Top 10 Movie Oral Sex Scenes

Script written by Nick Spake. Intercourse can really get you “ahead” in life. Join as we count down our picks for the top 10 oral sex scenes in movies. For this list, we’re taking a look at big screen scenes that solely focus on oral pleasure. If you haven’t had the sex talk with your parents yet, maybe go watch one of our more family friendly countdowns. Special thanks to our users kenn1987, Sanderson Sister and randipchy for submitting the idea on our Suggestion Tool at WatchMojo.comsuggest

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Script written by Nick Spake.

Top 10 Movie Oral Sex Scenes

Intercourse can really get you “ahead” in life. Welcome to, and today we’re counting down our picks for the top 10 oral sex scenes in movies.

For this list, we’re taking a look at big screen scenes that solely focus on oral pleasure. We’ve left out sequences that merely mimic oral sex like the infamous drumstick scene from “Killer Joe.” We’ve also omitted porn and erotic movies because they’re in a category of their own. Keep in mind that this video might be inappropriate for some viewers. If you haven’t had the sex talk with your parents yet, maybe go watch one of our more family friendly countdowns.

#10: I Love Lucy
“Pretty Woman” (1990)

Nothing says oral stimulation like a classic episode of “I Love Lucy.” Wait, what? Actually, nobody ever made that connection until “Pretty Woman” came out. Subsequent to spending a romantic evening with prostitute Vivian Ward, Edward Lewis mixes together every man’s two favorite things: Sex and TV. As Lucy stomps down on grapes, Vivian goes down on Edward. Funny, sexy, and more charming than one would expect from a blowjob sequence, this scene demonstrates two people from different worlds making a connection in more than one way.

#9: You Feel That?
“Monster’s Ball” (2001)

“Monster’s Ball” provides a lot of thought-provoking insights about race relations. Although Hank Grotowski comes from a racist upbringing, he finds himself physically and emotionally drawn to a black woman named Leticia. Their unlikely bond literally climaxes as Hank brings pleasure to Leticia’s miserable life. While the scene is shot from the waist up, we can tell exactly what’s going on based on Leticia’s facial expressions. After dealing with nothing but loss and prejudice for the entire movie, it’s comforting to see these lost souls get a happy ending.

#8: Real Friendly Around Here
“Ace Ventura: Pet Detective” (1994)

Ace Ventura loves animals more than anything in the world, but he still appreciates a little human contact. Having rescued a horny woman’s dognapped mutt, Ace is rewarded with his own special treat. It turns out his big-breasted client is even friskier than the animals Ace rescues for a living. Stripping down the pet detective’s pants, she pounces Ace’s schnauzer as if they’re playing tug-of-war. In his breakout performance, Jim Carrey shows just how energetic, flexible, and charismatic he can be, resulting in a thriving career in physical comedy.

#7: Tootsie Pop
“Scary Movie” (2000)

It wouldn’t be a scary movie without some virgin deflowering. Cindy Campbell is especially inexperienced, however, never having been to third base before. Her boyfriend makes the mistake of comparing a blowjob to eating a Tootsie Pop. And, like Mr. Turtle and Mr. Owl, Cindy is unable to finish without biting. Bobby has slightly more luck delivering the goods, but must work his way through bats and an afro-sized bush first. With humorous, if not cringe-inducing, visual gags, this scene captures the sheer awkwardness of losing one’s virginity in cartoon fashion.

#6: Nick Dunne, I Really Like You
“Gone Girl” (2014)

Before their marriage turns into a horror story, Nick and Amy’s courtship starts off like a storybook romance. This elegantly shot scene exemplifies the two at the peak of their happiness, which slowly crumbles down. In her own twisted way, Amy spends the remainder of the movie trying to reignite the passionate spark she once shared with Nick. Interestingly, “Gone Girl” could have received an NC-17 rating for depicting a woman receiving oral pleasure from a man. Yet, having a woman give a man oral pleasure is A-ok. Makes perfect sense, right?

#5: Between Catherine Tramell’s Legs
“Basic Instinct” (1992)

After giving Nick a preview of her nether regions earlier, Catherine spreads her legs so the detective can conduct a more thorough investigation. In a game of cat-and-mouse, they both succumb to their animal instincts. Yet another movie that almost achieved the NC-17 mark of shame for its sexual exploits, this scene from “Basic Instinct” had to be cut down by 11 seconds in order to get by with an R rating. Whether you’re watching the theatrical version or the unrated cut, though, it’s still pretty graphic, over-the-top, and hot.

#4: The Tongue Tornado
“American Pie” (1999)

In an age where most teen romps played it safe with PG-13 material, “American Pie” went the naked mile to help bring the hard R comedy back. The film earns its restricted rating with arguably the funniest oral sex scene ever put on film. Looking to the Book of Love for guidance, Kevin takes his relationship with Victoria to the next level. Vicky’s father comes close to walking in on the high school sweethearts, but turns around thanks to some ironic word choice and great comedic timing.

#3: Rocking the Cooch
“Blue Valentine” (2010)

“Blue Valentine” is never afraid of making its audience feel uncomfortable through its raw representation of marriage. Nothing about Dean and Cindy’s relationship comes off as heavily romanticized; what you see is what you get. The film’s portrayal of sex particularly feels brutally frank, most notably in this scene where the couple engages in cunnilingus. The lighting is dim, the environment isn’t flattering, and the sexual venture itself isn’t presented in the most glamorous fashion, but the dynamic between these ill-fated lovers feels 100% honest nevertheless.

#2: Emma and Adèle
“Blue Is the Warmest Colour” (2013)

This French drama is the only film on this top ten that the MPAA ultimately deemed deserving of an NC-17 rating. While the sexual content is explicit to say the least, it’s a shame that such an affectionate picture about young love would be strictly limited to adults. Although the hype built the film up to sound like jaw-dropping erotica, Emma and Adèle’s romance is truly genuine, sincere, and tender. No matter what language you speak, this oral expression of their love can be understood in any tongue.

Before we go down on our top pick, here are a few honorable mentions:
- Commandant Lassard’s Speech
“Police Academy” (1984)
- Frannie and the Detective
“In the Cut” (2003)
- Linda’s Skills
“Lovelace” (2013)
- 69ing
“A History of Violence” (2005)
- Eating Gilbert’s Grapes
“What’s Eating Gilbert Grape” (1993)
- Multitasking
“Swordfish” (2001)

#1: Lesbian Sex
“Black Swan” (2010)

All dancing and no play makes Nina a dull, not to mention sexually repressed, girl. The fragile ballerina is finally awoken to her inner woman with some help from her rival, Lily. Carried by a haunting musical score, this sequence is as disturbing as it is sexy, working up to a shocking final note. The next morning, however, neither Nina nor the audience is sure if the sexual encounter was real or a dream. Either way, the White Swan and the Black Swan have merged to make a Swan Queen.

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