Top 10 Mass Effect Teammates

The Mass Effect Trilogy is a Sci-Fi Western RPG that was one of the most iconic franchises of the 7th Generation of Video Games. Many critics compare its extensive lore to that of Star Wars, and the 2nd entry in the series is among the greatest games of all time. While the Trilogy's ending was very controversial to the point that developer Bioware had to modify it. The Relationship between the teammates in the game was one of the series staples that many fans know and love. Join as we countdown our picks for the Top 10 Mass Effect Teammates.

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Top 10 Mass Effect Teammates

If you’re going to save the galaxy, you’re gonna need some help. Welcome to and today we’re counting down our picks for the Top 10 Mass Effect Teammates.

For this list we’re ranking the characters that you can take on missions based on their story, personality and how useful they are on the field. As such, characters like Joker and Admiral Anderson are excluded this time around.

#10 EDI

Starting this off is a A.I. with a sexy robot body, voiced by Tricia Helfer who’s best known for playing a killer robot with a sexy human body … go figure. Introduced in the 2nd game as the Normandy’s handy A.I. it’s not until Mass Effect 3 that she gets a shiny, shapely body of her own. It’s there that she also get’s a fleshed story as she attempts to discover her humanity, most notably in a romantic, if perplexing relationship with Joker. How do they…nevermind…

#9: Samara

Living the stoic life of an Asari Justicar, Samara is over a thousand years old . This 2nd game squadmate is an ideal choice for crowd control as she sports some of the most powerful biotics in the game. Competent though she may be, it’s her actions outside of battle that make her so memorable, as you must aid her in her quest to kill her murderous daughter. And she’s the only character that will reject you if you try to romance her. Though persistence pays off in the Citadel DLC.

#8: Grunt

An artificially made Krogan designed to circumvent the genophage. Grunt is awoken by Shepard with only a handful of artificial memories to go on. Though he’s technically got the mind of a teenager, on the battlefield he’s the ideal choice for charging enemies with brute force. It’s in the 3rd game’s Citadel DLC that you can witness his rebellious young nature get him into all sorts of hilarious trouble.

#7: Thane Krios

An Assassin of the endangered Drell species, Thane is cursed with a terminal illness. None the less, Thane is an skilled marksman on the field with a Sniper Rifle, and he’s not too shabby with biotics. On the Normandy he seeks redemption for the lives he’s taken as an assassin, haunted by his perfect memory. Though he meets a sad end at the hands of another assassin, his heartbreaking death is avenged in full.

#6: Mordin Solus

A Salarian, yes, very skilled burning enemies alive. Brilliant Scientist too. Tends to talk like someone who’s had too much caffeine. Sorry! Mordin is a former STG operative, who’s fast thinking and slightly psychotic dialog make him a welcome addition to the Normandy cure. Wrought with guilt for helping modify the Genophage, his final chance at redemption in Mass Effect 3 left many a gamer in tears.

#5: Legion

The last squadmate you can pickup in Mass Effect 2, Legion is a Geth … but a good Geth, since he can operate outside the controlling Veil, making him unique. Outside of battle he doesn’t get along well with Tali given the whole taking their homeworld problem. But the two do end up working together in the 3rd game, up until Shepard has to make a critical choice, both of which result in losing our favorite automaton.

#4: Dr. Liara T’Soni

An Asari Archeologist, Liara is young by Asari Standards at only 106 years old …and that’s in their years. Liara is first introduced being stuck in a dig site on Therum in the 1st game, And one of first 3 characters available for romance, regardless of the gender of your character. In the 2nd game she ends up taking on a massive role, While in the 3rd she becomes your 2nd in Command as she uses her Shadow Broker recourses to save the Galaxy from the Reapers.

#3: Tali’Zorah Vas Normandy

Tali is Quarian, a species with weakened immune systems, hense the suits, that have been exiled from their homeworld,. Tali is one of only 2 character that can assist you in all 3 games. In the first game she’s ideal to take on uncharted worlds to hack all those chests. While in the 2nd and 3rd game she’s ideal for Geth extermination with her Overload and Hacking ability. Oh and there’s also this infamous scene from the 3rd game.

#2: Urdnot Wrex

A Krogan mercenary later turned clan leader, Wrex can only join you in the first game but like any Krogan, he has the ability to charge his enemies, with extra biotics. Wrex is also the first teammate in the Mass Effect series that can die if you’re unable to convince him to destroy Saren’s lab on Virmire. If you can talk him outta that situation, in the Citadel DLC though you can bring him along once more for some good old Krogan beat down.

Before we get to the top spot, lets take a look at who else we like to take with us.

#1: Garrus Vakarian

Taking the top spot is our favorite Turian, who’s a badass mercenary capable of taking on 3 criminal gangs at once. The 2nd of only 2 characters that you can take with you in all 3 games, Garrus is also a hilariously awkward love interest who had some of the best romance scenes. But there is one thing we’re a little questionable about. How long does it take to calibrate a cannon before its fully optimized?

Do you agree with our list? Which members of your squad did you want to get to know … In a PG way preferably. For more energetic Top 10’s published everyday be sure to Subscribe to

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