Top 10 Lamest Fight Game Characters of All Time!

Script written by Briana Lawrence In the tournaments to become the best, these guys & gals end up being the worst of the worst. Welcome to and today we’re counting down our picks for the Top 10 Lamest Fight Game Characters. Special thanks to our user “DaveVsTheWorld” for suggesting this topics using our interactive suggestion tool @ http://WatchMojo.comsuggest

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Top 10 Worst Fighting Game Characters
Save your quarters, kids, don’t pick these guys. Welcome to, and today we’ll be counting down our picks for the Top 10 Worst Fighting Game Characters.
Every fighting game has them: the low tier, terribly designed, clunky, piss poor characters. These are the picks we avoid, whether it’s from garbage controls or just plain ol’ obnoxious personalities. That’s not to say you can’t learn how to play with them, but... do you really want to?

#10: Patroklos

“Soul Calubur V” (2012)
“Soul Calibur V” showed a lot of promise for the series. A new entry that introduced us to a new generation of fighters who served as successors to the original roster ? Unfortunately, one of those characters was this self-absorbed brat who straight up kills innocent people and generally makes a mess of things. What’s worse? He’s the son of Sophitia, a strong, well-developed, likable series staple. He’s essentially a clone of her fighting wise, and not even a good one, with his undeserved arrogance and misplaced sense of justice. We’ll settle for his sister instead, thanks.

#9: Yoko

“Ballz 3D” (1994)
There are times when you come across a quirky fighting game that manages to be a hidden gem amongst the big name titles. This... is not one of those games. To be honest, it’s not fair to pick one character since all of them are astonishingly terrible, but after sitting and mulling it over we have to give it to this... monkey? Really? That’s what we’re working with? We can’t believe we’re saying this, but at least the other characters look like some kind of person or creature. This just looks like several brown balls of playdough that have been clumped together to make... well... this!

#8: Bean The Dynamite

“Sonic The Fighters” (1996)
Filed under, “Who in the HELL thought this was a good idea?” Granted, some non-fighting game franchises make for good beat-em ups, but... Sonic the Hedgehog ?! Much like “Ballz 3D”, it’s difficult to pick ONE bad character. The entire game is a disaster and is one of those things that Sega wishes we’d forget ever existed. Still... Bean the Dynamite? A green duck who throws explosives and... pecks at his opponents? Are we sure this isn’t someone’s Sonic OC that they tossed in the trash in hopes of no one ever seeing it? No? He’s in the comics? Really?!

#7: Pichu

“Super Smash Brothers: Melee” (2001)
Just because it’s cute doesn’t mean it’s useful, especially in a game like Smash Brothers. Perhaps if the order were reversed and we got Pichu first, THEN moved on to Pikachu, but as it stands, Pichu is pretty lackluster when its superior version is available. Now there are some benefits to this tiny electric mouse. It is faster than Pikachu and can bounce off walls, but its attack range is dismal, and worst of all, it HURTS ITSELF when using any sort of electricity. The only good thing we can say about him is that he didn’t come back in future games.

#6: Hercule/Mr. Satan

“Dragon Ball Z: Budokai” series (2002-12)
Hercule sucks. And for you DBZ purists out there: Mr. Satan sucks. However, unlike some of the other characters on this list, we understand Mr. Hercule Satan being included in the game: he has to be in order to go along with the plot. That doesn’t mean he’s worth picking, not if you’re trying to take this game seriously. But if you’re looking for a good laugh in a battle, this is definitely the guy for it. It’s almost quaint watching him try to stand a chance against an entire roster of characters who range from being battle gods ….or Yamcha.

#5: Dan Hibiki

“Street Fighter” series (1987-)
This is the ULTIMATE in joke video game characters. What started as a jab against “Art of Fighting” has become a pink typhoon of feeble overconfidence. Just like Mr. Hercule Satan, Dan has become a humorous staple in his series. We all know Dan sucks, but we love him for it. The only reason we’d ever pick him is if the game had some kind of bonus for beating it with everyone... then we’d crank the difficulty to insultingly easy, because that’s the only way Dan will win at anything.

#4: Hsu Hao

“Mortal Kombat” series (1992-)
Mortal Kombat has had a long history of colorful characters... and some who should’ve stayed tucked away in Ed Boon’s closet. While characters like Mokap were intentionally silly, Hsu Hao was supposed to be taken seriously. Kudos to you if you got past his tacky design... but we suppose that left you with a truly unremarkable kombatant with a capital K. The creators hated him so much that he dies in Deadly Alliance AND Armageddon since they had to bring him back to complete the roster. Man, it’s hard out there for a cybernetically enhanced Mongolian.

#3: Shaq

“Shaq Fu” (1994)
There’s only one way to respond to this game. You see, Mojoholics, there was this magical time called the 90s, and in the 90s, Shaquille O'Neal was trying to become a thing. Insert some crappy movies and this fighting game where a basketball player walks into a dojo and ends up in another dimension . Sadly, this is not the punchline to a joke, and Shaq looks completely out of place with those baggy shorts and tennis shoes and plays about as well as he shoots free throws. Eh, at least he doesn’t rap, and hopefully it stays that way in the sequel -- and yes, you heard that right.

#2: ECO 35-2

“Rise Of The Robots” (1994)
For the most part, dreadful characters in fighting games are optional . We said for the most part for a reason. As far as unremarkable protagonists go, ECO35-2 is high on the list ... and you HAVE to play with him in Story Mode. The worst part? He’s the only playable option. Period. We guess the developers thought that switching characters was overrated, after all, why suffer through several, poorly designed, hard to control robots when you could be limited to one? Or maybe that’s what Versus Mode is for... except someone, by default, HAD to be ECO35-2.

Before we purposely let the Continue Screen reach zero, let’s let the cursor linger on these honorable mentions:

“Marvel VS Capcom” series (1996-)

Dr. Bosconovitch
“Tekken” series (1994-)
Shadow Labrys

#1: Fred Durst

“Fight Club” (2004)
We’re about to break the first rule of Fight Club, because we HAVE to talk about it. There are a lot of questions we were left with, but the one that lingers is this: Why. Fred. Durst?! Is he another layer to the narrator’s personality? Is he Tyler Durden without the Brad Pitt charm? WHY IS FRED DURST AN UNLOCKABLE CHARACTER?! Is it because of the Fight Club shout out in Limp Bizkit’s, “Livin’ It Up”? The only thing worse than a fighting game not having unlockables is a fighting game with bad, illogical unlockables who control like a dry bar of soap.
Do you agree with our list? Which fighting game characters do you fight against in training mode so you can beat the crap out of them? For more top tens published everyday, be sure to subscribe to

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