Top 10 BEST McDonald's Happy Meal Toys EVER!!!

Script written by Briana Lawrence.

There are some Happy Meal toys you DEFINITELY had when you were a kid. The Batman Returns toys with launching Batmobile? McNugget Buddies? Sonic the Hedgehog 3 wind-up toys? CHANGEABLES, which were basically McDonald’s food items/Transformers that morphed into dinosaurs??? These were the McDonald’s Happy Meal toys that MADE your childhood. WatchMojo counts down ten of the coolest McDonald’s toys in the history of McDonald’s toys.

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Script written by Briana Lawrence.

Top 10 BEST McDonald's Happy Meal Toys EVER!!!

Mooooom, take us to McDonald’s! Pleeeeeease? Welcome to, and today we’ll be counting down our picks for the Top 10 Best McDonald’s Toys EVER!

For this list, we’ll be looking at some of our favorite cars, dolls, plushies, and other extra treats that came with our nuggets and fries.

#10: Muppet NHL Plush Toys

As much as we wanted one of those Between the Pipes miniature goalie masks growing up, how can you top a Muppet in hockey attire? While normal McDonald’s toys are the luck of the Happy Meal draw, these Canadian restaurant exclusive plushies from the mid-‘90s could be purchased for $3.49. Kermit, Animal, Miss Piggy, and Fozzy were ready to hit the ice… much to the surprise of this team of kids. We can’t say we blame them. After all, these were much bigger than the hand-sized plushies we were used to getting with our cheeseburgers and sodas.

#9: Sonic the Hedgehog 3 Wind-Up Toys

Ah, the early ‘90s, the heyday of the Nintendo and Sega console war, and the perfect time to unleash video game themed toys. As much as we love the princess-saving plumber, we have to give this one to Sonic. Well... ‘90s Sonic, anyway, but the 2000s era of toys were cool, too. The ‘90s set of toys depicted the four main characters of the franchise at the time: Sonic, Tails, Robotnik, and Knuckles BEFORE he went to the gym and jumped high enough to leave the planet. They were perfect for being the fastest thing aliiiiiive... well, with a bit of imagination, of course.

#8: Barbie Dolls & Backdrops

While we don’t know when the seemingly eternal battle of boys versus girls started, we guarantee that McDonald’s had a bit of a hand in it when they began to divide the toy options between boy andgirl , or rather, car and doll, because those were the main options whenever McDonald’s held this kind of promotion. That being said... this Barbie Happy Meal toy from the early ‘90s wins. That’s not to say cars aren’t fun, after all, Barbie has a spectacular pink corvette, but... a doll AND a backdrop to play make-believe in versus a tiny car? Sorry, but girls rule here!

#7: Tiny Toons Flip Cars

They’re tiny, they’re toony, they’re all a little looney, and they probably made our parents miserable as these toons invaded their personal space. The goal of this new generation of toons was to learn from the best when it came to cartoon comedy, but apparently, they also learned from the best when it came to making toys to accompany our french fries. In the ‘90s, we weren’t just collecting a car that featured one of our favorites: each car came with TWO characters and was designed to fit with their colorful personality, all you had to do was flip it over.

#6: McNugget Buddies

Occasionally, McDonald’s would try their hand at their own brand of toy. We don’t just mean making a random thing to slap their company logo on -- well... they did that, too, but for this particular entry we mean toys of their mascots. While we could easily point to staples like Ronald McDonald or Hamburglar, McDonald’s went above and beyond by making toys of their food. McNugget Buddies were exactly what they sounded like: toy versions of nuggets. Of course, they weren’t launched all at once, which meant that return trips were required to get all the costume possibilities.

#5: Tamagotchi Keychains

Ah Tamagotchi, they were ultimate sign in the late ‘90s that we weren’t ready for the responsibility of having a pet. Apparently, McDonald’s got the memo about kids losing interest in their digital pets and decided to approach the craze in a different manner: non-electronic Tamagotchi! Sure, you can say that they weren’t electronic to save money, but... all right that’s probably the case, but these keychains were still pretty cool. Each brightly colored egg represented a different pet, and each one would open up to let you enjoy your new friend... minus the guilt of losing interest in it later.

#4: Batman Returns Toys

Did you know that there’s a McDonald’s conveniently located near the Batcave ? No wonder they have Batman toys in Happy Meals. While 1992’s “Batman Returns” may have been criticized for being a bit too dark, the toys are definitely kid friendly. The toy set included the caped crusader himself, the feisty Catwoman, and a much tamer version of Danny DeVito’s Penguin. Don’t worry, parents, McDonald’s had something Batman-themed for you, too, but let’s face it... the kids won out with that mini-Batmobile. Look! It launches! What Batman lover wouldn’t want that in their collection?

#3: Changeables

Changeables: more than meets the eye? Our parents always told us not to play with our food, but McDonald’s? They encouraged it. The McNugget Buddies were one thing, but this? All right honestly, this is pretty freakin’ awesome. The Changeables were Transformer-like versions of McDonald’s food items. Yep, that side of fries could literally morph into a robot. Beginning in the late ‘80s, this series of toys went on for years, and McDonald’s even evolved them to morph into dinosaurs. You may think you don’t need your hot cakes to morph into a pterodactyl... but you do.

#2: Mini Furbies

Don’t feed a Furby after midnight... or is that a Gremlin? All right, all diabolical creature jokes aside, there was a time when these little critters were all the rage. McDonald’s was quick to jump on the bandwagon and they released a variety of miniature versions at the turn of the 21st century. New colors, different abilities, new designs, and styles ... we apologize to our parents for all of the trips to McDonald’s to try and collect them all. Of course if you were content with just one mini Furby, it was a lot cheaper than buying a full-sized toy.

Before we get to our number one pick, let’s go through the drive thru one more time for these honorable mentions:

Hot Wheels

Disney Videos Masterpiece Collection

Sports Balls

#1: Teenie Beanies

Much like Furbies, there was a time when these little guys were the talk of the town... and the Internet. Yep, in the late ‘90s, people went NUTS over these little animals. Quantities were limited, and people were able to resell them at insanely high prices. When McDonald’s began offering miniature Beanie Babies, which they called Teenie Beanies, we can pretty much guarantee that kids were reaping the benefits of their parents’ Beanie craze. This set may have been smaller than the standard Babies, but they still came with that all-important heart-shaped Ty tag , making them the most sought after McDonald’s toy in history. They even made a return in 2009 as Teenie Beanie Babies 2.0.

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