Top 10 Most Hilarious Parks and Recreation Moments

Written by Sean Newman

Prepare to treat yo’self! Welcome to, and today we’re counting down our picks for the top 10 moments from Parks and Recreation.

For this list, we’ll be looking at scenes from the seven memorable seasons of Parks and Recreation that had our sides hurtin with laughter, hearts melting with emotion, and sometimes, a little bit of both.

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Prepare to treat yo’self! Welcome to, and today we’re counting down our picks for the top 10 moments from Parks and Recreation.

For this list, we’ll be looking at scenes from the seven memorable seasons of Parks and Recreation that had our sides hurting with laughter, hearts melting with emotion, and sometimes, a little bit of both.

#10: Leslie Finally Meets Joe Biden

Girls growing up in the ‘80s may have idolized the likes of David Hasselhoff or Harrison Ford; but not Leslie. Her heroes, and at times erotic fantasies, are far more likely to take place on Capitol Hill than the Hollywood Hills, and one silver-haired fox has stood out above the rest to Ms. Knope as the gold standard for men. Thanks to her dutiful husband, Leslie gets a brief chance to interact with Vice President Joe Biden, and viewers get the opportunity to laugh at her bewilderment. She speaks just slightly too loudly and answers just a little too quickly when spoken to, and several seasons of built-up love for Joe pay off in this one hilarious scene.

#9: Tom’s Food List

If Tom Haverford’s personality were boiled down to one word, it would be eccentric. Pessimists see the glass as half empty, optimists see it as half full, and Tom just wonders why it contains boring old water instead of Super Water. These bursts of eccentricity are not uncommon for Tom, but here we’re given a special treat with a long cut of goofy names he gives food. The glow in Tom’s eyes as he informs the audience of each quote-unquote brilliant nickname is priceless. The comedians that bring the Parks and Rec characters to life are all brilliant, but we’ve gotta give a special nod in this case: well done, Aziz.

#8: Leslie Knope’s Debate Finishing Statement

Upon revisiting season one of Parks and Recreation, it’s truly amazing to see how multidimensional the show’s characters have become. Leslie in particular has been fleshed out as strong, intelligent, and overwhelmingly passionate about public service. One of the most trying periods of the series for her, however, was the road to City Council, which reached a breaking point when Bobby Newport held the town hostage with threats to take his business elsewhere if not elected. In a time where passionate women are labeled overbearing far too often, Leslie, and by extension Amy Poehler, stressed the passion that drives her message and relentless work. And this is why she’s the champion of the Parks Department and the show as a whole.

#7: Elderly Sex Ed

Parks and Recreation knows how to be sentimental one moment, and dive into the finer points of intercourse for elderly folk the next. As this scene suggests, senior citizen sexual engagement is a very real thing. Apparently one of the writers decided this phenomenon was a great niche topic to exploit during the Sex Education episode of the series. We’re sorry for anyone who made the mistake of watching this episode with their parents, but for everyone else, this was a hilarious treat that for better or for worse was forevermore engrained in our minds.

#6: Tom & Jean-Ralphio Give a Tour of Entertainment 720

As we’ve established, Tom Haverford has a tendency towards eccentricity, and his business venture/complete disaster with Jean-Ralphio perfectly exemplifies this. Their tour reads like a Dos Equis commercial, except instead of listing off crazy stories from their past, the duo lists off ridiculous activities that Entertainment 720 would help accomplish in the future. Only one reasonable question is asked during the entire tour: “Shouldn’t you focus on building your client base?” and it’s answered with a simple NO. Tom’s flare would eventually work for him, but in this instance it’s unrealistic, unfocused, and ultimately, highly amusing.

#5: Garth Blundin Star Wars Filibuster

What would a show about government be without a Mr. Smith Goes to Washington-esque filibuster scene? Garth Blundin, played by Patton Oswalt, doesn’t see eye to eye with Leslie regarding some outdated Pawnee laws, and he takes to the City Forum to stand up for what he believes in. Given Oswalt’s self-proclaimed obsession with Star Wars, he was given free rein to describe his vision for Star Wars Episode 7 in the nearly nine-minute filibuster scene—which we highly recommend viewing uncut. Living in a post-Episode 7 world, it looks like his vision wasn’t entirely accurate, but fans of both Star Wars and Parks and Rec have much to enjoy in this impressive rant. We’re still not sure how the extras behind Garth aren’t in stitches.

#4: Treat Yo’ Self

With what is debatably the most quoted adage of the entire series, we’re shown that The Good Life should be accessible to everyone… at least for one day a year. Donna and Tom have Chamillionaire tastes on a Costco budget, but for 24 hours this does not matter to them. The prop pieces and outfits brought in for this gag are uproarious and over the top hilarious. It’s difficult not to feel the characters’ glee as they indulge themselves again and again and again. Culminating in Ben Wyatt crying in a crime fighting costume, this episode is, in and of itself, its own special treat.

#3: Ben & Leslie’s Wedding

Whether it’s two star-crossed government workers hugging deeply after a heart-warming proposal or the impromptu wedding it leads to, “Parks and Rec” never misses an opportunity to force viewers to break out the tissues. And the spontaneous wedding that takes place in Leslie’s favorite spot on the planet ensures there’s not a dry eye in the audience. The payoff was five seasons in the making, and perfectly exemplifies the strong relationships built by the central characters in the series. While Leslie and Ben’s chemistry goes without saying, their friends pride and excitement is palpable; making this wedding experience particularly endearing.

#2: Snake Juice

Snake Juice is another Tom Haverford/Jean-Ralphio exclusive, guaranteed to taste great and ensure an even better night. It’s oftentimes hilarious to see friends you’ve known for quite some time getting hammered in a social setting, and here we get to see these onscreen comrades we’ve spent 3 seasons getting to know getting wasted on what’s basically rat poison. Sadly, we weren’t given a Drunk Donna clip, but the others are hysterical and so on point. In particular, Ron Swanson is at his most memorable whenever he does something that’s highly un-Swanson. Tom, the yin to his yang, helps extract this, allowing us to enjoy the hysteria of the evening while skipping out on the morning after hangover.

Before we unveil our number one pick, here are a few honorable mentions.
- Burt Macklin Solves Pie Mystery

- Leslie Gives Ben the Iron Throne

- Ron Orders All the Bacon and Eggs

#1: Ice Walking to the Platform

The art of the cringe has been mastered in recent years; particularly by TV mockumentaries. Creativity is key when it comes to anything, and that’s proven when a Campaign Rally, an Ice Rink, and a luxurious red carpet that’s just a little too short come together to create one of the funniest scenes in “Parks and Rec” history. For two minutes, we’re barraged with prop pieces, adding to the awkwardness. The three-legged dog, the ironic background music, the stage that’s erected far too high—nothing goes horribly wrong, but nothing goes right either. Awkward humor doesn’t get much better than this, and it’s hard not to feel sorry for these fictional characters who just can’t catch a break – between the gales of laughter, that is.

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