Top 10 Tips for Online Dating

Script written by Ty Richardson Top 10 Tips for Online Dating Subscribe: So you’re looking to sign up for a dating website or dating app? That’s a great start! There are so many fish in the sea and we’re here to help you navigate the vastness of it all. We’ve brought you 10 great tips to keep in mind when you’re ready to meet someone new. The most important ones are to be honest, be selective about your pictures work towards meeting them in person, don’t skip the bio, know what you’re looking for in the relationship, make a username that fits you and start the conversation with something unique! Special thanks to our user MattW128 for submitting the idea on our Interactive Suggestion Tool at MsMojo's Social Media: Facebook: Twitter: Instagram: Snapchat:

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Top 10 Tips for Online Dating

So, you’ve signed up for a dating site, huh? [OR alternate intro: While there are plenty of fish in this virtual sea, it’s not always easy to catch the right one.] Welcome to MsMojo, and today, we’ll be counting down our picks for the Top 10 Tips for Online Dating.
For this list, we’ve gathered up some friendly advice, suggestions and tips to take into consideration when wandering into the realm of online dating, as we know it can be a little intimidating, especially if it’s your first time.

#10: Don’t Skip the Bio

This is the first mandatory step in getting started. No joke, it really is since most sites and apps require you to fill out a profile if you want to start the matchmaking process. If you don’t, then access to certain features will be limited. Bios are what help others know a little bit more about you. Consider it a window beyond your looks. Just keep it in mind to make your bio short, sweet, and to the point. Turning it into an essay will turn off potential love interests, so don’t get all gushy or cheesy or too carried away with the details - save the latter for the actual date.

#9: Be Safe & Meet Up in Public

It may sound obvious, but it’s important to keep yourself safe. You don’t know what kind of creeps are lurking around on the web. When messaging that potential match, be cautious about revealing your location at first and think of spots that would be secure for you before suggesting any. If it gets to the point of meeting up, choose a spot that’s public. Might we suggest a park or a simple coffee date, and not a night out drinking around bars? Of course, if you feel you aren’t ready to meet in public, let the other person know. Part of building a good relationship is honesty and communication.

#8: Avoid Clichés

No, you don’t only like long walks on the beach or to “go on adventures”, whatever that’s supposed to mean. Everybody can say they drink and party, but here’s the thing; EVERYBODY can say they drink and party. Find something about you that sets you apart from the others. Maybe you decorate your room in your photography work or have won a few ice skating competitions in the past. We aren’t saying compare yourself to others, but don’t half-ass the description your personality and lifestyle, either. Give yourself some credit; show other singles why you’re awesome and fun to be around!

#7: Watch for Fraudulent Profiles

If you’re using sites like as Lavalife, eHarmony, or, you’re most likely using a credit card to pay for your membership. This means there could be hackers lurking around looking to take your info. Luckily, it’s easy to identify these scammers and keep your identity safe. Don’t click on any bizarre links that are sent to you. The other person should not be talking you into paying for their webcam show either. Many of these accounts may be simple bots or scammers and are easily avoided. But if you don’t stay on your toes, it’ll be easy for your computer to get hacked and compromise your security.

#6: Have Patience

Nobody likes Jimmy or Sally Pushypants. That little icon may show they're online, but the person you’re interested in may be doing something away from their computer. Berating them with messages will only scare them away. It’s easier to simply drop a line and go about your merry way. Try to keep yourself busy while waiting for that reply. Do laundry, catch up on that TV episode you missed, or get back to work. If it’s been a few days, it wouldn’t hurt to send one more message, but don’t let yourself linger around a person for too long… which leads us to our next entry…

#5: Don’t Get Attached Too Quickly

Yes, they may be dreamy and sound like the perfect person, but don’t get your hopes up. They could have some skeletons hiding in their closet. Not literal ones... but then again, you never know! Just don't be a hopeless romantic and set yourself up for disappointment. Sometimes, things just don’t work out, and there’s no shame in admitting that. It’s great to get butterflies in your stomach when you talk to that special someone, but don’t get caught up in fantasies. Just stay optimistic, keep your options open, and know when to cut them loose.

#4: Work Towards Meeting in Person

As we said earlier, keep yourself safe. Don't go planning to meet as soon as you get a reply and don't expect to do so either. Give yourself some time to communicate with them. This will help build some trust between you two. You'll get to know them a bit more, see what their character is like, and maybe become friends that want something more. Focus on getting comfortable with each other before diving into a meeting in person. If you end up meeting too early, awkwardness could creep in. So, spend some time talking and getting to know each other until you both feel you are ready.

#3: Be Selective About Your Pictures

You may look great in that dress you wore on Girls Night, and your body rocked that bikini at the beach last week, but it might be best to leave those pictures out of your online dating profile. Photos that show off too much of your best physical assets might attract the “only lookin' for a good time” crowd, if you know what we mean (and we’re sure you do). Choose photos that show you doing something, whether it's you as a volunteer or out with friends. This will tell the other person that you are an active individual. Oh, and make sure you show off your amazing pearly whites! Everyone loves a smile!

#2: Start the Conversation with Something Unique

Connections tend to be made more frequently when there is a common ground to stand on. Read the profile. It’ll take a couple of minutes to find what they like. Starting a discussion on similar interests will make it easier for you to start talking and getting to know the person. However, don’t go into your first message telling them everything about yourself, what food you like, etc. Let’s not write essays. Keep the message brief and focus on mutual interests. This could be through similar hobbies, beliefs, personalities, or tastes in entertainment. It is possible for opposites to attract, but those kinds of relationships may prove difficult if handled incorrectly.

Before we get swipe right to our top pick, here are a few Honorable Mentions:

Know What You’re Looking for in a Relationship

Choose a Username That Fits You

#1: Be Honest

We aren't just talking about identity here. As much as we could warn you about “catfishing” (beware of fake pictures and lies about work and hobbies), the real honesty is going to come from you. Many of the other tips on here apply to this. Don’t be shy to talk about hobbies you enjoy, even if others may not enjoy them like you do. Know what you are looking for in a relationship and not just a hookup. Don’t settle but don't fool yourself with false hope either. Everyone appreciates an honest character. Just be yourself and have fun!

Do you agree with our list? Got any other advice for those new to online dating? For more attractive top 10s published every day, be sure to subscribe to MsMojo!

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