Top 10 Popular Democrat Stereotypes

Script written by Q.V. Hough. The biggest myths about Democrats in the United States are pretty easy to name: they want to take away your guns, they’re in bed with the unions, they’re lazy and entitled, and they’re godless communists. What IS the difference between Democrats and Republicans? WatchMojo counts down ten of the most common stereotypes about members of the Democratic Party (remember: it’s all in good fun!) Special thanks to our user Tyson Turner for suggesting this idea! Check out the voting page at http://WatchMojo.comsuggest/Top%2010%20Democrat%20Stereotypes

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Script written by Q.V. Hough.

Top 10 Popular Democrat Stereotypes

We may be living in a more liberal and accepting world, but the ideals Democrats strive for sometimes work against them. Welcome to, and today we’re counting down our picks for the Top 10 Democrat Stereotypes.

For this list, we’re exploring the typical stereotypes associated with the Democratic Party in the United States. These are over-simplified categorizations and more “one-sided” accusations, and by no means do all of the labels apply to every person that identifies as a Democrat. We’re steering clear of criticism that is leveled at both major parties, whether it has to do with their education (or lack thereof), financial responsibility (or lack thereof) or the amount of respect they have for the country’s history. And don’t worry: for the sake of balance, we’ve got another list for the Republicans.

#10: They Love Illegal Aliens

To many, it appears that liberal Democrats unequivocally open their arms to each and every illegal alien who crosses the border. Of course, these perceived illegals are sometimes actual Americans, but that’s another story. Anyway, the belief in multiculturalism usually associated with Democrats frequently makes them more open to listening to the plight of this population. But then they often find themselves in the crosshairs of more skeptical individuals, who interpret this willingness as a so-called “love” for illegal aliens. It’s true that some Democrats easily lose their objectivity in these cases. Of course, they also run the risk of exhibiting a superficial interest in an alien’s story, which leaves them vulnerable to charges of clueless and idealistic behavior.

#9: They Are Union Thugs

The Democratic Party has a long history with organized labor – and with good reason; the ideals of equality and social reform that the Party espouses often are mirrored by the goals of the labor movement. To many, however, the relationship between Democrats and unions is an unhealthy one, as the Dems are supposedly essentially in the pocket of the Unions. Indeed, Democrats are frequently perceived as little more than union thugs, working together with the labor world to create a liberal Mafia that bullies anyone who dares to disagree with or question them. The labor link also builds on the stereotype of Democrats as social whiners looking for a free ride who band together to manipulate the system.

#8: They Are Soft on Terrorism

In times of war and terrorism, Democrats are often viewed as passive hippies instead of gung-ho nationalists ready to protect the homeland. In essence, liberals are perceived as soft idealists that would rather talk about problems than battle it out. Then again, Democratic thinking is less about fear mongering and more about social discourse. However, at the core of terrorism lies deception and social manipulation – and therein lies the problem. If Democrats don’t wave their fingers or scream loud enough, they are typically labeled as soft. They’re associated with a glass half full approach as opposed to fearing the unknown, which many find an ineffective tactic.

#7: They Are Anti-Wealth / Anti-Corporation

Many Americans viewed Bernie Sanders’ outspoken criticism of wealthy and corporate-friendly politicians during the 2016 Presidential election as being par for the course for Democrats. The perceived wisdom is that all Democrats have it in for wealthy individuals and especially for big business. Of course, liberals are allowed to disagree with each other, believe it or not. Some are massively wealthy individuals themselves and run corporations of considerable influence. But there are plenty of indelible images of Democrats protesting against business and for the rights of the common man and woman. This perpetuates the stereotype that all Democrats are just a bunch of hippies preaching free love and free everything.

#6: They Control the Media

Some Democrats have touted Jon Stewart as a potential presidential nominee based on his deep knowledge of and influence over the media. And given that liberals mostly respected him as host of “The Daily Show,” well, he could theoretically have a future in politics. Yet, so-called “woke” Democrats – those lefties who know what’s happening in the world – sometimes fail to look beyond the liberal media and MSNBC, which means they may lack a proper understanding of the larger narrative at work. But as the stereotype goes, the Dems control the media, and they all band together to shame the woefully misinformed cavemen and women that have the audacity to disagree with them. It’s “gotcha” journalism at work, folks!

#5: They Feel Entitled

Back in the old days, folks walked uphill miles in the snow both ways to get to school and willingly went to war to repay their country. But nowadays, them lazy liberals smoke their marijuana, play video games and expect everything to go their way. In essence, Democrats feel entitled, or so it’s been said. Liberals are often associated with a slacker mentality, which means they’ll want something but aren’t willing to work for it. Of course, there are those left-wingers that work a corporate job or dedicate themselves to an independent business venture and for them, well, entitlement isn’t necessarily a part of their vocabulary. Even so, if you’re someone that screams about the lack of Internet access on a plane, you’re validating the stereotype for many.

#4: They Are Hippies and Environmentalists

Progressive Democrats are usually seen as aloof yet socially aware. That’s not true for all age groups, but younger liberals have undoubtedly bolstered the myths. There’s a faux-hippie mentality that many automatically assign to liberals, with the assumption that they have a deep concern for the planet, but a loose concern for their neighbors. Every so often, you just may come across an environmentalist who preaches genuine peace and love. Yet, Dems have been known to put image maintenance over long-term social relationships. For better or worse, a popular stereotype is that liberal Democrats find identity through a nouveau hipster persona and worldly concerns.

#3: They Are Politically Correct

For 21st century Democrats, the idea of political correctness has evolved. Someone like Bill Maher has long touched on this idea, and the stereotype is that modern liberals have a heightened sense of what’s considered socially acceptable behavior. Or at least they do when it serves their purpose, as the stereotype goes. On the one hand, PC behavior has led to more opportunities for some American minorities. But on the other, it’s also empowered some groups to be extra strict with regards to other people’s behavior – most notably if they don’t adhere to the supposed accepted norms. And so, according to this stereotype, liberals are supposedly easily offended by certain words, phrases or gestures, without taking the time to understand the context.

#2: They Hate Guns

Today, one can probably expect to find a gun-related incident in the news any given week. And the typical cliché is that Democrats will immediately take to social media to express their outrage and support anti-gun legislation. Most often, the emotional behavior over guns is justified, but even so, there are times when liberals act without the benefit of context and facts. And as we know, information is power. Unfortunately, liberals have too often been known to point fingers at those law-abiding American citizens who choose to protect themselves by way of the 2nd Amendment, which is, technically, their legal right.

There are no honorable mentions for this list, so let’s move onto our #1 entry.

#1: They Are Godless Communists

The modern Democrat not only pays attention to science, but also finds a way to diminish all religion and traditional values in the process. Well, at least he or she does, according to the stereotype. And since Bible-thumpers believe stories that can’t exactly be unequivocally verified, well, that presents a problem for liberals. In turn, Democrats are often labeled as godless fanatics for whom global warming is a man-made issue. They’ve also been called Communists because they believe in getting rid of social classes by reducing the wealth of the rich and redistributing it among the less fortunate, and – in some cases – replacing capitalism with state-owned means of production. To be fair, there are certainly Democrats that fit all the stereotypes, and they do so without shame, but these labels don’t always reflect the evolving perspectives of liberals.

Do you agree with our list? What do you think is the most common stereotype of democrats? For more liberal and not-so-liberal Top 10s published daily, be sure to subscribe to

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