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Script written by Sean Harris Hello, and welcome to TopX, where we count down the very best that YouTube has to offer! Today, we're bringing you online tutorials with a twist, as we look at the top 10 HowToBasic videos. For this list, we've looked through the ever-popular HowToBasic YouTube channel, and selected their funniest and craziest videos. Special thanks to our user ABOhiccups for submitting the idea at WatchMojo.comsuggest

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Hello, and welcome to TopX, where we count down the very best that YouTube has to offer! Today, we’re bringing you online tutorials with a twist, as we look at the top 10 HowToBasic videos.

For this list, we’ve looked through the ever-popular “HowToBasic” YouTube channel, and selected their funniest and craziest videos. We ranked our list using a combination of different factors, including personal preference, views, and votes from our users.

#10: How to Cool Down Your Computer

A fairly common occurrence, a computer hard drive will sometimes overheat, which is annoying and a little concerning. And PCs in general often infuriate us into unwarranted bouts of unpredictable rage. But, this is on another level! As is typical for HowToBasic, things start off serenely. But then the eggs, the legs, the claw hammer and crushed ice inspire a painfully funny permanent shutdown. The computer goes from being overheated to underwater in less than 60 seconds, and proves that though computers are complicated to make, they’re incredibly easy toangrily break.

#9: How to Arrest Justin Bieber

Our next clip is wish fulfillment at its finest. Arresting Justin Bieber is probably something a lot of people want to do, but most fantasies don’t include dousing the singer in milk. Uploaded in January 2014 after the pop star’s arrest for multiple driving offences, it came several months before Bieber made headlines for throwing eggs at his neighbor’s home – which is brilliantly ironic, given that eggs are a ‘HowToBasic’ trademark. From the toy car, to the slightly scary homemade Bieber, and the even scarier real-life nude, the yolk’s on him, and we love it.

#8: How to Make Dubstep

An early 2010s phenomenon, when this video dropped in 2013 we all enjoyed waiting for the beat to do the same. Dubstep filled dance floors, as revelers sought an edgier alternative to traditional drum and bass. But, when HowToBasic got its hands on the genre, it stripped it down to its key components; a blender, some breakable kitchen items, and eggs. Naturally. After watching this video, you’ll never listen to Skrillex again without at least a little smile on your face. And the “Barbie in a blender” image is there to stay as well.

#7: How to Install GTA V

If you think GTA V itself is violent, then just take a look at this clip. Showcasing the HowToBasic’ tendency to take something expensive and obliterate it, if you’re a laptop fan, then look away now. Some unexpected canned food, a hammer, and a single doll’s head lovingly complement the traditional dairy items. By the time he’s tacked a GTA printout to the smashed up screen it’s clear that this computer is a write off. Which begs just one question; how is this guy gonna watch ‘Eggy Sluts 5’ now?

#6: How to Catch a Pokémon

If you “wanna be the very best” and if you live in a “world you must defend,” then catching Pokémon is one of life’s key skills. In this video, Pikachu turns up where Justin Bieber once stood, but no amount of plastic weaponry can stop him. He’s cuffed, caged, and then taken outside for a milk/gasoline gag that might’ve made a pancake out of Pika, if only milk were flammable. Whether you love, hate or feel largely indifferent about Pokémon, it’s funny for everyone. Even Pikachu himself can’t stop smiling.

#5: How to Twerk Like Miley Cyrus

Twerking took the world by storm in 2013. But when this video dissected the dance move from Barbie doll to disco chicken, it made it especially unappetizing. There aren’t a lot of things less sexy than raw chicken, but HowToBasic places Miley’s booty-shaking brand within the same category. Will Smith can’t believe his eyes, and Billy Ray’s heart must be achier and breakier than usual, upon seeing this. It gets even funnier if you imagine this version of Miley in the “Wrecking Ball” video. Let’s just say that it’s enough to make a meat eater choose the vegetarian option.

#4: How to Make a Krabby Patty

Get ready for toilet humor times a million, and a clip that could leave you feeling nauseous. Anyone who’s ever watched “SpongeBob SquarePants” knows the Krabby Patty – for those of you who haven’t, it’s a sort of animated, underwater Big Mac. And this, apparently, is howyou make it. It’s a literal mash-up of everything you’d never want to eat. And even the ingredients that are edible are prepared in an entirely unsavory manner. But hey, at least there’s a decorative herb atop of this bad boy. Presentation is key, after all.

#3: How to Make Brownies

Another cookery clip built around the beloved HowToBasic blender, this brownie recipe is relatively simple to follow, even if it is revolting. It starts as any regular brownie bake would; flour, milk, a sauce we can assume is chocolate (although it’s probably BBQ) and of course, eggs. But then, with the blender overflowing, there’s a secret ingredient added to really set the dish off. A fish blended face-side first might not be everybody’s idea of entertainment, but it sure makes for a messy bathroom. No amount of bleach can clean our brains of that image!

#2: How to Have Sex

The most viewed HowToBasic video, this is an intimate, insane look at Barbie and Ken’s relationship, behind closed doors. The simple set-up evolves into a frantic, factory-formed demonstration of every possible position that two plastic toys can achieve. The candles set a tone that’s almost instantly ignored in what can only be described as the Not-so-calm-a Sutra. Other toy animals get in on the action as well, including some official Jenna Marbles stuffed animal collectibles. We’re not sure what she thinks of this clip, but with over 20 million views, it’s proven mighty popular.

Before we unveil our top pick, here are a few honorable mentions.

- How to Have Swag

- How to Make Sushi

- How to Delete Flappy Bird

#1: How to Masturbate

Flying solo in top spot, a self-sex clip that’s definitely eggs-rated. From the well-seasoned salad to the well-beaten meat, to the well-timed pun involving a solitary bean; this video redefines food porn. The moaning makes it especially, inescapably memorable, as we try to work out if it’s disturbing, or just downright hilarious. You shouldn’t cry over spilt milk, but you might be in tears by the end of this clip. The rubber chicken climax is enough to put anyone off of ever drinking the stuff again. Nobody should go that wild down the dairy aisle!

That's it for today's list… We’ll leave you to wonder just where this guy gets all his eggs from?! As always, be sure to check us out on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter; vote for upcoming lists on our suggest page, and for more great top tens published every day, be sure to subscribe!

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