Top 10 Superhero Geniuses

Script written by Jamie Leslie. There are a lot of really smart people in comic books. Some guys have enough degrees to make to the most studied individual jealous and others are so smart they they create mind blowing technology as an afterthought. Whether it's making to most complex super-suits ever, or the craziest most complex gadgets this side of the page, these guys make even the smartest of us look like complete dunces. Join as we count down our picks for the top 10 superhero geniuses. Special thanks to our users WatchDogsFan47 and Lionel Gilmore for submitting this idea on our Suggestion Tool at WatchMojo.comsuggest

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Script written by Jamie Leslie.

Top 10 Superhero Geniuses

With great power comes great responsibility, however, a genius level IQ never hurts. Welcome to, and today we’re counting down our Top 10 Superhero Geniuses.

For this list, we'll be excluding cyborgs and robots, as well as cosmic beings, as their intelligence is hard to measure.

#10: Charles Xavier – Professor X

Born to a wealthy family, Xavier attended the best private schools and was revealed to be a natural genius, even before his mind reading powers matured. Graduating with honors from Harvard University at only 16 years old with Ph.D.s in genetics, biophysics and anthropology, Charles went on to study abroad; earning yet more degrees while studying in Europe. With the help of then friend and college Magneto, Charles helped build Cerebro, one of the most powerful and advanced devices on the plant.

#9: Peter Parker – Spider-Man

As a teenager, Peter Parker excelled in the sciences, an aptitude that didn’t win him many friends in his stereotypical high school. However, his intelligence didn’t go unnoticed by the likes of Norman Osborn, who would take special interest in Peter further down the road. After getting bitten by a radioactive spider, Peter used his intelligence to further push his Spider-Man persona by creating custom web-shooters; a tool almost as valuable to him as the powers themselves. His scientific prowess has also allowed him to invent some of his most iconic Spider-Armors with his access to Horizon Labs.

#8: Henry McCoy – Beast

Don't let this one's grizzly appearance fool you, as he is highly revered for having one of the greatest minds in mutant society. His advanced intellect combined with bestial strength and dexterity makes him one of the most diverse and adaptable X-men ever. Henry is a highly esteemed biochemist, speaks a number of languages fluently, and knows more about mutant DNA and genetic mutation than anyone else on earth.

#7: Sue Storm – Invisible Woman

Sue Storm inherited the genius of her father, renowned scientist Franklin Storm. Spending much of her early life working in the government research facility, The Baxter Building, Sue developed a crush on genius Reed Richards. She joined Reed’s team of aerospace engineers in developing spaceship technology, and convinced her brother Jonny Storm to round out the team. After the accident involving cosmic radiation that gave the Fantastic Four their powers, Sue expanded her knowledge of biology and genetics to help the team further understand their gifts.

#6: Bruce Banner – The Hulk

While considered a pretty big wopsie, there is no denying the brains it took to develop the Gamma Bomb that turned Bruce Banner into The Hulk. Before that little snafu, Banner's achievements in science had dubbed him one of the greatest minds on Earth, leading him to be head hunted by the United States’ nuclear research and defense department. While his carrier as a scientist was short lived, Banner hopes to one day find a cure for his ‘situation’ and build a new legacy for himself as a scientist.

#5: Henry Pym – Ant-Man

This scientist is a living testament to big things coming in small packages. Pym is the sole creator of subatomic “Pym-particles,” a serum that he uses to reduce a person or object to the size of an insect. Discovering the success of the serum by testing it on himself, Pym also invented a cybernetic helmet that allowed him to communicate with ants psionically, along with a protective shrink suit to round out the Ant-Man persona. While the scientist's Pym Particles are his most notable achievements, his most infamous invention is the artificial intelligence robot, Ultron. Opse.

#4: Bruce Wayne – Batman

Bruce Wayne proves indisputably that you can tangle with the best superheroes without needing superpowers. Batman's mental fortitude is nothing short of amazing and his genius as a detective, strategist, and scientist make him one of the most formidable superheroes ever. Developing and adapting the technology behind the Bat-Computer and all his own bat-gadgets; Batman’s mind is as important and potent as his martial-arts skills and physical condition.

#3: Tony Stark – Iron Man

Being a genius billionaire playboy philanthropist might sound exciting but that’s because… well, it probably is. Like Batman, Iron Man possesses no actual superpowers. Having enrolled into MIT at the age of 15, Stark inherited his own multi-million dollar research and development company at 21. His mind is his greatest strength, and Tony Stark uses his genius to create the coolest and most dynamic super suits of all time. Boasting one of the greatest minds in the Marvel universe, Stark is the go to hero for most other superhero’s technological needs.

#2: Adrian Veidt – Ozymandias

Being the son of a wealthy German immigrant, Adrian Veidt donated his substantial inheritance to charity at the age of 17 to prove to the world that he could amass a greater wealth on his own. He succeeded beyond anyone’s expectations and his reputation as a genius earned him the title of “the smartest man on the planet”. Although his efforts as a crime fighter made a difference on the surface, Veidt constantly challenges himself and seeks to correct the world on a much larger scale.

Before we unveil our pick for Top Superhero Genius, here are a few honorable mentions:

Stephen Strange – Dr. Strange

Barry Allen – The Flash

Barbara Gordon – Oracle


#1: Reed Richards – Mr. Fantastic

This character's knowledge stretches out further than he can stretch his own limbs. A child genius, Reed had multiple degrees under his belt by the age of 20, including mathematics, physics and quantum mechanics. Be it is space travel, extra-dimensional or otherwise, Reed is the foremost expert on physics and mathematics on the planet. Whether it’s designing an extra stretchy suit, or building a space capsule to banish the Hulk to a far off planet, Reed is the most qualified person in the Marvel universe to invent the impossible.

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