Another Top 10 Sexiest Female Video Game Characters

Script written by Alex Crilly-Mckean Who’s the sexiest female video game character? It's an important question, people! We’ve already tried to figure that out, but 10 entries were painfully short, so today is counting down Another Top 10 Sexiest Female Video Game Characters. Special thanks to our user “Afonso Cordoso Brasil” for suggesting this topic using our interactive suggestion tool at http://WatchMojo.comsuggest

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Another Top 10 Sexiest Video Game Characters

One list just isn’t enough to showcase the most gorgeous women of gaming. Welcome to and today we are counting down another top ten sexiest video game characters.

For this list we’ll be looking at another set of female characters in video games that are incredibly appealing, both on the eyes as well as their overall character. If you don’t see your favourite be sure to look at our previous list, chances are she’s already there.

#10: Jill Valentine

“Resident Evil” series (1996-)
Talk about good girls gone bad. Jill has had more than her fair share of dealing with the infected. Even after triumphing over hordes of the undead as well as haunting creatures like Nemesis, she still held a certain innocent charm to her, remaining as cute as can be while gunning down wave after wave of monsters. Alas that all changed when she found herself in the clutches of Albert Wesker, who gave her a brand new look with a side of brainwashing. The result of which turned her into a ruthless killer with an outfit that accentuated every curve. We’re not sure if that’s the best outfit for fighting in…but we’re not complaining.

#9: Chloe Frazer

“Uncharted” series (2007-)
Nathan Drake sure has a way with women, and while his heart will always belong to Ms Elena Fisher, this beauty from down under also shared a red-hot relationship with him for a little while. An Australian treasure hunter who helped Nate and Sully in their hunt for Shang-ri La, Chloe is an expert when it comes to twisting men around her finger and playing both sides, though she’s more than capable of defending herself when things go south. It may have been a fleeting affair but we’re guessing Nate won’t soon be forgetting their alone time together.

#8: Symmetra

“Overwatch” (2016)
She may be able to bend reality to her will, but she doesn’t need to manipulate hard light to captivate us. Hailing from India, Satya Vaswani not only has incredible talent as an architect beneath that revealing outfit, she’s also an ideal candidate for any players looking for a support character. Able to project everything from shields to turrets to a teleporter, she’ll likely save your hero from an incoming assault and look damn good while doing it. Widowmaker (xref) was also in our crosshairs, but Symmetra was just too blinding.

#7: Miranda Lawson

“Mass Effect” series (2007-)
She was designed to be the perfect woman, and that includes her looks. As a high-ranking Cerberus operative and right hand to the Illusive Man, Miranda not only has one hell of a figure, but comes equipped with expert marksmanship and crushing biotic abilities. Moddeled after Yvonne Strahovski, who also voices the character, Miranda brought Shepard back from the dead, and if you can look past her rather prickly attitude there’s a deeply conflicted woman who you can choose to romantically pursue. We…hope you don’t mind getting down and dirty in the engine room because that seems to be her preferred rendezvous

#6: Mai Shiranui

“Fatal Fury/The King of Fighters” series (1991-)
Her outfit may be more than a little revealing, but don’t be fooled or she will literally roast you. Trained as a ninja and gifted with the ability to control fire, Mai is a fearsome fighter in her own right, but let’s be honest, her most defining feature is her astronomical sex appeal, leading her to become to the most celebrated and popular character in the whole franchise. With ample proportions, plenty of skin on show, and a thirst for life, we have to wonder why in the world Andy Bogard doesn’t accept her advances.

#5: Cammy White

“Street Fighter” series (1987-)
Following in the footsteps of Chun-Li, Cammy joined the male dominated character roster of Street Fighter, presenting herself as a soldier with boundless determination and a strong hatred of Shadaloo, also with a real aversion to wearing pants. Don’t think just because she prefers to wear leotards to an actual uniform means she’s any less deadly, and god forbid you catch this British bombshell in a bad mood, because she’ll be happy to show you those dazzling legs up close, which is more than likely going to end in your skull getting cracked.

#4: Catherine

“Catherine” (2011)
A succubus with the ability to take the form of your dream woman? How is any man supposed to resist? In Vincent Brook’s case, this lustful demon comes in the form of a young blonde who’s all too eager to get him between the sheets. As it happens, Catherine’s intentions are far more sinister than just a quick romp. Seducing married men while simultaneously giving them life-threatening nightmares, Catherine drives Vincent to breaking point, and even when he manages to seemingly get rid of her…that’s when her demonic side comes out. Guess every rose does have its thorns.

#3: Quiet

“Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain” (2015)
Turns out you don’t even need words to leave jaws on the floor when you’re this silent sniper. Originally hired to take our favourite one-eyed supersoldier, she eventually defected to the Diamond Dogs after her defeat at Big Boss’ hands. As it turns out there’s a reason why she dresses …like she’s not dressed. Due to the after effects of life a saving treatment, she actually breathes and absorbs water through her skin in order to survive. So, because of her backstory, the only female lead CAN’T Talk, Can’t wear clothes and occupies the same spot as your dog, horse or your robot? That’s just damn good writing Kojima. She has to do that stuff to LIVE – shame on your for implying otherwise.

#2: Christie Monteiro

“Tekken” series (1994-)
One word: flexibility. Trained by both her grandfather and classic Tekken contender Eddy Gordo in the art of capoeira, this Brazilian beauty manages to light up the screen with every match, and that’s not just because of her sparkling choice in outfit. The majority of her storylines involve hunting after Eddy (who always seems to be disappearing) but in all honesty we’re far more invested in just how she’s able to bend that and bounce around that way while staying inside of those outfits but...what were we talking about.

Before we reveal our number one pick, here are a few honourable mentions.

“BloodRayne” series (2002-11)

“Borderlands” series (2009-)

Sophitia Alexandra
“Soulcalibur” series (1996-)

“Devil May Cry” series (2001-)

“Far Cry 3” (2012)

#1: Yennefer

“The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt” (2015)
It takes a special kind of woman to tame the heart of Geralt of Rivia, and no one does it quite like the White Wolf’s forgotten lover. An powerful sorceress and extreme fan of Unicorns, she reappears in Geralt’s life following the approach of the Wild Hunt. As strong as they come, Yennefer of Vengerberg is both a warm, motherly figure to Ciri as well as prickly, fiery woman whose age hasn’t dwindled her appetite for love, something that’s graphically evident should the player pursue her as Geralt’s romance option. Just make sure you don’t go behind her back because you will instantly regret it.

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