Top 10 Things We Loved About the Gilmore Girls Revival

This long awaited Netflix revival has created quite the buzz! There have been mixed reviews are the show. Half of the party claimed to hate it but the other half thought it was as endearing as ever. In this countdown we ranked the Top 10 things we loved about the show! While many of them are signature to the original show itself, there are some news ones that really stood out in the revival including, Kirk’s Antics, Rory touring through her grandparent’s house, Jess’ presence, seeing Paris as confident and sure of herself as ever, the evolution of Emily and Lorelei’s relationship, Emily’s journey, Luke and Lorelei’s impromptu wedding, Lorelei’s mountain moment and the revival of the The Life and Death Brigade.

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10 Things We Loved About Gilmore Girls: A Year in the Life

 For this list, we'll be sharing our favorite moments and storylines from the 2016 Gilmore Girls mini-series. Fair warning: there will be spoilers.

#10: The Final Four Words

For years, “Gilmore Girls” fans have been intrigued by the mythic “final four words” with which show creator Amy Sherman-Palladino had always said she’d intended to end the series. Since she didn't end up working on the final season of the show, she kept the final piece of dialogue a secret. Finally, in the revival, fans learned the shocking ending she had been saving. This cliffhanger was divisive among fans, but it’s definitely poetic. With those words, the story is brought full-circle as Rory repeats the patterns that her mom started – and isn’t it crazy to think she’s as old as Lorelai was when the show started? 

#9: Kirk’s Antics

A Year in the Life featured Kirk way more heavily than the original series and it totally paid off. Stars Hollow’s most hardworking entrepreneur has started a taxi company called “Ooober” (which of course is nothing at all like Uber) and has produced a new short film that rivals his first in terms of absurdity. If you ever wondered what it would be like if Kirk attended Friday night dinner, you’re in luck. Oh and Kirk and Lulu have a pet pig now. Her name is Petal and the town residents pitched in to adopt her when they heard Kirk and Lulu discussing the prospect of having a baby. Simply amazing.

#8: Lorelai’s Mountain Moment

Lorelai goes to California to "do Wild" (the book, not the movie) and although she never actually ends up hiking the Pacific Crest Trail, she does find a moment of clarity in nature, which she uses to call her mom and make up for past wrongs. Her touching story about her father’s kindness redeems her for her drunken diatribe at his funeral and reminds viewers that despite all the conflict and strife they’ve had over the years, Lorelai really does have a deep appreciation and affection for both of her parents.

#7: Sookie’s Appearance

It may have been short, but it was definitely sweet. Melissa McCarthy's busy film schedule made it so that she was only available to shoot one scene for A Year in the Life, but it was still great to see her back in action as Sookie. Rather than trying to make fans forget about their favorite absent-minded chef, the show’s creators built Sookie’s absence right into the storyline, showing Lorelai trying (and failing) to replace her. Even getting a long line of celebrity chefs into the Dragonfly kitchen (including Rachel Ray) wasn’t enough to fill the void, making it extra satisfying when Sookie returned to the screen.

#6: Jess

Whether or not you were team Jess in the original series, you'd be hard pressed to find anything bad to say about the guy after watching the revival. Stars Hollow’s resident bad boy has grown into a sweet and supportive man who gives sage advice to both Rory and Luke and even gives Rory theinspiration she needs to take a leap into a new career endeavor. Also, can we talk about those arms? Considering the cliffhanger the revival ended on, fans can be pretty sure they’ll be seeing more of Jess if the creators choose to continue the series.

#5: Rory Touring Through Her Grandparents’ House

This scene packed an unexpected emotional punch because the show creators were able to include flashbacks of the deceased Edward Herrmann. Rory has decided to write a memoir about her and Lorelai’s lives and after struggling to find a place to write, she comes up with the perfect solution. As she walks through her grandparents' empty home, she remembers classic scenes from the original series and fans couldn’t help but get choked up seeing the inimitable Richard Gilmore sitting in his study as though no time had passed.

#4: The Evolution of Emily and Lorelai's Relationship

The conflict between Emily and Lorelai was always at the heart of the original series, but even when season 7 wrapped, these two still hadn’t quite resolved their issues. Though things may never be warm and fuzzy between this mother and daughter, A Year in the Life took us several steps closer to their happy ending. Some of the most entertaining scenes in the revival were those where the elder Gilmore Girls went to therapy together. Though the therapy itself turned out to be kind of a bust, something must have clicked because, by Fall, their damaged relationship was on the mend.

#3: Paris Was Better Than Ever

Paris' character was definitely one of the funniest and best developed of the revival, and of course, in 2016 she is just as successful as we always imagined she would be. Paris has put her law and medical degrees to good use and is running Dynasty Makers, a high end fertility clinic where she ends up seeing Luke and Lorelai. Her personal life may not be going quite as smoothly though. Seeing her terrify Chilton students and have a bathroom meltdown over Tristan was just the icing on the cake. Our only complaint was that we didn't get to see more of her.

#2: Emily’s Journey

Of the three Gilmore Girls, Emily definitely experienced the most personal development and ultimately had the most satisfying storyline in the revival. While Rory and Lorelai were flailing, Emily took her year of mourning for Richard and turned it into an opportunity for growth. By the end of A Year in the Life, she ended up with a new adopted family, a new home and a (hilarious) new job. Also, in what is debatably the best scene in the entire revival, an exasperated Emily tears down a prospective DAR member as well as the institution as a whole.

Before we reveal our top pick, here are a few honorable mentions.
 Luke Being a Proud Dad
 The Life and Death Brigade

#1: Luke and Lorelai's Impromptu Wedding

Though it would have been great to see Luke and Lorelai’s proper wedding the next day, there was something much more charming and intimate about the couple’s decision to secretly get married the night before they were supposed to walk down the aisle. Kirk pulled out all the stops for a whimsical, magical forest-themed event that was totally over the top and just screamed Lorelai. Getting to see the girls appreciating the elaborate decorations before the guests arrive and then bearing witness to the small ceremony felt like a perfect way to end the series. Serious fans will recognize the song playing in the background as the same one that Luke and Lorelai danced to at Liz and T.J.’s wedding in the original series.

Do you agree with our list? What was your favorite part of Gilmore Girls: A Year in the Life? For more heartwarming top tens published every day, be sure to subscribe to MsMojo.

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