Top 10 Red Power Rangers

Written by Joey Turner

The most iconic color for one of the most iconic superhero teams. Welcome to, and today we’re counting down our picks for the Top 10 Red Power Rangers.

For this list, we’re paying tribute to the most memorable heroes in red – best known for their bravery, leadership, and dedication to saving the world from evil. For the record, we’ll only be covering the PRIMARY red rangers, so different shades are ruled out.

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It’s the most iconic color for one of the most iconic superhero teams. Welcome to, and today we’re counting down our picks for the Top 10 Red Power Rangers.

For this list, we’re paying tribute to the most memorable heroes in red – best known for their bravery, leadership, and dedication to saving the world from evil. For the record, we’ll only be covering the PRIMARY red rangers, so different shades are ruled out.

#10: Leo Corbett
“Power Rangers Lost Galaxy” (1999)

Originally a stowaway on the space colony Terra Venture, Leo Corbett is given the Red Quasar Saber by his brother - who really pulled the Saber but then fell to his supposed death. Thus, Leo is granted the powers of the Red Galaxy Ranger. Leo can be stubborn and quick-tempered, which fits with his flaming element. Despite this, he has a brave heart and with his ranger team by his side, he can reach his full potential. Leo does have doubts about whether or not he’s worthy of the powers, but he proves his value dozens of times – we’d say being able to destroy Trakeena single-handedly and save an entire space colony definitely earns him a spot on this list.

#9: Cole Evans
“Power Rangers Wild Force” (2002)

Raised in the wild, Cole Evans is chosen by the Red Lion Wildzord to become the leader of the Wild Force Rangers. Though he has trouble adjusting to this new world and his new teammates, he’s determined to protect the earth from the Orgs. He tries to look for the best in everyone, but he won’t bow down to evil easily. Cole tirelessly searches for his missing parents, but what he finds is… rather grim. However, this new development only fuels Cole’s heroic passion even more. Plus, who else can brag about working with NINE more red rangers? Though Cole’s mission is done, the actor who portrays him makes a villainous comeback in “Samurai” as Deker. Unfortunately, Ricardo Medina Jr. will likely not be making any more comebacks, as he was charged with murdering his roommate in 2015 by stabbing him with a sword.

#8: Wesley ‘Wes’ Collins
“Power Rangers Time Force” (2001)

When Ransik kills the original Red Time Force Ranger, Jen and her team travel back in time to find someone genetically similar to unlock the Chrono Morpher. What they find is Wes Collins, the son of a wealthy businessman. Though he has a rocky start, especially with Jen, he soon becomes a welcome addition to the team – helping the rangers adjust to the 21st century, and helping Jen come out of her cold shell. Despite his rich heritage, Wes wants to make a future for himself where he can help people regardless of what others say– even his own father. Wes is currently protecting Silver Hills as leader of the Silver Guardians alongside his partner, Eric Myers – The Quantum Ranger.

#7: Jack Landors
“Power Rangers S.P.D.” (2005)

Originally a Robin Hood-like street thief who can phase through solid objects, Jack is chosen to become the S.P.D Red Ranger – much to Blue Ranger Sky’s disappointment. Though he doesn’t take the position seriously at first, he soon fully adjusts to the role as team leader. He and Sky occasionally butt heads – Sky’s desire to be the Red Ranger helping to fuel the fire; but as the series progresses, they learn to respect one another and act like actual teammates. Though the Ranger gear is awesome, Jack pines for a life outside S.P.D. where he can help people on a smaller scale. He quits in the season finale, but his position is filled nicely.

#6: Tyler Navarro
“Power Rangers Dino Charge” (2015) & “Power Rangers Dino Super Charge” (2016)

While searching for his missing father, Tyler stumbles upon the greatest journey of his life – he bonds with the Red Energem and becomes the Red Dino Charge Ranger. Tyler’s an energetic teen who believes that life is one big adventure, and he’s here to have some fun. Despite his childlike personality, Tyler is quick to go into serious mode when facing Sledge or Heckyl’s minions; and if they get in his way, things are about to get wild. Even when the situation looks hopeless, Tyler refuses to give in – he’ll keep searching for his dad until he finds him, and he’ll never stop battling evil monsters until they’re extinct.

#5: Scott Truman
“Power Rangers RPM” (2009)
Actions speak louder than words, and Ranger Red proves it. Scott is the son of a military officer, a pilot in Corinth’s air division, and the leader of the RPM Rangers. He’s stubborn, headstrong, and has trouble trusting new additions to the team – earning him a little rivalry with the new Black Ranger. However, he looks out for his team as they work together to drive back Venjix’s forces. Living in the shadow of his late brother, Scott wants to earn his father’s respect… which is no easy task. Well, he’s certainly earned our respect, making his return to aid the Samurai Rangers all the more welcome.

#4: Carter Grayson
“Power Rangers Lightspeed Rescue” (2000)

When he was a child, Carter was rescued from a burning building, and since then he’s become one of Mariner Bay’s best firefighters. His skills catch the eye of Captain Mitchell, who recruits him to lead as the Red Lightspeed Rangers. Fans have described Carter as a “badass,” that’s an appropriate nickname – he is quick to draw his firearms, he’ll attack evil head on, and he’d rather die than surrender to the demons. At first, Carter can be a little impulsive with his decision-making, but a little guidance from Mitchell helps steer him in the right direction to become a great leader. This should serve as a warning to all demons: don’t mess with Carter Grayson.

#3: Andros
“Power Rangers in Space” (1998)
There IS life on other planets, and its name is Andros – a human teen from the planet KO-35. Though hesitant about working with a squad at first, he teams up with the Turbo Rangers to become the new Space Rangers. Together they hope to find the missing Zordon and protect the earth from the evil Astronema… who turns out to be Andros’ long-lost sister, Karone… awkward. One notable thing about Andros is that he’s the first Red Ranger to utilize the traditional Battlizerarmor. Andros knows the risks that come with being a Power Ranger, and still goes out of his way to save the universe… even if it means making the ultimate sacrifice.

#2: Tommy Oliver
“Power Rangers Zeo” (1996)

Are you THAT surprised? The original Green/White Ranger, and arguably the greatest Ranger of all time, he had to become Red eventually. Using the powers of the Zeo Crystal, Tommy is chosen to become Zeo Ranger 5 – Red. Tommy faces all kinds of obstacles and heartache in his new role; but, like any great leader, he’s able to overcome the adversity and come out on top in the rage against the Machine Empire. Tommy later becomes the Red Turbo Ranger for the first half of the next season, before passing the torch to T.J. and leaving for college. He may claim to be retired, but it’s hard to keep Tommy Oliver down.

Before we unveil our number one Red Ranger, here are a few honorable mentions:

Shane Clarke
“Power Rangers Ninja Storm” (2003)

Lauren Shiba
“Power Rangers Super Samurai” (2012)

Casey Rhodes
“Power Rangers Jungle Fury” (2008)

Conner McKnight
“Power Rangers Dino Thunder” (2004)

#1: Jason Lee Scott
“Mighty Morphin Power Rangers” (1993-95)

Taking the number one spot is the OG Red Ranger. With Rita Repulsa’s evil on the rise, Jason was the perfect pick to lead the first team of Rangers. He’s dedicated to the title, never backing down no matter how tough the battle is. He cares deeply for his teammates like an older brother, and makes himself personally responsible for their safety… for better or worse. Plus, he’s the first one to ever best the great Tommy in one-on-one combat. When Jason leaves to attend a Peace Conference in Season 2, he passes the Red Ranger torch to Rocky DeSantos; but he does make a golden homecoming in “Zeo.”

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