Top 10 Actor Physical Trademarks

Script written by Sean Harris. Even Hollywood has its quirks! And who needs airbrushing when you can be interesting? In this video, counts down our picks for the top 10 actor physical trademarks! For this list, we’ve looked at those celebrity imperfections that have not been corrected, hidden or shied away from. To be in contention, the quirk must be physical and it must be for all to see. Facial scars, crooked noses, different colored eyes, teeth gaps and more are all in contention! Special thanks to our user kenn1987 for submitting the idea on our Suggestions Page at WatchMojo.comsuggest

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Script written by Sean Harris.

Top 10 Actor Physical Trademarks

Even Hollywood has its quirks! And who needs airbrushing when you can be interesting? Welcome to, and today we’re counting down our picks for the top 10 actor physical trademarks!

For this list, we’ve looked at those celebrity imperfections that have not been corrected, hidden or shied away from. To be in contention, the quirk must be physical and it must be for all to see.

#10: Heterochromia Iridum
Kate Bosworth

For an actor, the eyes are among the most important of all physical features – and there are few actors more optically interesting than Kate Bosworth! Heterochromia iridum is the scientific term for having eyes of different colors… For Bosworth, her left side is blue; her right side is hazel splashed with brown. An unforgettable gaze, the effect is slightly distracting, definitely different, but desirably so! If the eyes are the windows to the soul, then this actress has a soul that stands out!

#9: Glass Eye
Sammy Davis, Jr.

On November 19th 1954, this classic comedian suffered a car accident that nearly took from him his life. He survived, but he did lose his left eye. The steering wheel of Davis’ Cadillac was fitted as standard with a bullet-shaped horn – and it was that which caused the damage! Davis was not to be defeated, though, and after sporting an eye-patch for six months, he was fitted with a glass replacement. His new look became as trademark as his dancing, singing and ‘Mr. Show Business’ nickname!

#8: Facial Scar
Harrison Ford

Another imperfection forced onto the face of an actor by a car accident, Harrison Ford is famous for films, but also for his chin! In reality, as a young man he’d been driving to work when he tried to put his seatbelt on, and that’s when he lost control and struck a telephone pole. In the movies, however, the scar is explained in a variety of ways. In “Working Girl”, Ford’s character had fainted trying to pierce his own ear; As Indiana Jones, he’d accidentally whipped himself in the face as a kid!

#7: Tooth Gap
Laurence Fishburne

From the eyes, to the chin, to the mouth. The teeth are another first point of reference when it comes to first impression-making… As such, they’re another significant feature in the acting world. Technically called a diastema, a space between the front teeth is fairly commonplace, but Laurence Fishburne’s dental arrangement is especially notable. In some cultures it’s considered attractive and fertile, in others lucky, Fishburne’s tooth gap is a trademark. Simply put, his gap is greater than the average person’s! An otherwise straight and clean set of teeth, but a characteristic set most of all – his is a smile of distinction!

#6: Facial Scar
Tina Fey

She may be the star of some very funny films, but the tale behind Tina Fey’s facial quirk is not at all comedic. As a young girl she was attacked by the knife of a stranger, and left with a scar on the left side of her face. An aesthetic alteration that would crush the confidence of some girls, Fey found fame regardless! After “Saturday Night Live,” a breakout role in “Mean Girls” was the springboard she needed and now Fey’s one of the funniest females in film. Scars and all, she earned success!

#5: ‘Glasgow Smile’ Cheek Scars
Tommy Flanagan

Some more scars with a sinister background, Tommy Flanagan’s face is unlike any other actor’s! The “Sons of Anarchy” star was jumped when working as a DJ in his native city of Glasgow. The ‘Glasgow Smile’ is achieved when the victim has the corners of their mouth cut, and the skin is gradually torn apart… That’s what happened to Flanagan, and he carries the scars to this day. They’re trademarks with a terrifying back story!

#4: Scarred Lip
Joaquin Phoenix

A mysterious man in most things, Joaquin Phoenix’s top lip is a physical imperfection in fitting with his curious character. Though it has been speculated that the mouth to nose scar is the result of reconstructive surgery after being born with a cleft lip, Phoenix has indicated that it’s not so. Instead, he was born with the mark, which doctors might classify as a ‘microform cleft.’ Whatever it is, it gives the “Walk The Line” actor a nicely out-of-the-ordinary look!

#3: Drooping Eyelid
Forest Whitaker

The most trademark of atypical eyes out there, Forest Whitaker’s face is greatly defined by a ‘lazy’ left eye. The star of “The Last King of Scotland” has previously explained that his characteristic droop, medically known as Ptosis, is hereditary, and that it can actually affect his vision. For that reason, Whitaker has contemplated plastic surgery, but has so far refrained from going under the knife. An imperfection that adds extra intensity to this actor’s appearance, it places on our podium!

#2: Crooked Nose
Owen Wilson

If there’s one nose that everyone knows, then it’s Owen Wilson’s… nose. The Frat Pack star has a strangely shaped sniffer, but so trademarked to his face has it become, that it would seem stranger if it wasn’t there! The cause of the crookedness is not known for sure, although football and fights are likely to blame. Wilson has hinted before that it has him a little self-conscious, and – as understandable as that may be – it’s another imperfection that earns affection from the cinema-goer! Without doubt, a great snout!

Before we unveil our top pick, here are a few honorable mentions:
- Facial Mole
Christian Bale
- Cleft Chin
Ben Affleck
- Third Nipple
Mark Wahlberg
- Clubbed Thumbs
Megan Fox

#1: Paralyzed Lip
Sylvester Stallone

Our victor is a facial feature so trademark that many film fans might have thought it wasn’t natural! Sly Stallone is known for his snarling appearance and occasionally slurred speech, but those are aspects to his character that he need not rehearse. The Hollywood legend actually suffers from partial paralysis in his face, due to problems that occurred when he was born. Heavy-handed forcep-use severed a nerve on baby Stallone’s left side, causing loss of feeling, but creating a unique acting style!

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