Top 10 YouTube Alternative Cooking Channels - TopX Ep.14

Welcome to the fourteenth episode of TopX, the brand new show where we countdown the very best that YouTube has to offer! Today we're getting crazy in the kitchen as we count down our picks for Top 10 Alternative Cooking and Food channels.

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Top 10 YouTube Alternative Cooking Channels

Welcome to the fourteenth episode of TopX, the brand new show where we countdown the very best that YouTube has to offer! Today we're getting crazy in the kitchen as we count down our picks for Top 10 Alternative Cooking and Food channels. For this count down we're taking a look at those channels that deal with food and cooking but that have a special something that make them different from traditional cooking shows. If your favorite cooking or food channel didn't make the list, be sure to check back in a few weeks when we count down the top 10 Traditional cooking and food channels. As usual we ranked our picks based on a mix of subscriber numbers, views, votes from our users, personal preference and of course general impact on the YouTube community.

#10 - Regular Ordinary Swedish Meal Time
Channel URL:

- Clearly inspired by Epic Mealtime, the guys over at Regular Ordinary Swedish Mealtime clearly realized that while there were tons of alternative cooking channels out there, most of them featured a severe lack of punching and yelling at their ingredients.
- Basically these guys prepare their food in the most violent way possible. While some channels go for excessive portions or obscene combinations, these Swedes prepare traditional Swedish food with insane levels of aggression.
- Aside from food punching, which would honestly be enough to sell the channel for me, they narrate the videos in Swenglish, which is their own mishmash of English and Swedish. There are subtitles so don’t worry about following. Seeing as they yell pretty much all the lines, the overall effect is that you’re watching a cooking show hosted by some sort of crazy Viking.

#9 – POPSUGAR Food
Channel URL:

- For those of you that are watching this and are a bit worried that you won’t actually get any good recipes out of this countdown, never fear. Up next is POPSUGAR Food, and it’s a pretty sweet channel – pun fully intended.
- While POPSUGAR does feature relatively traditional cooking tutorials, by ways of style and presentation, it’s the kind of stuff they make that pushes them into the realm of Alternative Cooking.
- Next to relatively common things like Red Velvet Cupcakes and Blooming Onions, POPSUGAR has tutorials for all manner of crazy edibles: Mac and Cheese Stuffed Doritos, Donut Chips and Ramen Burgers. POPSUGAR is the place to go if you want recipes for stuff that’s both weird and fun, but also fully edible.

#8 - emmymadeinjapan
Channel URL:

- Anyone who’s ever been on vacation in a foreign country can attest to the fact that every country has it’s own weird candies and junk food. Emmy, host of the channel emmymadeinjapan, uses this as her core concept.
- On her most popular show, Emmy Eats, Emmy gets care packages stocked full of local treats and oddities from her viewers around the world and eats them. You name the country, she’s probably tried the local snacks.
- Her second show, Whatchya Eatin’, focuses more on foods and snacks that require preparation. This may sound a bit odd to you, but in some places, specifically Japan, there seems to be a large market for candies and snacks that come in kits where you have to them prepare yourself. Take it from me, these are especially bizarre.

#7 - BBQ Pit Boys
Channel URL:

- Alright, enough candy, back to the manly man stuff. Meat, Fire, good. Coming in at #7 are the BBQ Pit Boys. As their pre video warning reads, their channel is not recommended for Vegematics and the Food Police.
- What’s funny about these good ol’ boys is when it comes to actually explaining the recipe, they’re as clear, clam and concise as you’d ever expect for a high end cooking show. But, kinda like POPSUGAR, they land here on the Alternative List for the creative and unconventional things they often prepare. That and cause they only cook outside and look like the guys from Duck Dynasty, but that’s clearly part of the charm.
- Just to give a few examples, they do grilled alligator, bacon onion rings and venison chili. Basically, if whether you bought it or shot it, if it once was alive, you can find an awesome way to grill it with these guys.

#6 - Munchies
Channel URL:

- As you know by now, we’re counting down what we call Alternative Cooking and Food channels. Now, for years, Vice has positioned itself as the Alternative culture brand, so it makes sense that their food channel would end up here on the alternative list.
- That said, Munchies is the closest thing we’ve seen so far to the sort of foodie-travel show you’d see on TV. Actually, show is a bit too reductive: Munchies
- Anyone familiar with Vice’s other video channels will know exactly the kind of thing they’ll find on Munchies. Much of the content focuses on going to new and strange places, gaining access to counter culture experiences, and dishes, that are outside the realm of normalcy.

#5 - Cooking with Dog
Channel URL:

- Sure there may be other channels out there that teach you how to make traditional Japanese dishes in careful detail, but how many of those are narrated by a dog? Checkmate. At #5 is cooking with dog.
- If you want to get technical, Francis, a poodle, is technically the host of this show, although he gets help from a mysterious Japanese chef. I’m not making this up or just being lazy, the about page literally describe Francis’ “assistant” as “a Mysterious Japanese Chef”.
- Although Francis has a charming Japanese accent that definitely lends to the charm, subtitles are also provided for those of you that might fight it tough to follow.
- Obvious gimics aside, if you remove the poodle, Cooking with dog is actually a very comprehensive and detailed cooking show, especially for those of you that are interested in Japanese cuisine.

#4 - SORTED Food
Channel URL:
- At first glance, you’d be forgiven if you thought that SORTED food is just your standard, run of the mill cooking show. They make pretty things, but aside from a pretty heavy focus on stuff cooked in mugs, there’s nothing particularly crazy about the types of food they make that helps them stand out.
- Instead, SORTED stands out by being the most YouTube-y cooking channel we’ve seen so far. That is to say, they take food angle, and apply it to a lot of the trends you’ll see on other popular channels: they do challenges, they have collaborations with other YouTube celebrities and participate in community wide events.
- Although the channel is hosted by 4 friends from the UK, only one of the 4 is actually a Chef. So, in the cooking tutorials, you’ll often notice that the chef is not only instructing you, the viewer, but also his buddies as well. This clearly is where a lot of the appeal comes from, as the banter between the hosts lends a decent helping of charm to what would normally be relatively straightforward videos.

#3 – MyHarto a.k.a. My Drunk Kitchen
Channel URL:

- Though she does a number of types of videos on her channel, its Hannah “Harto” Hart’s most popular segment that lands her here, a little program she likes to call My Drunk Kitchen.
- If you’re terribly unimaginative and haven’t figured it out yet, on My Drunk Kitchen, Harto gets drunk and cooks. As you can expect, these videos are more about the journey and not the destination – as in – you’d probably not want to eat the food after, but damned if it doesn’t look like they’re all having fun while making it.
- MyHarto is another channel that’s intensely ingrained in the YouTube style. She updates frequently, does blogs and tutorials, and has collaborates with popular YouTube personalities like Tyler Oakley and Jenna Marbles. But what’s even more impressive is that she also has had a fair amount of “real world” celebrities on her show as well, like Sarah Silverman or even celebrity chef, Jamie Oliver.

#2 - Epic Meal Time
Channel URL:

- I’m sure many of you saw this one coming. Hailing from Watchmojo’s Epic home town of Montreal, Canada is our #2 pick, Epic Meal Time.
- Definitely in the “don’t try this at home category”, Epic Meal Time claims that they set out to “Make your wildest dreams come true – and then eat them”. Of course, they hardly ever really eat these things…they usually get pretty girls to do it.
- Basically, the objective of epic mealtime is to make insanely large and obscene creations out of food. Lasagna made of fast food burgers, a 84 egg sandwich, meat salad; anything that would give you a heart attack is essentially fair game.
- Epic Meal Time is equally known for by a few of their trademarks. Epic Music, Quack sound to cover expletives, and of course, shit-tons of bacon strips in pretty much everything. Harley Morenstein, imposing, often-bearded host, along with a cast of equally recognizable supporting characters, ties all of this together.

Before we get to our Top Pick, here are a few honorable mentions.

HM 1 Brothers Green Eats

HM 2 Tasted

HM 3 Feast of Fiction

HM 4 VeganBlackMetalChef

#1 – Rosanna Pansino a.k.a. Nerdy Nummies
Channel URL:

- Topping off our list is the adorable Rosanna Pansino, host of the delightful Nerdy Nummies.
- Like most of the channels on this list Nerdy Nummies is based around a relatively simple concept: deserts with a nerd culture theme. Super Mario Star cake, Minecraft Rise Krispy Treats, even Diablo 3 skittle vodka potions. If it’s part of nerd culture, Rosanna’s probably made an edible desert out of it.
- Not only are her recipes super creative and spot on in a visual sense, but they also look pretty darn good to eat too.
- One thing that gets you big points on here on TopX is impact on the YouTube Community, and Rosanna scores big in this category. Not only does she collaborate with other big names, but she updates with impressive frequency without sacrificing polish or production value.
- When you add in the fact that she combines this professional style with a clever gimmick, clear instructions and heavy audience interaction and seemingly endless, she makes an easy choice for our #1 spot.


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