great Los Angeles Air Raid]

On the night between February 24-25, 1942, at the height of WWII, air raids sirens blared in Los Angeles County. Pretty soon, the United States Coast Artillery Brigade opened fire on a supposed attacker from the sky. Initially, many believed it to be Japanese forces, as tensions were high between the two after the bombardments of Pearl Harbor and Ellwood. But ultimately, military officials labeled the event a false alarm. While many skeptics argue that wartime nerves had everyone suddenly firing a barrage of bullets into the sky, the fact that the shooting lasted for at least an hour led many to believe there must have been some sort of target – specifically extraterrestrial in nature – for them to aim at.

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