PlayStation 2 Vs Gamecube Vs Xbox

Script written by Noah Levy The first half of the 2000’s were when video games started to truly evolve, and we have these systems to thank for that. Join as we pit the three main game systems of the sixth generation of gaming, the Playstation 2, the Gamecube, and the Xbox against each other to see which console was the best. Here’s how a three way face-off is going to work, the winner of each topic will earn 2 points, 2nd place gets one in a best out of five round setup. Before we get started though, lets have a moment of silence for the other console that couldn’t quite go the distance. (Show Dreamcast) Special Thanks to our users "DaveVsTheWorld" "FlorinP" "mac121mr0" "Derek Howell" "Dennis Edgar" "michelletouriz22" "PsyduckFan1" & So many other users for suggesting this topic on our interactive suggestion tool at WatchMojo.comsuggest

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