Katy Perry Vs. Taylor Swift

Script Written by Sean Harris. They're both internationally acclaimed pop stars, they're both fashion icons, and as of recent, they have both been feuding! But who is best? Join WatchMojo.com as we pit Teenage Dreamer Katy Perry against Blank Spacer Taylor Swift! Arguably two of the biggest pop stars of the 2010's, Perry and Swift are both creating some of the best music of the genre. With hit after hit, the popularity of these two stars aren't slowing down any time soon. Special thanks to our user www.google.com/ for submitting the idea on our Suggestions Page at WatchMojo.comsuggest

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Katy Perry Vs Taylor Swift

They're both internationally acclaimed pop stars, they're both fashion icons, and as of recent, they have both been feuding! But who is best? Welcome to WatchMojo.com, and in this instalment of Versus, we’re pitting Teenage Dreamer Katy Perry against Blank Spacer Taylor Swift!

Round 1: Persona

If you're a top class singer, then ironically, singing isn't everything! You gotta have the persona to match your music, and Katy Perry has personality in abundance! Once labelled by GQ magazine as a 'full-on male fantasy', she's the sex symbol of a generation! More than just a pretty face however, Perry's also known for being a darling of social media (she holds the world record for Twitter followers...), for being a symbol of female empowerment, and an ambassador for UNICEF!

Our other corner isn't exactly lacking in charisma however, as Taylor Swift seems to have tapped into something incredibly infectious! Originally a country music star, she pulled a pop music-switchover and shocked everyone! Maintaining an exceptionally 'good girl' image and carrying the 'cute and dorky' demeanour to perfection, Swift is a conscious role model for her younger fans, and an awesome kind of enigma for her older followers!

It's Taylor who takes the point in round one... Perry's got personality, but we like Swift's style just a little bit more!

Winner: Katy 0 / Taylor 1

Round 2: Music Videos

Of course, a pop star's persona is largely promoted through their music videos, and Katy Perry has really managed to make that particular medium her own! Never one to frown away from a little flamboyance, her videos are always worth watching! She kissed a girl, liked it, and we liked the video; The junglistic accompaniment to "Roar" was a roaring success; And "Dark Horse" is the third most watched YouTube video of all time...

Tay Tay's videos are also awesome though, and they're only getting 'awesomer'... For "Shake It Off" she nailed the nerd vibe, and for "Blank Space" she broke into high society and then she broke high society apart! Taylor doesn't mind letting loose to just be herself in her videos, and we appreciate that...

...Buut, it still isn't enough to steal this particular point away from Katy! The YouTube hits don't lie, and it's a level playing field once again!

Winner: Katy 1 / Taylor 1

Round 3: Music and Lyrics

From the controversial to the inspirational, Perry's lyrics could never be labelled 'tame'... A regular collaborator with some of the industry's most influential writers, her songs are just plain sing-along fun, but they're not usually that simple! A brilliant balance sought by most pop musicians, Perry's a crowd pleaser for sure!

But, in this case, anything Katy can do, Taylor can top! Swift has plenty of songs to sing along to, but she's also famous for a more personal approach to song writing... Honesty is often the best policy, and that's certainly true when it comes to making music! Tracks such as "We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together" and "I Knew You Were Trouble" are clearly cut outta the singer's own experiences, and they're all the better for it!

Writing her way into the lead, Swift edges ahead two to one!

Winner: Katy 1 / Taylor 2

Round 4: Fashion Sense

In terms of modern day fashion icons, there can't be many people more deserving than Katy Perry. Everyone's favourite California Gurl is forever pushing boundaries, playing with expectations, and spearheading style trends. From wacky wigs, to kaleidoscopic corsets, to stark raving sensational shoes, Katy always looks interesting, and she always looks good!

That isn't to say that Swift isn't a show-stopper in her own right - because she is! Adopting a more classical, 'red lipstick and mascara' look, she has a touch of the 1930s about her, and she's as sophisticated as they come! By sporting straight bangs and not her traditional curly locks for a 2011 issue of "Vogue", Swift proved that she can shock as well... Although no such shock is on the cards in this round...

Perry picks up the point with ease! And the scores are tied with one more round to play!

Winner: Katy 2 / Taylor 2

Round 5: Chart Success and Awards

Perry has picked up way more than her fair share of awards and accolades, as there appears no milestone too momentous for the singer to pass within her career! She's won five American Music Awards, five VMAs, fourteen People's Choice Awards and even has three Guinness World Records under her belt. There’s no denying that Perry has the Awards, but how is her chart success? She's a former Billboard 'Woman of the Year', and has sold over 11 million albums and 81 million singles! Seriously impressive!

How can Tay Tay possibly top all of that(?), you might ask! Well, here's how she'll try! Swift is probably one of the most successful Country/Pop music crossover acts of all time! She sees Perry's five AMAs, and raises her to sixteen. She also has eleven Country Music Association Awards and seven Academy of Country Music Awards... Plus one Brit Award, and the 'ace in her hand', seven (yes seven!) Grammys! As of January 2015, 27.1 million copies of Swift's five studio albums have been sold... Stats that significant simply can't be argued with!

It's a very close call today, but they can't both be winners... Katy Perry has put up an exceptionally good fight, but she's been beaten to it by a woman that the whole world just can't get enough of! 'Haters gonna hate (hate, hate, hate, hate), but we just gonna love (love, love, love, love!)... Taylor Swift wins!

Winner: Katy 2 / Taylor 3


By a score of 3 to 2, the winner is Taylor Swift. And there ain't no one about to upstage Tay Tay this time... *cough* Kanye *cough*! When it comes to winning Watchmojo's top prize, the stage is all her own!

Do you agree with our verdict? Or is Katy Perry your preferred choice? Be sure to debate in the comments, and subscribe to WatchMojo.com for more entertaining versus battles.

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