Top 10 Most Creative Hitman Kills

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Agent 47 might look like a boring guy, but he can be remarkably creative when he’s at work. Welcome to and in this video we’re counting down our picks for the Top 10 Ingenious Hitman Kills.

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Top 10 Hitman Kills

When it comes to brutally dispatching targets, few can match the “Hitman” series in terms of creativity or elegance. Welcome to and today we’re counting down our list for the top 10 Hitman Kills.

For this list We’re looking at the methods of killing showcased in the “Hitman” games that are most inventive, graphic and morbidly fascinating. Whatever implements are used, however fast or slowly the death occurs, these techniques have a certain artistry to them – albeit a grotesque and terrible artistry – that’s hard to deny.

#10: Flatlined

“HITMAN” (2016)
What a shocking way to deal with a troublesome person. Lame joke aside, we’re quite enamored with the lethal approaches to be utilized during the Situs Inversus mission of “HITMAN”, in which Agent 47 must kill former ICA agent Erich Soders. One such method requires 47 to venture deep into the heart of a private hospital, in search of the controls to an advanced defibrillation machine. Once located the machine can be sabotaged and activated at 47’s discretion, resulting in a nasty little surprise for the vulnerable and completely unaware Soders.

#9: Hot Steam Kill

“Hitman: Absolution” (2012)
Quite the burning sensation to leave someone with. Early in “Hitman: Absolution”, Agent 47’s mission to protect the genetically modified girl Victoria is complicated by her hiding place – the Rosewood Orphanage – being raided. Thus, 47 is forced to confront Edward Wade, a thoroughly despicable mercenary, in the orphanage’s basement in the hopes of getting to Victoria in time. Sneaking around the basement and sliding through an air vent reveals a steam valve that, when turned, blasts hot steam straight into the man’s face. Aside from the morbid satisfaction of watching a horrible man receive brutal punishment, it’s also a creative way to deal with an enemy.

#8: Car Alarm and Domino Kill

“Hitman: Sniper” (2015)
Together in death, whether they want to be or not. Players familiar with the “Hitman: Sniper” mobile game may remember Mission 20 of Chapter 2, where one of the goals is to eliminate two guards at once. To that end, the player must target one of several cars parked in a high-end garage, triggering a car alarm that attracts a pair of guards. After that, it’s simply a matter of shooting out a glass railing, ensuring that the higher of the two guards is sent plummeting to the ground… right on top of guard number two. You can also use this technique on two guards near a giant fan, and also use said fan to dispose of the bodies.

#7: Flying Colors

“HITMAN” (2016)
Someone may want to check the safety measures here, just to be safe. A flashback sequence in “HITMAN” reveals that 47’s last major test to qualify for work with the ICA had him completing a recreation of a 1979 assassination contract. While there’s multiple avenues to success here, perhaps the most entertaining is to have 47 dress as a mechanic and lure his target Jasper Knight into a jet. From there, 47 can convince Knight to activate the jet’s ejector seat… which, conveniently enough, is rigged to launch hundreds of feet into the air. The other ICA agents’ reactions to the unexpected launch really sell how darkly amusing this is.

#6: Well Done

“Hitman: Absolution” (2012)
During the mission Shaving Lenny in “Absolution”, Agent 47’s search for Victoria takes him to the town of Hope, South Dakota. There he sets out to cut down the ranks of Lenny’s gang, including Lenny’s childhood friend Mason McCready. With Mason cooking meat on a barbecue, the question of how to dispatch him unnoticed comes up and is promptly answered with some exploration. A nearby cellar contains a gasoline container which looks suspiciously similar to Mason’s barbecue sauce of choice. Some sleight of hand is all it takes to get Mason hot and bothered, so to speak.

#5: Icing on the Cake

“HITMAN” (2016)
No cake is delicious enough to make this even remotely enjoyable… for the victim, that is. 47’s Thailand assignment in “HITMAN” has him setting out to kill two individuals, one of whom is an indie rock singer named Jordan Cross. Cross just so happens to be celebrating his 27th birthday in Bangkok, giving 47 the opportunity to sneak in and catch him off-guard. Specifically, 47 can adorn a chef’s uniform, deliver Cross’ special vegan cake to the party room… and then smother Cross in the cake when his guard is down. Few things are so gloriously silly while still being related to death.

#4: A Personal Contract

“Hitman: Absolution” (2012)
Talk about ruining a person’s day. Agent 47’s first assignment in “Hitman: Absolution” has him stealthily traversing the estate of his former boss Diana Burnwood, dealing with guards in the manner he knows best. However, one kill that truly stands out occurs while 47 is sliding along the side of the main building, along the edge of a sea cliff. Stopping just outside of a window, the player is introduced to a distinctly upset guard on the phone with his doctor, about to receive some good news. The guard is understandably elated and basks in his happiness – at which point you can pull him out the window.

#3: Explosive Fireplace

“Hitman: Contracts” (2004)
Among 47’s various recollections over the course of “Contracts” is an assignment in which his tasks included killing Lord Winston Beldingford and his son Alistair. Though the English manor where the Beldingfords reside is packed with items that can be used for killing, one stands out among the rest: a gasoline can. Grabbing this container full of fuel, one can quite easily run up to the furnace near the manor’s roof and pour gasoline down the chimney. Assuming the timing is right, what results is a fiery explosion that handily takes out both Beldingford men in one fell swoop.

#2: Curtains Down

“Hitman: Blood Money” (2006)
In a game that never failed to deliver interesting ways to kill people, this may have been the crown jewel of murder schemes. Curtains Down has 47 making his way through a Parisian operahouse in order to take out actor Alvaro D’Alvade and ambassador Richard Delahunt. Among other options, 47 swap out a fake pistol for the real deal just as D’Alvade is about to take the stage. This will result in D’Alvade being shot by a fellow actor, causing Delahunt to run out into the theater… at which time 47 can detonate C4 placed on a chandelier. They never saw it coming...

Before we unveil our top pick, here are a few honorable mentions:

The One-Way Mirror
“Hitman: Absolution” (2012)

Tuk-Tuk and Away
“HITMAN” (2016)

#1: Glass Hot Tub

“Hitman: Blood Money” (2006)
It may be simple and straight-forward, but when one’s in the mood for amusingly morbid scenes none can do better. In the mission You Better Watch Out, Agent 47 is assigned to carry out the assassination of a US senator’s son. This means exploring an elegant mountain-side resort in the Rocky Mountains, with convenient ledges and rock ledges to take advantage of… as well as a questionably-designed glass hot tub. Once the senator’s son is sitting in the hot tub, a savvy player can simply sneak below it and shoot out the bottom to send their target falling to the rocks below. For extra cruelty points, this method of murder can also potentially doom innocent bystanders – whoops.

Do you agree with our list? What are your favourite kills from the “Hitman” games? For more well-executed Top 10s published daily, be sure to subscribe to

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