Top 10 Worst Things to Do on a First Date

Script written by Nick Spake Top 10 Worst Things to Do on a First Date Subscribe: Think of a first date like an interview. You want to impress your date so that you land a second one! There are certain things you should never do on a first date. For instance, like a job interview you should never be tardy as it makes you look like you've got better things to do. Don't talk about sex on a first date because you never know where the other person stands. Never get drunk or else you might start blabbering about your ex which is a big no no. Another obvious no no is being on your phone the whole time because that would be super rude! Special thanks to our users MikeMJPMUNCH, Adonis_ZYZZ and Shannon Dowling for submitting the idea on our Interactive Suggestion Tool at MsMojo's Social Media: Facebook: Twitter: Instagram: Snapchat:

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Top 10 Worst Things to Do on a First Date

The love doctor will see you now. Welcome to MsMojo and today we'll be counting down our picks for the Top 10 Worst Things to Do on a First Date.

For this list, we're taking a look the nasty habits you should avoid during a romantic night on the town, assuming you want to get a second date that is.

#10: Do Not Be Late

A first date is kind of like a job interview. You want to establish upfront that you're a reliable applicant who can meet a deadline. By showing up late, your date will instantly get the impression that you're not dependable. If you're only a few minutes behind schedule, you can still turn things around and have an enchanted evening. If you're over an hour late, though, you'd better have a damn good excuse. It's beyond humiliating when somebody winds up sitting at a restaurant alone, periodically checking his or her watch, filling up on bread, and drinking an entire bottle of wine in self-pity. To avoid such a catastrophe, leave your house early and be sure to take traffic and parking into consideration.

#9: Do Not Be Rude to Waiter/Waitress

Granted, if your waiter or waitress is unapologetically incompetent, nobody will blame you for filing a civilized complaint with the manager. However, being rude to the wait staff for no apparent reason is a red flag for your date. Everyone wants a significant other who's patient and considerate. If you're an impolite customer that's constantly barking orders and criticizing the service, chances are you're not going to be the best spouse either. Even if your server is a little slow or makes a mistake, you shouldn't have a complete meltdown. Treat others as you would want them to treat you.

#8: Do Not Complain About the Bill

Leaving your server a piss-poor tip is one thing. Throwing a hissy fit over the check is quite another. If you refuse to pay the bill, it probably means you're a penny-pinching cheapskate or you're just not very good with money. Either way, you're not going to come off as very generous. It'll be especially embarrassing if the restaurant rejects your credit card and your date needs to pay for the whole meal. Oh, and don't even think about sneaking out the bathroom window to avoid payment. Pick a restaurant in your price range and have plenty of extra cash on hand in case your date wants appetizers or dessert.

#7: Do Not Spend the Whole Date on Your Phone

While courting a potential mate, you need to give him or her your undivided attention. So turning off your phone or at least putting it on vibrate is fundamental. Texting your friends and checking Facebook indicates that you have no interest in the person across the table from you. Unless somebody might be dying on the other line, accepting a phone call in the middle of a date is particularly insulting. It just shows that there's no room in your life for a romantic partner. Ah well, at least you can go home with Siri.

#6: Do Not Neglect Your Appearance

You can't always judge a book by its cover, but a person's appearance can still say a lot about his or her personality. For example, if you show up to a date wearing the cleanest clothes from the foot of your bed, reeking of cigarettes and the gym, then it's obvious that you don't have much self-respect or respect for others. When somebody puts no effort into his or her appearance, it often means that he or she is not going to put any effort into a relationship. Even after you shower, deodorize, and put on your Sunday best, don't let your guard down during the date. Chewing with your mouth open can be the ultimate deal breaker.

#5: Do Not Talk About Sex

It's always uncomfortable when two people have different expectations for sex, especially on the first date. One person may assume that getting laid is a forgone conclusion. Meanwhile, the other may need more time before he or she is ready to make an intimate connection. In case you're not on the same page, don't be too direct about the elephant in the room. Remember, once it's out in the open, there's no going back. Just try to have a good time and let whatever happens, happen. Who knows? If you let nature take its course, the night might end with breakfast.

#4: Do Not Flirt with Other People

The first date is all about laying the groundwork, assuming you want a long-term relationship. However, it's impossible to build a strong foundation if you have eyes for someone else. If you drool at the sight of another person's date or linger too long at the waiter serving the table next to you, you might as well tell your date that you're settling for them. Flirting on a date usually means that a person simply isn't mature enough to make a serious commitment. It's tasteless, it's inconsiderate, and it's bound to end in drama. In short, don't be a tease.

#3: Do Not Get Drunk

On the night of your big date, it's perfectly normal to have a few butterflies in your stomach. However, getting drunk to take the edge off isn't an ideal solution, however. While there's nothing wrong with ordering a couple drinks, it's best to cut yourself off before you start to black out. The last thing you want is to drown your date in a face full of vomit. On a side note, you shouldn't feel compelled to exceed your drinking limit just because your date is hammered. Both of you could wake up the next morning with a hangover and enough regret to last a lifetime.

#2: Do Not Talk About Exes

A first date means a clean slate and a brand new chance to find love. Alas, it's hard to start fresh when you're stuck in the past. Prattling on about your previous failed relationships is a surefire way to turn your current date off. It's a clear sign that you're either not over your ex or you're simply incapable of letting things go. If your date wanted to hear someone endlessly babble about heartache and how awful his or her previous partners were he or she would've stayed with his or her ex. Unless defeating your seven evil exes is part of the package, just focus on the date at hand.

Before we get to our top pick, here are a few honorable mentions:

Do Not Be Pessimistic About Your Life

Do Not Say You've Been Stalking Them on Social Media

Do Not Cancel at the Last Minute

#1: Do Not Talk About Marriage or Babies

A lot of people are eager to get married and have kids, but that's not what the first date is all about. Aside from having fun, the first date is about getting to know the other person. You need to learn about his or her interests and what he or she wants out of life. If two people really hit it off, they just might start a family someday. If you immediately bring up marriage and babies, though, you'll skip over the essential early steps in building a relationship. It's too much too fast, which will likely send your date running for the hills.

Do you agree with our list? What do you think is the worst thing to do on a first date? For more entertaining Top 10s published everyday, be sure to subscribe to MsMojo.

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