Top 10 YouTube Beauty and Makeup Gurus - TopX Ep.8

Welcome to the eighth episode of TopX, the brand new show where we countdown the very best that YouTube has to offer! Today we're getting all dolled up and counting down the top 10 makeup and beauty gurus. For this list, we're taking a look at those channels devoted to making you look your best. We based our rank on a mix of subscriber numbers, views, votes from our users, personal preference and general impact on the YouTube community.

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Top 10 Youtube Makeup and Beauty Gurus

Welcome to the eighth episode of TopX, the brand new show where we countdown the very best that YouTube has to offer! Today we're getting all dolled up and counting down the top 10 makeup and beauty gurus. For this list, we're taking a look at those channels devoted to making you look your best. We based our rank on a mix of subscriber numbers, views, votes from our users, personal preference and general impact on the YouTube community.

#10: Lauren Curtis

- Our first entry is a young lady from Western Australia. Lauren Curtis developed her knowledge working at Bobby Brown before starting her own YouTube Channel.
- Like a few of the other artists you’ll see on this list, Lauren has a large number of videos devoted to the mimicking the style of various celebrities looks. These range from styles that are extremely popular today Kimmy K or Iggy Azalea, she also has more adventurous looks like Marylin Monroe and Christina Aguilera.
- One problem you may run into a lot of the time is you might see a great tutorial, but you might not have access to the products the artist in using, either cause they come from a mishmash of special stores, or you just might not be able to afford some of the high end stuff. Ms. Curtis is helpful in this sense because she often does “makeup hauls” from common places like Target or CVS, making her tutorials much more accessible to the average gal.
- On top of her regular tutorials, she has a series of “Make DON’Ts” videos which tell you what NOT to do. These are often fun to watch just to witness the horrendous monster she makes herself into.

#9: Carli Bybel

- Carli’s channel is broken down into a number of sections. Actually, it’s one of the most organized channel’s we’ll see today. It’s split into standard tutorials and celebrity inspired looks, but also includes lists for more fun, off topic stuff like one for Motivational videos and VLOGs and one for Health and Fitness.
- Another series of videos she has called “get ready with me” which is sort of a hybrid vlog and make-up tutorial. In these videos, she shows you how to do a look for a certain event, and then she essentially takes you to that event, VLOG style.
- Aside from her charming accent and down to earth sort of personality, what sets Carli apart from her peers is a heavy focus on user interaction. She almost always can be seen responding to comments on her videos, which just gives the whole channel a very interactive and friendly tone, and definitely makes the whole experience a lot more personal for her viewers.

#8: AndreasChoice

- Andrea, who’s last name I assume isn’t choice (it isn’t), actually has a funny story about how she rose to YouTube fame. She created a 3 part makeup tutorial for Katy Perry’s E.T. music video weeks before it was due to come out. On the day the video was released, MTV spoke to her live on Skype and they used part 2 of her tutorial on their audience. This, as you can imagine, got her channel a bit of attention.
- Many of the artists we’ll see are heavily focused on long, comprehensive tutorials, Andrea most popular videos are a more of a mish mash of quick style and beauty tips, with a heavy emphasis on “do it yourself”. Her DIY videos range from frizzy hair remedies to how to make rainbow shorts.
- As you can probably tell, her channel is less about getting that crazy look for one big night, and more about a lot of new and fun ways that you can change up your style and accessorize for every day.

#7: Tanya Burr

- Her channel has blossomed into much more than just a place to find makeup tutorials, and now features a large variety of challenges, vlogs, guest appearances by popular YouTube personalities. In fact, out of everyone we’ve seen so far, Tanya is definitely the one who’s most interwoven into the YouTube celebrity scene.
- Much like our #10 entry, Tanya puts a good amount of consideration into those of you who are working on a budget, and mixes a fair amount of lower end drugstore products into her tutorials. Like Lauren Curtis, she has a “drugstore haul” video, and even a video 20 Dollar Makeup Challenge video, which she did while she was in the United-States, since they have $1 bills.
- I’d say Tanya’s channel is great for those of you who want something that a bit more general. Some of the channels we’ve seen earlier are a bit more focused on specific looks or aspects, whereas if you’re looking for a middle of road “everything” sort of channel to fill a number of roles, Ms. Burr’s channel should be worth your while.

#6: Gossmakeupartist

- If Tanya’s channel was a bit more general, Goss’ channel goes the other way and is wayyy more specific. His most popular videos focus on specific elements of beauty, both in terms of problems, and solutions.
- For those of you that want to get real technical, Goss is your man. This should come as no surprise as he’s worked for 15 years as a professional makeup artist, his channel really reflects this knowledge.
- For example, he has a handful of videos on contouring, not just one or two. Then, for eye makeup, the sky is really the limit. Whether it’s achieving a specific look like a “lifted eye” as he calls it, or just how to apply eyeliner like a pro, Goss is the man to go to.
- He also has a large bunch of videos devoted to taking care of common issues. Blackheads, bags under your eyes, acne scars; you name it, if something you’re self conscious about on your face, Goss has got you covered.

#5: Kandee Johnson

- Here we have another YouTuber who started out as a pro before starting their channel. Kandee Johnson used to work as a makeup artist for film, print and tv before branching out onto the web.
- Kandee likes to have a lot of fun in her videos. Almost all of the people we’re checking out today have great personalities, but Kandee’s onscreen manner is one that really stands out. In some of her videos she’s bursting with excitement, clearly pumped by how well some the look turned out.
- It’s clear from watching her videos that she likes to have fun. This leads nicely into the fact that a lot of the looks she shows off are fun as well. Although she definitely does a lot of what I’d call “standard” tutorials, recently she’s done a lot of movie centric looks, mimicking Elsa from Frozen, Snow White, Lucile Ball, etc.
- Much like Goss, Kandee’s professional experience really shows in her videos, and gives her tutorials a level of trustworthiness and credibility. Like I mentioned before though, she’s very bubbly and personable, so the professional advice doesn’t come at the cost of watch ability.

#4: Ingrid Nilsen

- At #4 is another channel that covers a lot of bases. Ingrid Nilsen’ YouTube page covers pretty much all the things you’d expect to find on a Makeup Channel; tutorials, hauls, get-ready-with-me’s and DIYs stuff. She’s been nice enough to carefully arrange her channel into playlists as well, so there’s never any need to sift through page after page looking for her your favorite kind’a video.
- Ingrid’s channel is a bit of a cute success story, since she apparently had to overcome a fair amount of shyness before putting herself out there on YouTube. Thankfully, this personal gamble has paid off, as she since amassed over 3 million subscribers. This is also kind of funny because, watching her videos today, you’d never really know…
- What’s even funnier about this is that her super cheerful personality is one of the best parts of her channel. She’s bright; she emotes a lot and seems right at home on Camera.
- Clearly we’re not the only people to have noticed this, cause you can catch Ingrid as a judge on Project Runway: Threads, a real life TV show!

#3: Bethany Mota

- Number 3 is actually another inspiring YouTube success story. Bethany Mota allegedly started her channel as a means to escape and cope with bullying. Today, she’s pushing 8 million subscribers…we’ve only got 6…
- While a lot of these makeup channels definitely spill into the lifestyle category, Bethany’s is definitely the one that stands out in this regard. Those of you that are still in school will find a ton of helpful stuff on her channel; from locker room organization, to what to wear on the first day to even tips on healthy meals for breakfast.
- Like the channel Andreaschoice, this channel is less for those of you that want that 1 super tutorial to help you get ready for the prom, and more for a channel that helps you with the every day kind of stuff. In fact, problem the word that comes up the most often on her channel is “Quick”. Quick hairstyles, quick meals and of course, quick makeup.

#2: Zoella

- While there’s nothing that she does or doesn’t do that particularly special by ways of content, compared to others we’ve seen, Zoella sets herself apart from her peers by really “getting” the whole YouTube thing. Her videos are high quality, she’s got the look and the personality, and she collaborates heavily with other big name YouTube personalities. Her channel is not just impressive in compared to other make-up focused channels, but also compared to the rest of YouTube in general.
- So it seems that if you’re going to have a Make-up channel, one of the things you’re going to have to do is “haul” videos, where the vlogger in question will go out and show their “haul” from a certain retailer. Everyone we’ve seen today does these, if not most of them. If these are your thing, you may already know that Zoella is the queen of the Haul video, a title that was actually bestowed upon her by Vogue Magazine.
- But her accolades don’t just stop there. She was named a National Citizen Service’s ambassador in the UK in 2013, and has received numerous awards as well as a nomination in the Telegraph’s 40 best beauty bloggers list.
- Most impressive of all is, despite some recent controversy involving her use of a Ghostwriter, she’s also now a record setting best selling novelist with her book Girl Online. Not too shabby.

HM#1 BubzBeauty

HM#2 Pixiwoo

HM#3 Makeup Geek / MakeupGeekTV

HM#4 Nicole Guerriero

HM#5 Chloe Morello

HM#6 Dulce Candy

#1: Michelle Phan

- Continuing our trend of remarkable success stories, Michelle was apparently turned down from sales associate job for Lancome in 2007 for a lack of experience, and was hired as THE official makeup artist for Lancome 3 years later.
- Now, as you can probably tell, a lot of the people we saw today can fall into one of two categories; specific looks or diversity for every day. Michelle’s channel is great because it combines these two. Her states moto is “Life is too short for one look”. Her trailer encourages you to try lots of different looks and discover all the different sides of you. The idea is that by trying a wide variety of stuff, from simple to far out, you can discover new and exciting looks to complement your repertoire.
- As you can imagine, she has a huge variety of different kinds of tutorials, from how to make yourself look like more of a bad girl, to how to literally look like sailor moon.
- One thing that also undeniable about Michelle’s recent content is that the quality is through the roof. The camera work, the editing, the music. This is not just a girl in her front of her webcam anymore as these are serious video productions.
- Despite her enormous success and legions of fans, Michelle still comes off as very humble and down to earth. This friendly, sweet nature has definitely been a major factor the popularity of her channel, and is just one of the many reasons why she’s #1 on this list.

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