Top 10 Most Memorable Big Brother US Moments

Script written by Carly Comtois He’s watching you and so are we. Join MsMojo as we countdown down our picks for Top 10 Best Big Brother U.S. Moments. For this list, we’re looking at the funny and/or dramatic moments that the American version of this long-running reality game show has given us throughout its run so far. These can be any moments from those that make us gasp, cringe, or laugh so hard that tears stream down our faces. Special thanks to our users Mojoholic 4ever,carlyjcomtois, and Josh Oldham and for submitting the idea on our Interactive Suggestion Tool at

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Top 10 Best Big Brother U.S. Moments

He’s watching you and so are we. Welcome to MsMojo, and today we're counting down our picks for the top 10 Best Big Brother U.S. Moments.

For this list, we’re looking at the funny and/or dramatic moments that the American version of this long-running reality game show has given us throughout its run so far. These can be any moments from those that make us gasp, cringe, or laugh so hard that tears stream down our faces.

#10: Chima Is Expelled

After Jeff used the coup d'état to replace both of Chima's nominations – ultimately sending her alliance mate Jessie packing – you could tell the Brains clique member was fed up with the show. She joined her friends in hilariously mourning the loss of Jessie as though he had died. But took it one step further by tossing her mic into the jacuzzi and ignoring Big Brother's requests to go to the diary room. Eventually, the producers got equally fed up with her diva antics and booted her from the game. Breaking the rules is not cool, but at least her meltdown was entertaining - unlike Willie's expulsion for head-butting another houseguest, which was just plain scary.

#9: Will's Finale Speech

Will Kirby is a name that today's fans of the franchise will still speak of with awe and amazement. The legendary player first entered the house in 2001 – and won. At the finale, he made a speech basically claiming that if they didn't vote for him to win, they had a problem with reality television, and by extension reality itself. He got way too deep, and it confused people enough that they voted for him. Five years later and people still hadn't learned, since Will made a speech on the “All-Stars” season about how much he hated everyone, but somehow still remained in the house.

#8: Janelle Evicts Will

Will may be an epic player, but if he is the king of Big Brother, Janelle is the queen. And in the end, the queen was the only one able to overthrow him. It was down to the final four players of season 7, also known as the All-Stars season, and Will and his Chilltown alliance member Mike Boogie were feeling pretty safe since they took their showmances – a portmanteau combining romance and "for the show" first coined by them in season two – with them. But alas, the boys didn't anticipate the girls turning on them, and Will was sent packing by his own showmance partner, Janelle. Boogie ended up winning that season.

#7: Evel Dick Wakes Up the House

Evel Dick is another name that will forever live in infamy. The man won his season despite being generally disliked and feared by his fellow houseguests, as well as dealing with being stuck in the house with his estranged daughter, Danielle. But the main reason Dick is such a memorable houseguest is because he often made life a living hell for the others. Like all those times he and Jenn butted heads, or when he woke the houseguests up during the night to put the target on his own back instead of Danielle's. Everything he did, he did to help him and his daughter advance in the game, and it worked.

#6: Twin Twist Reveal

2015’s season 17 saw two twins, Liz and Julia, secretly switch places in the house. However, the first time this twist was used in the game was back in season 5, when twin sisters Adria and Natalie fooled their fellow contestants for a good portion of the game. Houseguests nowadays expect big twists, so things like twin switches are sniffed out fairly fast. But Adria and Natalie trading places remained a secret right up until the moment Julie revealed it to the house. Nobody saw it coming, especially Jase, who was not happy. Older seasons were so much more satisfying since houseguests were genuinely shocked to see the twins emerge.

#5: Kaysar Returns

Poor Kaysar... This fan favorite player's biggest downfall was that he was too trusting. After being the fourth houseguest evicted, it was revealed that one of them would be returning to the house. Of course, American viewers voted Kaysar back in, which he immediately messed up by throwing the 14 hour HOH endurance competition to Jennifer, who promptly nominated members of his alliance and resulted in him being eliminated AGAIN by the week's end. In a special double eviction episode, Janelle – one of his allies in the game – avenged him by nominating the people behind his eviction. Fans voted him back the following season for “All- Stars, but he didn't do much better...

#4: Chilltown Alliance

Will Kirby and Mike "Boogie" Malin made their “Big Brother” debut on season 2 of the series, and then were both brought back for All-Stars. Mike would return as a mentor for season 14 as well. They were the first ones to create an official alliance known as Chilltown. Chilltown returned in full force for season 7, funnier and more manipulating than ever. Arguably two of the best players to ever set foot in the house, each with a win under their belts, the best thing to come of this pairing is without a doubt their diary room sessions. If it were up to the fans, most would agree that these two would appear on every season.

#3: Evel Dick and Danielle Make Final Two

You knew season 8's twist was going to be more dramatic than ever when it was announced that some would be entering the house with their enemies. One such pairing was Evel Dick and his daughter Danielle, who hadn't spoken to him in 3 years. You could see how much closer the two had become in those 81 days in the house. Dick endured over 7 hours of the harshest HOH competition of the series for her. He ultimately lost that one, but won the final competition that would see him and Danielle sitting in the final two. Danielle returned with her father for season 13, but he was forced to quit during week one due to the discovery he was HIV+.

#2: Marcellas Doesn't Use the Veto

This next moment remains undisputed as what’s arguably the dumbest move ever made in the history of the franchise. We can't be too harsh on Marcellus since season 3 was the first time the power of veto was introduced, but we can still be a little harsh. It was nearing the finale and he was sitting next to his best friend in the house, Amy. He had the veto around his neck but couldn't bring himself to use it, since he felt it would be like evicting Amy himself. Unfortunately, he didn't realize that if he was still sitting on the block, then he would go home in her place.

We're about to reveal our number one pick, BUT FIRST (pause) here are a few honorable mentions.

Nakomis Executes the Backdoor Technique [aka Six-Finger Plan]

Rachel and Kristen Fight

Shannon Cleans the Toilet with Hardy's Toothbrush

Aaryn Makes Racist Comments

Nakomis and Cowboy Find Out They're Half-Siblings

Frankie Wins Battle of the Block by Himself

#1: Dan's Funeral

Beware of Dan's mist. When past winner Dan Gheesling was asked to return as a coach for season 14 alongside fellow alumni, Boogie, Janelle, and Britney Haynes, he came back in full force. When he found himself facing eviction, he orchestrated his own funeral as a metaphor for his death in the game. But it was just a ploy to make the others feel bad for him and distance himself from his alliance member Danielle by calling her out. She was MAD AS HELL at him, but he ended up staying and even made final two again after betraying Danielle again. Say what you want about him, but Dan's game is pure entertainment.

Do you agree with our list? What is your favorite Big Brother U.S. moment? For more entertaining top 10s published everyday, go ahead and subscribe to MsMojo.


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