Top 10 Dragon Ball YouTubers

Script written by Brianna Lawrence Hello there, Mojoholics, and welcome to TopX, where we count down the most powered-up videos that YouTube has to offer. Today, we're throwing our hands up in the air and giving our energy to the Top 10 Dragon Ball YouTubers. For this list, we've put together a variety of Dragon Ball channels that cover Akira Toriyama's iconic series Special thanks to our user AriaElle for submitting the idea using our interactive suggestion tool at WatchMojo.comsuggest

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Script written by Brianna Lawrence

Top 10 Dragon Ball YouTubers

Hello there, Mojoholics, and welcome to TopX, where we count down the most powered-up videos that YouTube has to offer. Today, we’re throwing our hands up in the air and giving our energy to the Top 10 Dragon Ball YouTubers

For this list, we’ve put together a variety of Dragon Ball channels that cover Akira Toriyama’s iconic series. From reviews, to analysis, and entertainment, these are the YouTubers who entered the Hyperbolic Time Chamber to become the ultimate Z-Warrior.

#10: ExperGamez

What kind of Dragon Ball Z fan are you? According to ExperGamez, all of us fit into seven different categories -- by the way, WatchMojo is composed of Real Life Super Saiyans. This channel is best at analyzing things, like whether or not Goku is going to have a new ultimate form -- again -- or how strong Mr. Satan is. Wait... he’s strong?. We suppose there’s strength in surviving being knocked into a mountain. When you’re done with the theories, you can check out interesting list videos that go into plotholes, best moments, and, as we said, the fandom itself.

#9: Laughingstock Media

Harold Von Huge-N-Muscles is, apparently, angry! He’s also Austrian, and from his tone of voice -- and our Austrian disillusions thanks to Arnold Schwarzenegger -- we assume he’s pretty built. As the description tells us, Harold talks about Dragon Ball Z -- along with other series - and all things muscular. If you can’t handle that much testosterone, you can tone things down with Mike as he reviews episodes and answers important questions in segments like, “Were They Helpful,”and answering questions from the channels’ account.

#8: Geekdom 101
(No YT ID)

Have a seat, Mojoholics, as Geekdom 101 educates us on all things Dragon Ball -- also Marvel and Star, but from the looks of things, Goku and his friends are top priority. Episode reviews, upcoming news, a podcast, and even Q & A to answer viewer questions, this page sets out to be an information hub for Dragon Ball. But the channel really powers up with analysis, not just because of how in-depth it goes, but it’s one of the few channels that discusses the relationships between characters: just how did Krillin get an android bombshell like 18, anyway?

#7: Sawyer7mage

If you’re a Naruto or One Piece fan, chances are, you recognize this guy’s reviews -- hell, even Masashi Kishimoto, the creator of Naruto, gave this guy a shout out
. Sawyer7mage’s channel is full of anime and manga reviews that are done in a laid back, conversational style that makes you feel like you’re talking to a good friend about your favorite series . With the release of “Dragon Ball Super,” he’s taken to reviewing what he calls the most iconic Japanese superheroes in animation, and is more than happy to be able to relive the Dragon Ball magic.

#6: Thundershot69

Calling all Dragon Ball gamers, this is the channel for you. While Thundershot69 will report on important news in the Z-verse, look into different theories, and do reviews here and there, our scouters indicate that the power level of the channel skyrockets with video game playthroughs. The video games are such a huge factor that they’re used to illustrate the discussions on the channel. But you’re getting more than let’s plays, you’re also getting tips and tricks to games like “Dragon Ball Xenoverse” and even the popular Minecraft mod “Dragon Block C.”

#5: UnrealEntGaming

What if Gogeta and Vegito had an all out battle? Granted, that battle could never happen, since they’re both fused with the same two people: Goku and Vegeta. But that’s the fun of “what ifs,” right? And that’s exactly what UnrealEntGaming does. Like many Dragon Ball channels, the page is loaded with a variety of content, but we had the most fun checking out the “Mega What-If ” and “Ultimate What-If ” battles. It’s not just the thought of these battles happening, it’s the fact that we can actually watch them via video game footage put together by the channel

#4: Dragon Ball Nation

the name implies, this is truly a nation for Dragon Ball fanatics, so munch down on that Senzu Bean because you’re going to need to be at full strength to handle this one. If you’re new to the franchise, we recommend starting with “DBZ 101,” which goes into the basics like who the Z-fighters are and what ki is. After that, go full-blown Super Saiyan with discussions, countdowns, let’s plays, episode reviews, what-if scenarios, crazy versus battles, and in-depth product reviews of figurines, blu-rays and other collectibles so you can decide what to add to your Dragon Ball collection.

#3: Qaaman’s Land

Games. Yu Yu Hakusho. Dragon Ball Z. Sports. Discussion. These are the things that can be found in Qaaman’s Land. But as his channel overview video states, the true heart of his page lies in the Dragon Ball universe, his favorite series. His love for Dragon Ball is obvious with every video he publishes: “Dragon Ball Super” episode predictions and reviews, upcoming news for the franchise, discussions on different Z-topics, interviews with fans and cosplayers, and in-depth research via the anime, manga, creator interviews, and data files.

#2: ForneverWorld

This is another reviewer you may recognize if you’re an avid anime -- and manga -- review watcher. While ForneverWorld’s channel reviews, and discusses, a lot of different anime series, in the beginning it was all about Dragon Ball. Like a lot of YouTubers on this list, you can feel the love he has for the franchise, but that love doesn’t stop him from looking at the series objectively. Since he watches the anime and reads the manga for “Dragon Ball Super,” he’s able to compare the two and point out things anime viewers may be missing out on.
Before we gather our strength and reach our final form, let’s summon some honorable mentions:


HM2: jDantastic

HM3: Rhymestyle

HM4: DBZanto Xenoverse

HM5: KoolKeithProductions
(No YT ID)

#1: TeamFourStar

This channel’s power level is one thousand and... well, maybe it’s over nine-thousand. It’s not just the humor and stellar voice acting that has turned DBZ Abridged into a phenomenon, but you can tell the amount of love and hard work the team puts into their creation, from doing let’s plays as the characters, to giving nods to some of the most obscure DBZ. As the team continues to grow, they’ve created several abridged series and have leant their voices to actual DBZ properties like “Dragon Ball Xenoverse.” Keep that Krillin Owned Count going, team!

At last, the world is safe, and our Dragon Ball YouTubers can rest until their next video. As always, be sure to check us out on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter, vote for upcoming, battle-ready lists on our suggest page, and for more epic top tens published everyday, be sure to put on your scouters and subscribe to!

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