Another Top 10 Minecraft YouTube Channels

Script written by Kurt Hvorup. Here we’re referencing the original “Top 10 Minecraft Channels”, as well as relying upon channel statistics, votes from our users, and personal preference. We’re limiting the list to channels that frequently publish videos and that have over 1 million subscribers, meaning that YouTubers who rarely publish videos will be excluded from this countdown. Special thanks to our user Kaleb Koho, Jason Made, R.TNT, FastTquick and more for submitting the idea using our interactive suggestion tool at WatchMojo.comsuggest

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Script written by Kurt Hvorup

Hello and welcome to TopX, where we count down the very best of YouTube. Today we’ll be returning to the realm of survival and block-based crafting with another lineup of YouTube Minecraft Channels.

Here we’re referencing the original “Top 10 Minecraft Channels”, as well as relying upon channel statistics, votes from our users, and personal preference. We’re limiting the list to channels that frequently publish videos and that have over 1 million subscribers, meaning that YouTubers who rarely publish videos will be excluded from this countdown.

#10: Pink Sheep

If you’re thinking that this channel is going to be home to odd content based on the name, you’re on the right track. Pink Sheep’s channel was established in March 2016, with his cool shades, robotic voice and bizarre fixation on the Illuminati immediately standing out. Over time, he’s put a greater emphasis on showing off fan-created projects and poking fun at certain popular trends like reaction videos. What’s most interesting about Pink Sheep, though, is how he balances those interesting series ideas with a very strange preoccupation with memes and a tendency to ramble on nonsensically.

#9: Achievement Hunter

Starting in 2012, Achievement Hunter’s Let’s Play Minecraft series has become a centerpiece for the channel. Usually, videos have Geoff Ramsey – the channel’s co-founder and manager – introducing his team to a new challenge or structure constructed in their ever-growing Achievement City world, with a certain goal being set by him. This approach allows the distinct personalities and fun banter of the team to shine, though that doesn’t take away from the sheer craftsmanship on display. Seriously, even just the scope of what Achievement Hunter has built for themselves is admirable.

#8: ExplodingTNT

I don’t think I’ve ever come across a YouTuber quite so good with hypotheticals. ExplodingTNT’s trade is in what-if scenarios based around Minecraft that explore what would happen if the game’s world were changed in even the slightest of ways. From lava-filled cows exploding to Minecraft’s entire economy being ruined, the resulting skits are almost always fun… and maybe contain a hint of truth. Astoundingly, ExplodingTNT manages to make entertaining content without relying on voiceovers; all his what-if videos utilize on-screen text and lively music, but never any actual narration. Now that’s pretty damn unique.

#7: Stacy Plays

Animal lovers, your prayers have been heard and answered. While not the main hook of Stacy Hinojosa’s channel, immortalizing and training virtual versions of her real-life pets via the Dogcraft mod is certainly a major aspect of it. That being said, Stacy also takes the time to explore other aspects of Minecraft, from custom challenges in her Mineclash series to exploring the wonders of the Candy Isle. Regardless of the subject, she remains a charming and delightfully light-hearted person that can bring a smile to even the most stone-faced of viewers.

#6: Vikkstar123HD

It’s hard to find someone else whose range is more diverse than Vikkstar123. After all, not many other channels can boast parkour videos, song parodies, Let’s Plays and other series based on Minecraft. What ties it all together is Vikkstar himself – his energy and his enthusiasm for Minecraft is potent, something you can spot the instant he starts to speak. Whether he’s exploring a Pokemon Go-themed mod or fleeing from a Ghast, there’s never a dull moment with this YouTuber and never a doubt that Vikkstar loves what he does.

#5: IHasCupquake

While she may not delve into Minecraft quite as much as her peers, Cupquake – also known as Tiffany Herrara – is supremely focused when Minecraft does come up. In fact, probably the best part about her videos is that she often just…you know, plays the game like everyone else. Cupquake has a very calm way of speaking during videos, which lends them a certainly comforting quality that’s appreciably different from the norm. The fact that she easily connects with other YouTubers during collaborations and is incredibly pleasant in general is a nice bonus. Honestly, we’d have placed her much higher, if she wasn’t always cheating on Minecraft with other games …but we can’t really stay mad.

#4: Lachlan - Minecraft

A fan of Pokemon and the Pixelmon mod for Minecraft, Lachlan often dedicates his videos to explore the latest in Pokemon-themed mods and content for Minecraft. His attention to detail and willingness to provide comparisons to the source material gives Lachlan’s channel an informative tinge to it, while still clearly being designed to entertain. Lachlan even started the Pokeballers Pixelmon Server, which has expanded to include multiple regions. We have to tip our hat to this channel, and its creator, for the clear devotion on display.

#3: Aphmau

We didn’t think to associate Minecraft with narrative until this channel came into view. Aphmau tackles the subject of roleplaying on mod-heavy servers, voicing and playing as a number of different characters alongside her posse. What’s stunning – aside from Aphmau’s lovable personality – is that her videos quite often toy with very film-like elements, like changing perspectives and dramatic narration. Evidently Aphmau and company put a great deal of effort into the editing and presentation of their content, and it results in some quite compelling storylines.

#2: iBallisticSquid

Collaboration and challenges are the name of the game here. Though not focusing on a particular niche or type of mode, iBallisticSquid’s videos typically involve working with other YouTube stars to explore or build. In fact, the main draw here is seeing Squid’s fun-loving personality bounce off of co-hosts, making for some entertaining banter. No matter the focus of the video, Squid and company get along well, constantly making jokes and keeping up an affable mood. It’s good fun for all involved.

Before we unveil our top pick, here are a few honorable mentions:

Mumbo Jumbo

Joey Graceffa

Ant Venom

#1: LDshadowlady

And now for the best of the best, the one channel that stands out most in our eyes. LDshadowlady’s channel is primarily focused on showing off and trying out a plethora of custom maps and modes – some more conventional than others. Her videos are tightly paced and clearly well edited, with a lot of subtle jump cuts to keep things moving. For her part, LDshadowlady is a delightful channel host whose mastery of self-deprecating humor knows no bounds. Nothing about this channel makes it difficult for us to recommend.

That's our list, but we're sure there are other great Minecraft channels on YouTube – so tell us about them in the comments below. Be sure to check us out on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook, and for more top 10s published every day, be sure to subscribe to

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