Top 10 Things You Didn’t Know You Could do in Mario Maker

Script written by Andrew Labelle What are some of the most creative, inventive, fun and insane things you can do in Mario Maker? The possibilities are endless, so it was hard to pick only ten, but today is bringing you our picks for the Top 10 Things You Didn’t Know You Could do in Mario Maker! Special thanks to our user “Dan Paradis" for suggesting this topic using our interactive suggestion tool at http://WatchMojo.comsuggest

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Top 10 Things You Didn’t Know You Could do in Mario Maker

Super Mario Maker may seem like a simple concept, but leave it up to creative Nintendo fans to really think outside the question mark box. Welcome to and today we’ll be counting down our picks for the top 10 Things You Didn’t Know You Could do in Mario Maker.

For this list, we’re looking at the absurd, crazy and lesser known features and tricks that players have used to create unique and amazing creations.

#10: Unlimited Uniquely Themed Levels

It would be easy to assume that Super Mario Maker is little more than a great tool for churning out Mario levels that look like they were ripped right out of games themselves. While Mario Maker is amazing at that, the amount of tools, and limitless room for creativity the game offers has let players create levels that are simple yet mind bending. It sounds cliché, but imagination is the only limit here, as levels like “The Goomba: A Sad Tale of Madness” or “The Bombing of Mushroom Town” bring a sense of morbid fun into a game based on gaming’s more colorful mascot.

#9: Semi-Solid Decorations

It’s easy to make a level that plays unique, but when you have a very specific theme in mind, sometimes a little extra visual flare can help get the vision across. A semi-solid platform are objects that Mario can jump through from the bottom and run along the top. Because they exist in the middle ground they overlap with any objects or enemies that are placed in the same space as they are. Using them creatively can completely change how a level looks, and what would be a classic looking Mario level can be transformed into something very different and unique.

#8: Have Thwomps Smash Through Cloud Blocks

Fans of the 2d Mario classics are used to seeing these angry, smashing blocks almost exclusively in dungeon and castle levels. Of course with Mario Maker Thwomps can show up anywhere, but using them to their full extent or doing something unique and interesting with them can be quite a challenge. Bet ya didn’t know that the smiling cloud blocks that are usually indestructible are no match for the power of the Thwomp. This combination creates not only added challenge for the player, as it causes Mario to loose precious ground, but also puts a unique visual spin on player creations.

#7: Make Bill Blasters Bounce on Springboards

Bullet Bills are a notorious enemy. Relentless and difficult to predict, a few of them on a screen can be a nightmare for all but the most seasoned Mario veterans. Mario Marker’s devilish ability to stack these canons on other objects and enemies can make for some extremely difficult obstacles. Stack them on top of a Springboard, an often frustrating and unpredictable object in its own right, and you have a combination that can challenge even the best players. Seriously, this can get so out of hand that we urge all players to use with discretion.

#6: Boos Buff Clown Cars

Earlier when we said simple concepts can lead to endless possibilities, stuff like this is what we we’re talking about. Putting a Boo on one of Bowser’s flying Koopa Clown Cars means the car will still behave like a normal Boo, meaning it will freeze in place when Mario looks in it’s direction but come alive when Mario looks away. This combination not only makes a more dangerous version of both enemies, but, when used creatively can allow Mario to remotely control the clown car itself. This can make for some pretty creative and difficult puzzles as players will have to indirectly think about the movement of something other than Mario.

#5: Blue Skull Platforms as Waves

Phil from the USA showed the world this super creative and stunning trick in his level “Ride On”. Using a series of perfectly timed blue skull platforms, we get the awesome effect of Mario running through the level on a mesmerizing wave. This brilliant trick makes the level feel a little like a side-scrolling space shooter as the player is forced to keep moving right at high speeds while dodging obstacles. The fact the platforms are constantly shifting around is as much an added hazard as it is a treat to the eyes.

#4: Mech Suits!

The game tells you right from the get go that you can stack enemies and objects on top of each other, and we’ve seen some really creative uses of that feature. Creating a mech suit has to be by far the most elaborate and mind blowing creations we’ve seen so far. The game does put some limits on what can and can’t be stacked, but creative players have learned to work around those limits and create hulking, Frankenstien-esque monstrosities that are as overwhelming as they are difficult.

#3: The CRT TV Effect Overlay

One of Super Mario Maker’s biggest draw plays to the nostalgia of older gamers who played the original games back in the 80s. The only way to truly replicate that feeling would be dig up a working cathode ray tube, or CRT television, make sure it’s dialed into channel 3 and hook up a classic NES. That is of course a lot of work and pretty much impossible for most people but don’t worry, Mario Maker has thought of everything. When loading any level, press down and A and B all at the same time. When the level loads you’ll be treated to visuals that are somewhat similar to what it may have been like playing the game on 80s technology.

#2: Use The Stiletto Variant of the Goomba Shoe to Smash Blocks

Fans of Super Mario Bros. 3 will of course remember the infamous Goomba Shoe, the wind up green boot that Mario could drive around that came and went in a single level and was barely heard from again. Bringing it back in Mario Maker finally gave players a chance to not only try it out in whole new levels, making for some wacky fun on it’s own. Even more fun, turning the stiletto variant into a giant shoe allows Mario to wreak complete havoc, destroy otherwise invincible blocks even kill enemies like cannons and Thwamps. Sweet sweet revenge.

#1: Create Your Own Boss Battles

Boss battles are a staple of most video games, and creative players who take pride in their Mario Maker creations have come up with ways to insert boss battles throughout their levels. Of course Mario’s nemesis Bower is peaceable anywhere, but throughout the years we’ve all gotten really good at bypassing him. Thus players started to use their ingenuity and creativity to create faux boss battles that can make for some memorable and unforgettable surprises. This was such a popular and fun thing to do that Nintendo even added a key into the game that allowed players to make their boss battles more official by giving level designers the ability to halt Mario’s progress until the boss is defeated.

Do you agree with our list? What amazing things have you created in Super Mario Maker. For more well constructed top 10s published every day, be sure to subscribe to WatchMojo.

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