Top 5 Myths about the Penis

Script written by Michael Wynands Top 5 Myths about the Penis Subscribe: Come along as we unravel the mysteries of the elusive “trouser snake” in its natural habitat! In today’s instalment we’re counting down the top 5 myths about the Penis. This particular piece of genitalia requires little introduction. However, there are many myths surrounding the penis that should be debunked once and for all. Does size really matter? Can a guy enhance the size of the penis without surgery? Do all guys experience performance trouble? Let’s strip the male figure down to its birthday suit and shed some much needed light on this often-exaggerated sex organ. MsMojo's Social Media: Facebook: Twitter: Instagram: Snapchat:

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Top 10 Myths about the Penis

Come along as we unravel the mysteries of the elusive “trouser snake” in its natural habitat. Welcome to MsMojo’s Top 5 Myths. In today’s installment we’re counting down the top 5 myths about the Penis that are HARD to deny.

#5: No Bones Means It Can’t Break

Sadly… the lack of bone doesn’t make a boner unbreakable. The most common cause of penile damage happens when a partner comes down on the penis too hard after it’s slipped out. If you have first-hand experience with an erect penis, you know that it’s quite rigid. When it’s forced out of shape, serious trauma can take place. A penile fracture happens when one or both “tunica albuginea” are ruptured. These are the fibrous envelopes that protect and support the erectile tissue of the penis. Worse yet, penile fractures can result in permanent damage, including erectile dysfunction, if left untreated.

#4: It Happens to Every Guy

If you know someone who’s recently had performance trouble, you know that he was likely looking to this oft-repeated sentence for comfort, but the truth is… failure to achieve an erect penis isn’t normal; there’s always a cause behind this little issue. Maybe he had a little too much to drink, and then... well you know. In that case, it’s probably an isolated incident with an identifiable cause - excess alcohol results in reduced blood flow to the penis. But guys who have this problem frequently should reevaluate their lifestyles: failure to get or maintain an erection in more than 20% of sexual encounters is officially considered erectile dysfunction. Common causes include anxiety, exhaustion, poor diet, certain antidepressants, smoking and more. Young men are also increasingly experiencing porn-related erectile dysfunction as a result of the hyper-stimulation of excessive porn watching.

#3: Size Varies According to Race

We all know the stereotypes, so let’s not bother repeating them. Unfortunately we live in a world where male ego and penis size are intimately linked. And pretty much any place you’d find a congregation of guys, you’ll find someone bragging about how big his is, or shaming someone about how small his is. Often, these claims aren’t based on eyewitness reports, but rather the stereotype that different races have small, medium or large penises. Well, here’s the truth on the matter - British Researchers evaluated penis measurements from over 15,000 men from across the globe as part of a 2015 study. And guess what? There’s zero correlation between race and size.

#2: Male Enhancement Is Possible Without Surgery

Like we mentioned, insecurities abound when it comes to penis size, but sadly, regardless of what the ads on porn sites or in herbal remedy shops may have promised, there’s no quick fix. Think of it this way: no one would believe a promise that a product could make your left foot grow, would they? So why believe that something could enlarge just the penis? Viagra may give the illusion of significant growth down there, but it’s not really an increase in size being experienced; just optimal blood flow to ensure a guy achieves his maximum genetically-given size. There have been countless studies, and they all agree that anything short of surgery is simply an empty promise. And even then, surgery might yield an increase in size, but it comes with major risks. So the lotions, pills and pacts with Satan are useless; every man is stuck with the pecker he’s born with.

#1: Bigger Is Always Better When It Comes to Pleasure

As a culture, we tend to fixate on size, and unfortunately that fixation translates to a man’s member. And whether it’s questions about the correlation between shoe size and penis size (fact check: there is none) or the idea that the average penis is 8 inches long (fact check: no it ain’t), we as a society also tend to get the details wrong. According to the Kinsey Institute, the average erect penis measures 5.6 inches. If a penis is significantly below average, pleasure derived from penetration may be diminished, but considering penetration typically last 5 to 7 minutes, sex should involve a lot more… providing ample opportunity for a man to pleasure his partner in other ways, regardless of size. A large penis might help a woman achieve penetrative orgasm more easily, but it can also just prove painful. Ultimately, the size and shape of a penis is significantly less important than understanding the needs of one’s sexual partner. In other words: it’s not the size, it’s how you use it.

So, did any of these penis myths shock you? For more captivating top 10s and realistic Top 5s, be sure to subscribe to MsMojo.

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