Top 10 Video Game Cops

Script written by Jamie Leslie Whenever chaos ensues, you can always entrust these characters to enforce and uphold the law. Join as we countdown our picks for the Top 10 Video Game Cops. For this list, we won’t be including typical detectives and investigators, since we already have a list for those gumshoes. Special Thanks to our users "RadiaCam" "superrkomn" "Vykarth" for submitting this idea on our Interactive Suggestion Tool at WatchMojo.comsuggest

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Script written by Jamie Leslie

Top 10 Video Game Cops

Whenever chaos ensues, you can always entrust these characters to enforce and uphold the law. Join as we countdown our picks for the Top 10 Video Game Cops. For this list, we won’t be including typical detectives and investigators, since we already have a list for those gumshoes.

#10: Cybil Bennett
“Silent Hill” (1999)

We're almost sure that this unsuspecting officer didn't sign up for this at orientation. Having the displeasure of rolling into this abandoned city, Bennett was a comforting presence to the bewildered Harry Mason. She ends up doing her best to save all of the remaining citizens from the hellish creatures that hide out in the mist, and provides our protagonist with his first means of defense.

#9: John Tanner
“Driver” series (1999-)

Undercover police officers are regularly those who possess a strong sense of justice, but still keep an ear to the streets. Ex-race car drive John Tanner just so happens to carry a certain set of skills that make him the perfect candidate for the case. Through working as the man behind the wheel, Tanner earns the trust of various crime families and gangs, while also building his notoriety. Though he’s constantly teetering on the line between cop and criminal, Tanner has never failed to get his man.

#8: The Agent
“Crackdown” (2007)

Order in Pacific city is maintained by genetically enhanced super cops known only as Agents. Super fast, super strong, well equipped and always improving, the Agent’s job is to rid the city of it’s 3 notorious gangs – member by member from the ground up. As fun as it is to be a one-man army waging urban warfare from the rooftops, most Agents just spend most of their time collecting orbs.

#7: Carmelita Fox
“Sly Cooper” series (2002-)

Catching the Cooper Gang member Sly is a job in itself, however catching feelings for the allusive thief wasn't something this INTERPOL officer could have anticipated. Carmelita has been in constant pursuit of the criminal organization for many years, and despite her skills as an investigator, she has always lagged one step behind. Her long-running chase for Sly would soon later turn into collaboration, something less attributed to her moral code than it is to her feels for Sly.

#6: Chase McCain
“Lego City Undercover” (2013)

There happens to be only one man for the job when things in Lego City begin to fall apart. When the sanctity of Lego City is threatened by crime lord Rex Fury, McCain has gotta go undercover to pop the lid on his whole operation. He’s up to the task though; being a master of disguise, proficient in hand to hand combat, and skilled in the operability of a whole host of different vehicles and aircrafts. That doesn’t mean he isn’t without his shortcomings – he did lose his girlfriend by spilling the beans on her undercover identity.

#5: Leon Kennedy
“Resident Evil” series (1996-)

While commonly recognized to be a U.S. secret agent, Leon Kennedy's humble beginnings were served as a Raccoon City police officer. Your first day is always your hardest. This would of course be short-lived, as Leon's actions in the zombie infested city would soon grant him a lot of attention from the U.S. government. Enough attention to make him their #1 man when the President’s daughter goes missing.

#4: Chun-Li
“Street Fighter” series (1987-)

Being the self-proclaimed strongest woman in the world doesn't come without its designated career path. This martial arts master carries an Interpol badge behind her flurry of lightning kicks, and isn't afraid to lay some serious smackdown before she reads you your rights. Chun-Li has regularly entered the Street Fighter tournaments in attempts to take down the infamous Shadoloo leader M. Bison, the man that killed her father. Man, Interpol has a pretty relaxed dress code eh?

#3: Wei Shen
“Sleeping Dogs” (2012)

When it comes to taking down the most infamous gang in Hong Kong, you need to enlist the best of the best. Being one the most skilled officers in his precinct, Wei Shen was hand-picked to go undercover and infiltrate the Triad. His superior martial arts skills and keen familiarity with the city's underbelly made him a perfect candidate for the task – if he can keep his own feels in check.

#2: Officer Tenpenny
“Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas” (2004)

Some cops obey the system, and then some cops make up their own system. Tenpenny uses the criminal activity that runs rampant through Los Santos to his own benefit, perpetuating the gang culture with corruption, extortion, and violence. The crooked officer has taken a special interest in Grove Street gang member CJ – an association he may come to regret. He is the very definition of a crooked cop.

Before we unveil our pick for Top Video Game Cop, here are a few honorable mentions:

Sarah Becker
“Alan Wake” (2010)
Patricia Wagon
“Mighty Switch Force” (2011)
Sebastian Castellanos
“The Evil Within” (2014)
Jonathan Ingram
“Policenauts” (1994)

#1: Max Payne
“Max Payne” series (2001-12)

Having your whole family murdered and then being framed for the death of your partner would destroy the common man, and you could say that it destroyed Max Payne. But always fear the man who has nothing to lose. Especially one with shooting skills like this. If Max is going down, he’s taking everyone he can with him – and trust us when we say that he can take quite a few. Max might not have been the best cop, but he’s a clear #1 in the videogame world.

Do you agree with our list? Which video game law enforcer did we miss? For more awesome Top 10s published daily, be sure to subscribe to


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