Top 10 UNDERRATED Nintendo Games!

Script written by Ty Richardson If you didn’t play em’ you’re not alone - but you definitely missed out! Welcome to and today we’re counting down our picks for the Top 10 Underrated Nintendo Game! Special thanks to our users “Gemnist”, “Skerlly Fc”, “Clit Welding” & “fighter66” for suggesting this topic using our interactive suggestion tool at http://WatchMojo.comsuggest

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Top 10 Underrated Nintendo Games

Yes, Mario, we see you there, but how about letting these guys in the spotlight for once, huh? Welcome to, and today, we’re counting down our picks for the Top 10 Underrated Nintendo Games.

While Nintendo may be well known of their Mario’s and their Zelda’s, these games just aren’t given enough attention or didn’t sell well on their initial release. So for this list, we’re looking at the games the games that were released exclusively on Nintendo platforms that deserve your full attention.

#10: “Captain Toad: Treasure Tracker” (2014)

The idea of Toad, out of all other Mario characters, getting his own game was something that divided gamers. What would you do with Toad to make a game interesting? Nintendo replied with this puzzle platformer where you can help the little guy locate gold stars while avoiding Shy Guys, Goombas, and Piranha Plants. While the game was well-received, but only sold a few hundred-thousand copies on launch. That’s what happens when you launch in the same season as a new “Smash Bros” game. With moderately challenging puzzles, beautiful scenery, and a charming personality, Captain Toad is an entertaining experience for all types of gamers.

#9: “Kirby’s Epic Yarn” (2010)

Kirby may have retained his overloaded adorableness, but many gamers were unsure about this different direction. After getting trapped inside a world made of yarn, Kirby is stripped of his copy ability powers and must rely on a pre-determined set of abilities; jump, float, swim, throw enemies, unzip parts of the world, turn into a destructive robo-tank, you know, the usual Kirby stuff. Also, instead of a lives and health system, the game would never let you die, only lose beads. The game saw rave reviews, but since release, it has only sold two million copies. It may not be a traditional Kirby game, but don’t let that be the judge on the game’s enjoyable and calming experience.

#8: “Star Tropics” (1990)

From the outside, one could easily dismiss this as a Zelda knockoff, but “StarTropics” is truly something to behold. It is, perhaps, one of the most peculiar games on this list. Armed with a yo-yo, a young boy sets out to rid towns of evil monsters. Adding to the puzzle-solving, a letter was packaged with the cartridge. Once dipped in water, it would reveal codes that were crucial to progress. Since launch, we’ve only seen ports on Nintendo’s Virtual Console, along with it’s inclusion on the NES Classic Edition, We could only guess the launch of the SNES is what caused this title to slip under the radar.

#7: “The Wonderful 101” (2013)

From the folks over at Platinum Games comes this Wii U exclusive where players gather every day citizens to turn them into monster-bashing superheroes! Once you’ve gathered enough heroes, you can draw on the GamePad to make the league take form of a weapon to solve puzzles or defeat enemies. With its gorgeous art style, ridiculous sense of humor, and challenging gameplay, “The Wonderful 101” proves to be a solid product on the Platinum Games portfolio. They could have stopped at the single-player campaign, but went the extra mile by letting us form a super team of our friends through five-player co-op. The learning curve may be steep, but the training is paid off in the long run.

#6: “Meteos” (2005)

If you enjoy puzzle games like “Tetris Attack” and “Puyo Pop”, then have we got a treasure for you! Inspired by a bizarre blend of “Missile Command”, “The Matrix”, and the “24” TV series, this game tasks players in matching three or more blocks of the same color in order to launch them off the screen and defeat the their opponent. While the game managed to launch sequels, and win awards for its music and addictive gameplay, it only managed to sell just over 200,000 units. If this game hasn’t caught your attention, maybe this will; famed Smash Bros creator, Masahiro Sakurai, was the game’s lead designer. Take our money, Nintendo…again!

#5: “Eternal Darkness: Sanity’s Requiem” (2002)

Nintendo published an M-rated horror game on the console that looks like a purple lunchbox?! Yes, and it was surprisingly excellent for a genre they almost never dive into. Receiving a high amount of praise from critics as well as awards, sales just weren’t up to par, selling less than half a million copies. It’s such a shame given that this was one of the most original and creative titles to grace the GameCube. If you’re lucky enough to find a copy, prepare to consume the nightmare fuel. Sadly it’s highly unlikely we’ll ever see a following considering the closure of Silicon Knights and a proposed spiritual successor failing to gather funded.

#4: “Super Mario Strikers” (2005)

Mario is clearly a sports guy, but his career isn’t just filled with tennis and golf. “Super Mario Strikers” was the soccer game that brought a big can of whoopass to the Mushroom Kingdom. Friends became foes, and foes…well, they were still foes. It was wacky, it was surprisingly brutal, and most importantly: it was addictive. Even though its remembered as one of the best multiplayer games on the Gamecube, it also released during a period when the system was on its last legs and barely had any support. Still if you find a copy of this game or it’s Wii sequel, give it a go, you’ll have blast.

#3: “Sin & Punishment” (2000)

Remember that one assist trophy from Smash Bros. Brawl, of a kid dressed in yellow, swung a pink energy sword around? Well, this is his game. “Sin & Punishment” was one of many great shooters offered on the N64. It’s run n’ gun action was almost as addictive as, dare we say, Star Fox 64! Unfortunately, like our friend “StarTropics”, this game’s release and sales suffered from launching towards the end of the N64’s life, causing releases in North America and Europe to be cancelled. Thanks to Nintendo’s handy dandy Virtual Console service, the game was released worldwide in 2007, with a sequel launching two years later.

#2: “Golden Sun” (2001)

The Game Boy Advance brought us many unique and phenomenal RPGs, but while we were playing our Final Fantasy and Pokemon games, this gem seemed to have slipped under our noses. “Golden Sun” follows a group of “Adepts” that must protect their world destructive alchemy. The graphics were impressive for a GBA title, and has been praised by critics to be one of the most original RPGs on the handheld. Sure, it’s plot and mechanics may follow the tropes of the genre, but in this case, is that necessarily a bad thing?

Before we get to our top pick, here are a few Honorable Mentions:

“F-Zero GX”

“Mario’s Picross”

“Kid Icarus: Uprising”

#1: “Bayonetta 2” (2014)

After releasing “The Wonderful 101”, Platinum Games hit ANOTHER ball out of the park with this sequel to a modern classic. Jumping from the Xbox 360 and PS3 predecessor, playing this gave a feeling equal to getting a new car; it was faster, adrenaline-pumping, and sexier. However, achieving perfect review scores with a handful of awards can only get you so far, as proven by the games more than disappointing sales numbers, which is criminal considering how amazing this game is. So if you have a Wii U, get this game off the eShop right now. If you don’t have a Wii U, well fingers crossed for a Nintendo Switch remaster … that and Bayonetta 3.

Do you agree with our list? Which Nintendo games do you feel don’t get the most love? For more Top 10’s published every day, be sure to subscribe to!

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