Donald Duck vs. Daffy Duck

Script written by Craig Butler. These two may be birds of a feather, but they don’t exactly flock together. Join as we pit Donald Duck against Daffy Duck to see who’s the cartoon world’s top water fowl. The two most famous animated ducks go head to head to decide who reigns supreme in the cartoon world. Special thanks to our users theenlightenedone, Andrew A. Dennison, mr.smartphone333@gma, sarahjessicaparkerth, liam123 for submitting the idea on our Suggestion Tool at WatchMojo.comsuggest

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Script written by Craig Butler.

Donald Duck vs. Daffy Duck

These two may be birds of a feather, but they don’t exactly flock together. Welcome to, and in this installment of versus, we’re pitting Donald Duck against Daffy Duck to see who’s the cartoon world’s top water fowl.


In real life, anger management is to be admired; in the cartoon world, however, watching a character go bonkers is a source of endless amusement – and both Donald Duck and Daffy Duck excel in this area.

For Donald, life is just one long series of events meant to test his temper. Anything that causes the slightest provocation or frustration is subject to a, shall we say, spirited reaction.

Daffy can let his temper fly with the best of them, but he’s typically a little slower to anger than Donald. He’s also a bit better at keeping his anger in check if it advances his nefarious schemes.

Sorry, Daffy, but in this case being better at holding your temper is a negative. The round goes to Donald.

Winner: Donald 1, Daffy 0


An actor is known for the roles that he plays, so flexibility is a valuable asset.

Donald has shown that he can be cast in a wide range of occupations: schoolboy, musician, truant officer, soldier, etc.

Daffy has also held a number of different occupations. Furthermore, he’s at home in a number of different styles, periods and genres, playing versions of Sherlock Holmes, the Scarlet Pimpernel, Robin Hood, Buck Rogers and Dick Tracy.

Both characters have played many parts, but Daffy is more adept at putting himself into different characters. Donald is essentially just play-acting; Daffy throws himself into his parts. The round goes to Daffy.

Winner: Donald 1, Daffy 1


Being a cartoon character calls for endless ingenuity. Both ducks have ample opportunity to demonstrate their cleverness in numerous cartoons.

Donald often finds himself in a situation in which he must use his brain to come up with one solution after another to a vexing problem – and some of his solutions are quite clever. He’s also a master at pranking others.

Daffy is no slouch in the creativity department, especially when trying to get the best of frequent co-star Bugs Bunny. But somehow Daffy’s schemes frequently end up backfiring on him.

Both these guys can be despicably clever, but the edge goes to Donald in this round.

Winner: Donald 2, Daffy 1


A man is known by the company he keeps – and that goes for ducks, too. Each member of our ducky duo has a major rival at his studio.

Donald was born in the shadow of Mickey Mouse, the first major Disney star and an iconic symbol. But while the mouse is popular and beloved, he’s also a little on the bland side – and doesn’t really provide that much competition for Donald.

Daffy’s rival is Bugs Bunny, who possesses one of the sharpest and quickest minds in all animation. The bunny is constantly matching and foiling Daffy’s plots – which only serves to challenge Daffy to keep on striving for greater heights.

Mickey is an icon, but Bugs is a cartoon force to be reckoned with. The round goes to Daffy.

Winner: Donald 2, Daffy 2


Humor is the lifeblood of most cartoon shorts and both ducks are experts at getting laughs.

From the beginning, Donald has been at home with physical comedy. He’s never afraid to throw himself into a humorous situation. But because of his hard-to-understand speech, Donald is a bit less adept at witty repartee.

Daffy is equally an expert in the area of slapstick and visual gags, even sacrificing his body in pursuit of a laugh. In addition, he has the expert timing and wit needed to create classic moments of verbal humor, and knows how to play off of his co-stars.

Gags matter in cartoons. Daffy edges ahead in the laughs department.

Winner: Donald 2, Daffy 3


By a score of 3 to 2, Daffy shows Donald who’s the top duck in Toon land. Although we’re sure Donald will take the loss with his usual graciousness.

Do you agree with our verdict? Did we duck the real issues with our sweeping generalizations? Be sure to debate in the comments section and subscribe to

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