Top 10 Most Anticipated Tech Products of 2016

Script Written by Brandon Stuhr. As the years go by, technology just keeps advancing and we can't wait to find out what's in store. Join as we count down our picks for top 10 most anticipated tech products of 2016. For this list, we’re only including the newest and most innovative products from the tech industry that we can expect to hit the market in 2016. Special thanks to our user Rhutsczar44 for submitting the idea on our Interactive Suggestion Tool at WatchMojo.comsuggest

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Top 10 Most Anticipated Tech Products of 2016

As the years go by, technology just keeps advancing and we can't wait to find out what's in store. Join as we count down our picks for top 10 most anticipated tech products of 2016.

For this list, we’re only including the newest and most innovative products from the tech industry that we can expect to hit the market in 2016. So, while we are certainly looking forward to the release of the Nintendo NX, we will likely have to wait until 2017 to get our hands on it, so it won’t be on here.

#10: PlayStation VR

This is Sony’s answer to the Oculus Rift. Originally introduced to the public as Project Morpheus in 2014, the PlayStation VR is the electronics giant’s latest effort into the world of virtual reality. The prototype supports a beautiful OLED display, 6DOF head tracking software, and has the ability to show visuals at over 120 frames per second, opening up an entirely new world for gamers. While the gadget was still in development as of the end of 2015, there was already a lengthy library of video games set to illustrate the machine’s abilities. Unfortunately, no official release date has been announced for the VR just yet, but you can hopefully try to snag your own headset in the first half of 2016.

#9: ŌURA

Let’s move away from the video game world just for a bit and dive into the world of health. The latest in the wearable health tech trend, the OURA ring observes your sleep and overall activities during the day by learning about and then adapting to your lifestyle. This little gadget doesn’t just keep track of your daily cardio and sleep patterns, but also issues predictive data so you can adjust your lifestyle accordingly. Unlike other wearable tech that is seen as uncomfortable or not fashionable, the OURA is designed to look great and be comfortable to wear 24/7, as it comes in more than one style and size.

#8: Seaboard RISE

With all the new tech in video games, computers, and health coming out, you know that music isn’t far behind. Brought to us by the British tech start-up Roli, the Seabord RISE is the classic keyboard clashing with modernity. With a rubber exterior and a minimal amount of keys, the RISE can be manipulated to your heart’s content to produce an entirely new range of sounds. Luckily for the music connoisseur in all of us, this keyboard will only set us back a mere $800 when it hits the market. And it looks pretty damn cool too.

#7: DietSensor

In this day and age, it wouldn’t hurt to get a little advice from a nutrition coach. The DietSensor is the first health app to actually come with a sensor that scans your food to give real-time results. Not surprisingly, said sensor is its standout feature (it’s even in the product’s name!), as it uses near infrared spectroscopy to examine your food on a molecular level and translates the data into readable information. The app is insanely easy to use and has a massive library of dishes and food for the average individual, with the aim being a healthier lifestyle for those who use it. Of course, now you’ll know exactly what you are eating and how many calories it contains… we’re sorry.

#6: Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge

The mobile industry is booming and will not be slowing down anytime soon. The main competitor to Apple’s iPhone would be Samsung’s Galaxy, which is also the frontrunner in the mobile industry. 2016’s Galaxy S7 Edge is expected to lead the march in the company’s next generation of mobile phones. Despite that goal though, rumors have it that the next Galaxy won’t differ much in appearance from the last model. But the S7 Edge will fix all the technical issues that have plagued the previous ones. Not interested in the phone? The latest Samsung Galaxy Note 5 phablet is expected to impress phablet fans and bring new technology to the masses once it expands to more countries in the near future.

#5: Nokia OZO

It’s time to be able to film virtual reality. Primarily designed to work within a studio, Nokia designed the Ozo to be wireless and to be able to capture 360 degree audio and video, including stereoscopic 3D. The first virtual reality camera to be available commercially will expand VR technology and make it more accessible to the general masses. Though filming and post-production are time-consuming, the Ozo will allow filmmakers to be able to experience and play with virtual reality technology. Be prepared to drain your accounts for this one, however, as this camera will have a nice $60,000 price tag.

#4: Dolby Atmos Speaker System

It’s time to expand your movie viewing and music listening experience. The newest addition to the Dolby family, Atmos is an entirely new way to listen in surround sound. Speakers that are enabled with Atmos are designed to project sound upward and reflect off of the ceiling instead of forward towards the listener, resulting in a more life-like and unique sound. The new system allows sound engineers to access each individual sound and make each one a new captivating experience. The way you hear and experience media will be changed forever.

#3: Microsoft HoloLens

Holograms are the future and Microsoft is leading the way. As Microsoft’s entry into the world of augmented reality, the HoloLens is a smart glasses headset that uses a mixed reality platform to virtually project real life physical objects via holograms. HoloLens will be running the Windows 10 platform, with the device’s visual appearance including sensors and a head-mounted display. There are no limits on the usage of the HoloLens, as it ranges from video games and development to visual assistance and DIYs. We can’t wait to grab our own headset in late 2016.

#2: Apple iPhone 7 / 7 Plus

If Apple knows how to do anything, it is to make more and more iPhones. The latest in the company’s line of smartphones, the 7 and 7+ will undoubtedly take over the market like never before in 2016. The new models will incorporate new aspects and refine old ones, including a thinner waterproof design and finally fixing problems with wireless charging. While current questionable rumors may puzzle buyers, such as the elimination of the headphone jack, we’re just excited to see what comes next. The future of the iPhone is now.

Before we anticipate our top pick, here are a few honorable mentions.
Alienware Steam Machine
Ford F-150 Pro Trailer Backup Assist
Lily Camera
Microsoft Surface Phone

#1: Oculus Rift

Alright, we are finally entering into the Rift. The current frontrunner in virtual reality, especially for gaming, the Oculus Rift features a head-mounted display with integrated headphones for a 3D audio effect, as well as positional tracking. Its features and imminent availability make it a first in consumer-targeted VR headsets. While the Oculus is primarily focused on gaming, it has been demoed for other uses, such as streaming media and social aspects. While we have seen the Oculus in different iterations since its unveiling, we are amazed by how far it has come up to now, and only have one question... where will it go from here? Only 2016 will tell.

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