Video Game Duel: Doomguy Vs Duke Nukem

Written by Nathan Sharp They're the toughest defenders of Earth, but only one can be the strongest. Welcome to In today's duel, we'll be pitting the toughest badasses of video gaming against each other in a battle to the death to decide who would come out ahead. We're basing our decision on a variety of factors, and trying to give an honest assessment of each individual's strengths and weaknesses. This duel isn't based on cultural success or fandom, but rather, who would win in a physical fight based on their respective personalities and versatility. Special thanks to our user Jacob Koopmann for suggesting this idea, check out the voting page at http://WatchMojo.comsuggest/Video+Game+Duels%3A+Duke+Nukem+Vs+Doom+Guy

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Written by Nathan Sharp

Duel: Doomguy vs. Duke Nukem

They're the toughest defenders of Earth, but only one can be the strongest. Welcome to In today's duel, we'll be pitting the two biggest FPS stars of the 90’s in the shootout to end all shootout. Doom’s Doomguy, and Duke Nukem.

For this face-off We're basing our decision on a variety of factors, and trying to give an honest assessment of each individual's strengths and weaknesses. This duel isn't based on cultural success or fandom, but rather, who would win in a physical fight based on their respective personalities and versatility.

Round 1: Strength and Endurance

We think it's safe to say that these two men have enough strength and endurance to go around. They both battle supernatural monsters, which we're sure takes quite a bit of guts, and they are often so determined in their missions that they would go to Hell and back to defend Earth (which, in Doomguy’s case, he actually did).

Doomguy is terrifically strong. He often grins when picking up weapons, indicating that he would be more than happy to put a few bullets into Duke, and when taking damage, he grimaces in anger rather than pain, which means he could pretty much take anything Duke could throw at him. He also never backs down from a fight. Compared to the gigantic forces of Hell he has had to battle, Duke seems like a walk in the park.

But that's not to say that Duke would take it. He is an enormous man, standing at 6’4” and bench pressing up to 600 pounds; Doomguy would look like a flea on his shirt. He can easily defeat alien monstrosities with his hands alone, whereas Doomguy needs to resort to weapons, and he has the sheer strength to decapitate enemies with a kick and rip heads off bodies with his bare hands. If he can do that to an alien, he can certainly do it to pipsqueak Doomguy.

Winner: Duke

Doomguy: 0 / Duke Nukem: 1

Round 2: Weapons

To defeat supernatural forces, you're going to need some weapons, and these boys have them in spades.

Doomguy is equipped with a pretty basic arsenal, save for some fantastical weapons he acquires later in the games. His arsenal is mostly comprised of shotguns, pistols, and machine guns. You know, typical Mars soldier stuff. However, he comes across some pretty powerful stuff in his travels, like plasma rifles, a chaingun, and the BFG, which definitely packs a wallop, but is very limited in ammunition. Either of these could be enough to obliterate Duke on the spot.

Which isn't to say that Duke doesn't have a pretty powerful arsenal himself. He also packs the basic weapons like shotguns and machine guns, but he also acquires many unique and VERY powerful weapons on his travels. Some of these include the Shrinker, a gun which could shrink Doomguy down to even pipsqueak-ier status, and the Devastator, a terrifyingly named weapon from the secret labs of the Pentagon which fires incendiary rockets like a turret.

While Doomguy is great with a gun, he can only rely on a handful of powerful weapons, like the rare BFG. On the other hand, Duke can acquire a myriad of robust and interesting weapons, all of which could blow Doomguy to smithereens. Doomguy doesn't stand a chance against Duke’s variety and potential.

Winner: Duke

Doomguy: 0 / Duke Nukem: 2

Round 3: Powers and Equipment

While both men are relatively short on powers in their default state, many of their respective pickups and equipment would come in handy in this fight.

Doomguy is equipped with an immensely strong suit of armor, which is able to deflect fireballs, claw scratches, and various other attacks by the forces of Hell. He is also able to harness the power of demonic runes and enter berserk mode, which grants him inhuman speed and strength, which would equal the playing field against Duke. In the 2016 reboot, he is also equipped with many fancy gadgets on or for his Praetor suit, including thrust boots, an intelligent HUD, and an impact compensation system, all of which would allow him to battle strategically and easily out-maneuver Duke and his fists of fury.

Many of Duke's powers, while still advantageous, are easily matched by Doomguy. His jet pack only allows him to move vertically, which seems a little useless to us given Doomguy's pinpoint accuracy and respective thrusters. His use of steroids, which allow him to move faster and punch harder, are equal with Doomguy's berserk mode, and while beer makes him more resistant to damage, it also causes him to get drunk, which would be a huge disadvantage in the fight, especially when Doomguy's own suit of armor easily outperforms any resistance that beer can grant Duke. Finally, Duke has the Holoduke, a tool which projects a hologram, slightly altered Duke to confuse enemies, but we think Doomguy would be smart enough to not fall for it, especially considering Holoduke's robotic voice and stationary appearance. Not to mention Duke doesn’t wear armour for a rather stupid reason …

Duke ... Oh my god, Doomguy wears that armor for a reason. Self Conscious Machismo is no match for layers of heavy protection.

Winner: Doomguy

Doomguy: 1 / Duke Nukem: 2

Round 4: Versatility

Both men love their guns, but who is more versatile with their abilities? Doomguy obviously knows a ton about guns, as he can perfect any weapon he acquires, and he is able to pick up and quickly learn how to use more scientific weapons, indicating a strong knowledge of weapons and weapons systems. As mentioned before, his suit grants him various accessories which would certainly help in battle, and the demonic runes add an interesting dynamic to the fight. He is also able to learn new skills by collecting tokens, signifying his ever-increasing skill set, something which will definitely come in handy against the stagnant Duke.

Duke is also a weapons master, as he too can easily pick up any weapon and learn the mechanics within seconds. His sheer strength also packs a punch should Doomguy approach too close. He can also battle aliens on any terrain, be it Earth or their homeland, proving that Duke is adaptable in any situation.

However, Duke's lack of special abilities really hinder him in the fight against Doomguy. Doomguy's versatile accessories, powers, and ever-expanding skill sets easily outpower anything Duke has to offer.

Winner: Doomguy

Doomguy: 2 / Duke Nukem: 2

Round 5: Experience

There is no denying the impact that Doomguy’s past would have on the fight. In the reboot, it is discovered that Doomguy is known by the forces of Hell as the Doom Slayer, a legendary warrior who was once in an order of Knights called the Night Sentinels who protected their homeland from the demonic forces. It is clear that Doomguy’s past is riddled with violence and expertise, as the forces of Hell literally fear him!

Duke also has a strong past, although not as much is known about him. He served in the United States Army for a time, stationed in Beirut where he partook in an undisclosed mission. He’s also travelled back in time to take out aliens with the weapons of that period, buuuut he also bummed around for twelve years in between games, opening casinos and fast food joints. It's clear that Duke's mind is elsewhere, and he'd be a little rusty for a fight against a legendary warrior with years of experience fighting demons and monsters.

Winner: Doomguy

Doomguy: 3 / Duke Nukem: 2

As it turns out, Doomguy slightly takes the edge over Duke Nukem, mostly thanks to his versatile accessories and horrifying past and experience. While Duke Nukem certainly proved to be a formidable foe, there's simply no winning against a man who battles the forces of Hell as a day job. If he can take on demons, he can take on a buff dude.

So, do you agree with the outcome? Who do you think would win in a fight? For more legendary duels, be sure to subscribe to


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