Top 10 Hidden Movie Gems on Netflix You Need to Watch

Written by Zach Collier

The best movies hidden deep among the massive catalogue of films are all here, so you don't have to search through the king of online streaming to find them. WatchMojo presents the Best Movies on Netflix that you Probably Haven't Seen. But what will take the top spot? It's Such A Beautiful Day, Short Term 12 starring Oscar Winner Brie Larson, or Victoria? Watch to find out!

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Top 10 Hidden Movie Gems On Netflix You Need To Watch

With so many options on Netflix, it’s hard enough to choose a movie to watch, let alone find one that’s actually good. Welcome to, and today we’re counting down our picks for the Top 10 Hidden Movie Gems On Netflix You Need To Watch.

For this list, we’re taking a look at films that received either a limited theatrical release or no theatrical release at all. Each film is critically acclaimed, and each is on Netflix US as of this video’s release.

#10: “Frank” (2014)

Domhnall Gleeson is Jon: a struggling songwriter who ends up playing keys for a band fronted by the mysterious Frank. Frank, played by Michael Fassbender, is a tortured artist who refuses to remove his papier-mâché head. Also starring Maggie Gyllenhaal as Frank’s devoted sidekick, this comedy/drama chronicles the band’s journey as they try to find success. This movie is impressive not only because of its star studded cast, but also because all of the music performed by the band is played live by the actors on screen. The story will hit home for creatives who know what it’s like to struggle while following their passion.

#9: “Europa Report” (2013)

This next entry is out of this world. It’s touted as one of the most realistic movie portrayals of space exploration. A found footage film in the science fiction genre, it tells the story of six astronauts on a privately funded expedition to Europa, one of the 67 moons of Jupiter, to find signs of life. When things go wrong, the crew has to work together to stay alive. The movie was directed by Sebastián Cordero, whose crew used real International Space Station footage of spacewalks as inspiration and patterned their vision of Europa after data and maps from NASA and JPL.

#8: “Hush” (2016)

Silence is golden in this American horror thriller. It was written by husband and wife duo Mike Flanagan and Kate Siegel. Siegel also stars in the film, playing Maddie Young, an author who became deaf and mute after contracting a disease in her teenage years. Living alone in a house in the woods, a masked killer discovers her disability and begins to stalk and intimidate her. For a film about a deaf girl with almost no dialogue and minimal sound, the crew went to great lengths to achieve an immersive sound design, using audio from ultrasound machines and even making Siegel overdub her breaths in post production. The result is a tense, gripping thriller that’s unlike anything you’ve seen, or heard, before.

#7: “Troll Hunter” (2010)

This found footage mockumentary follows a group of Norwegian college students as they set out to shoot a film about a bear poacher. After following the poacher into the woods, they soon discover he doesn’t hunt bears - he hunts trolls. A dark fantasy movie, it brings old Norwegian folk and fairy tales into the 21st century. The film was shrouded in secrecy during production it generating quite a bit of buzz. Summit Entertainment even bought the rights to produce an American remake before its release. While that remake has since been cancelled, the original’s popularity is continuing to grow on Netflix.

#6: “The Hunt” (2012)

Many will recognize Mads Mikkelsen from his roles in Casino Royale, Hannibal, and Doctor Strange. The popular actor stepped out of the Hollywood spotlight and returned to his homeland Denmark to shoot this film about a man who is wrongfully accused of sexually assaulting a kindergartener. As tensions mount in his community, he must fight to prove his innocence in the face of disintegrating relationships and becoming a social outcast. The movie is a striking commentary about societal bias, public outrage, and how wrongful accusations can destroy lives. Despite not receiving a wide release in the United States, it was still nominated for both a Golden Globe and an Academy Award.

#5: “Bernie” (2011)

This quirky black comedy stars Jack Black, Shirley MacLaine, and Matthew McConaughey. Black portrays Bernie Tiede, a local assistant mortician and respected community member in the small town of Carthage, Texas. After he befriends the cold and unpleasant widow Marjorie Nugent, the two begin a strained relationship but become an inseparable pair. As the relationship grows abusive, that is until Tiede snaps, murders her, and begins living off her wealth. Based off a bizarre true story, the film interviews many of the actual townsfolk who defended Tiede’s actions. The story is definitely unconventional, and when told in an equally unconventional way, the laughs abound as the drama unfolds.

#4: “Sing Street” (2016)

The second comedy drama about musicians to make our list, Sing Street, directed by John Carney, is about Conor, a boy with a troubled home life who moves to a new school and becomes the target of the school bully. Soon he develops feelings for an aspiring model named Raphina. To impress her, he teams up with classmates Darren and Eamon and starts a band. A coming of age drama about young love and finding yourself, it features music from bands like The Cure, Duran Duran, A-Ha, and The Clash.

#3: “It’s Such A Beautiful Day” (2012)

From acclaimed animator Don Hertzfeldt, this experimental black comedy was originally released online as a three part series between 2006 and 2011. As a feature length film, it entered a limited theatrical run and before being released on DVD and digital distribution outlets. It follows Bill, a mundane stick figure man as he goes about his day to day life, thinking often hilarious, sometimes philosophical things about his surroundings. It is soon revealed that Bill has a terminal illness, and the rest of the film details his battle with the illness as he slowly loses his memories and descends into madness. The film is equal parts horrific, depressing, hilarious, and thought provoking.

#2: “Short Term 12” (2013)

Director Destin Daniel Cretton based the script on his time spent working in a group facility for teenagers. Brie Larson plays Grace, a supervisor at a school for troubled youth. She is distressed when she discovers that she’s pregnant, since she has difficulty opening up about her feelings to her boyfriend and co-worker, Mason. Meanwhile, at the school, they try hard to help Marcus, a resident who is about to turn 18 and is afraid to leave the school; and Jayden, a new girl with a violent streak. Heartwarming and real, this film is full of complex characters that connect with audiences.

Before we unveil our top pick, here are a few honorable mentions:

“Chef” (2014)
“Upstream Color” (2013)
“Sour Grapes” (2016)

#1: “Victoria” (2015)

While “Birdman” may have made waves in 2014 for its composition, this is the new king of long take films. The whole thing was shot in Berlin in one take over the span of two-and-a-half hours. It keeps a grueling pace as it tells the story of a runaway girl named Victoria who falls in with the wrong crowd during a night on the town and ends up robbing a bank. Part heist film, part thriller, and part action movie, Victoria delivers on all counts. The way director Sebastian Schipper managed to keep the whole thing believable and immersive under such demanding circumstances is a remarkable achievement.

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