Top 5 Dating Myths You Need to Know!

Written by Zack Tobin Love is a battlefield. A battlefield full of lies! Welcome to and today we’ll be counting down the Top 5 Dating Myths. For this list we’ll be counting down the 5 myths about Dating that broke our hearts.

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Written by Zack Tobin

Top 5 Dating Myths

Love is a battlefield. A battlefield full of lies! Welcome to and today we’ll be counting down the Top 5 Dating Myths.
For this list we’ll be counting down the 5 myths about Dating that broke our hearts.

#5: Singles Without Children aren’t Willing to Date Single Parents

Life can be quite challenging for a single parent, but it’s not necessarily because they can’t find love.
The Chief Science Advisor of did a study showing that 60% of singles without children would indeed be willing to date a single parent.
Being a single parent can even be positive in some people’s eyes, as it shows that the parent is reliable and hardworking.
Dating a single person can also provide the opportunity for a person who’s always wanted a family to gain one without all the baby-making trouble.
After all, there are plenty of people out there that couldn’t live out their dream of parenthood any other way.
So just get rid of any of those misconceptions, anyone can find love regardless of their former decisions.
Just make sure you do a thorough background check on your new lover…to avoid any Captain Vidal situations...

#4: Millennials are the most sexually active generation

With each generation come new concerns from the previous one. Often believing that they’re ‘wilder’ and things are just getting more out of control – and as such, “Millennial” has become something of a ‘dirty word’.
Sex is no different in this case as Millennials often get called the called the “hook up generation”, and with apps like Tinder it’s easy to see why.
The title is a bit of a misnomer, because as studies show that while millennials have more casual attitudes towards sex, they on average actually have less sexual partners than the previous age groups of Generation X, and the baby boomers.
This is mainly because they grew up right after AIDS became prevalent, which brought fears of STI’s… and maybe because Millennials are more likely to be living at home with their parents in their 20s.
Or is that a myth? Here we go again.

#3: Polyamorous Relationships Never Work

When you think of a polyamory you are probably thinking of a vampiric sex orgy…or that song by Breaking Benjamin.
And while those two things may not be your cup of tea, the truth is polyamorous relationships aren’t as scary as they seem.
When all parties involved give consent, these ‘open relationships’ can actually be quite healthy.
The main argument for this is that the most common reason for monogamous couples to break up is that one of the partners cheated on the other.
In a polygamist relationship, or polyamorous relationship, this problem is thrown out the window.
One study conducted in the University of Michigan found that people in polyamorous relationships are more likely to practice safe sex, than those choosing to cheat on their partner – potentially making polygamy the safer option for those who are more inclined to have multiple partners.
So, as long as no one’s getting hurt, it might be best to just love and let love.

#2: Having sex on the First Date is a Bad Idea

Many people, typically women are taught to hold out on having sex with your partner, and must wait at least three to five dates before sealing the deal in order for a relationship to work.
However, almost any dating expert will tell you that there is no set time period, for when a couple should decide to have sex, but instead should do the deed, when it just “feels right”.
Studies done by Cosmopolitan magazine show that 67% of men wouldn’t judge a woman for wanting sex on the first date. No surprise there.
There are even some benefits in not waiting, such as discovering if you and your partner have sexual chemistry.
Obviously we’re not saying to go out there and shag willy-nilly, but instead, just don’t assign yourself to the rules other people live by.

#1: Online Dating is a Last Resort for Lonely Losers

Now this myth is quickly becoming less recognized, but some folks still cling to it.
The idea that when you turn to online dating you’ve hit rock bottom.
This is quite simply not the case.
Studies show 22% of couples now start online, and that online relationships actually have a better chance of lasting, than relationships that begin through more old fashion ways.
Sure there used to be the concern that if you found a really attractive person on an online dating website, they must either be a catfish or a serial killer.
And while they could be those things, it’s far more likely they could just be a person who’s looking for love in all the right places.
Online dating can actually be a good way to find people with common interests and beliefs.
With dating websites for farmers, sea captains, and even vampires there really is someone for everyone on the web.

How many of these myths did you believe? Here’s what google searchers are asking about dating: Is dating a sin? Can I date my brother’s wife’s sister? Can love bloom on the battlefield? “For more romantic top 10s and unconventional top 5s be sure to visit

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