Top 10 Greatest Dragons in Video Games

These winged creatures that breath fire are a favorite of the fantasy genre. You’ve seen our Top 10 Dragon’s from Television and Movies, now it's time to see what Video Games have to offer. For this lists purposes, we’re simplifying what qualifies as a dragon, so if it can fly, has wings and can breathe fire, then it’s a candidate. Join as we count down our picks for the Top 10 Dragons in Video Games.

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Top 10 Dragons in Video Games

You’ve seen our Top 10 Dragon’s and Television and Movies, now its time to see what Video Games has to offer. Welcome to and today we’re counting down our picks for the Top 10 Dragons in Video Games.

We’re simplifying what qualifies as a dragon, following a few comments in the Movies and TV video being way too technical. So if it can fly, has wings, can breathe fire, and/or is a reptile. Or if it’s simply referred to as a dragon: it’s a dragon.

#10: Singe “Dragon’s Lair” (1983)

Kicking of our list is the first detailed dragon to hit the arcades, though he may not be the brightest dragon for keeping the weapon that can slay him in his lair. He was one of the first major antagonists of videogames who set the standard of “getting to the dragon.” Oh and a Fun fact: Singe means monkey in French.

#9: Onaga “Mortal Kombat: Deception” (2004)

You might think Liu Kang’s Dragon is noteworthy, but his party trick is nothing compared to the power of the true emperor of Outworld. Onaga makes one hell of a first impression taking down the combined strength of 2 sorcerers and a god without breaking a sweat. Complete with being one of the toughest Mortal Kombat bosses sets Onaga comfortably in the #9 slot.

#8: The Ur Dragon “Dragon’s Dogma” (2012)

Also known as the undead dragon. This guy is absolutely terrifying and its not just the fact that he breathes purple fire, as he has a ridiculous amount of health and as multiple hearts all over his body. Rounding it all out, he can petrify his enemies as well. He is definitely someone you do not want to go up against unprepared.

#7: Dragon God and the Elemental Dragons “Chrono Cross” (2000)

What’s more terrifying than dealing with one dragon? Having him separated into 6 different dragons and having to take care of them one at a time, Only to have them later merge into the even more power Dragon God. Oh and he’s also a cybernetic organism. Gotta love Japanese games. If it wasn’t for this video helping you with a visual aid, that would sound like some sort of dragon-voltron-hybrid. Actually, that sounds awesome, here’s hoping somebody does some fan art of that.

#6: Ridley “Metroid” series

Samus’s nemesis and powerful space pirate, this skeletal dragon somehow is able to cheat death against one of the most powerful bounty hunters in the galaxy on numerous occasions. Also Appearing as the mechanical Meta-Ridley in the Metroid Prime series, you can be sure that in Samus’s future adventures, this guy’s gonna be right behind her.

#5: Spyro “Spyro the Dragon” series

No list of videogame dragons would be complete without one of the most iconic dragons of the 90’s. This cute little guy prefers to take out his burning rage on sheep, and has also been know to dabble in ice and electricity. Regardless Spyro remained one of the most lovable video game characters, … Until we had to buy all of those toys…

#4: Bahamut “Final Fantasy” series

This recurring dragon is logically named after the mythological Arabian fish. Bahamut has appeared in various forms over multiple Final Fantasy games but 2 things have always stayed the same: 1: he’s a dragon and 2: He has one of the most powerful moves in the series in the form of his Mega Flare.

#3: Charizard “Pokemon” series

Out of all the Pokemon worthy of making this list, none are more memorable or iconic as Charizard. One of the few possible starting Pokemon as Charmender, he’ll eventually and evolving into the bad ass burning lizard. Charizard to this day remains to be one of Pokemon many fire trainers bond with the most. Oh and if you’re going to complain that he can’t make the list cause he’s technically not a Dragon Type Pokemon (Show MegaCharizard X Evolution) Now he is.

#2: Alduin “Skyrim” (2011)

You can’t have a dragon list without naming one of the dragon’s slain by the dragon slaying dragon born. Dragon. Naturally, there’s no better choice than Alduin, also known as The World Eater, capable of reviving a race of dragons from extinction in order to wipe out humanity. He’s so powerful that you’ve gotta go back in time and into the afterlife to defeat him.

And now we come to (pause) our honorable mentions for some more awesome dragons.

#1: Deathwing “World of Warcraft: Cataclysm” (2010)

Taking the top spot is the dragon that not only talks tough, but also powerful enough to single handedly devastate the largest MMO world in Video Games. With his wings engulfed in flames, he produce enough downward force to shatter infrastructure with a simple flyby. The only way you could make him more badass is if you gave him Adamantium armor … Oh wait he actually does have that. Don’t try to pull a Dovakin here: if you face him alone, you’re screwed.

Agree with our list? Which digital dragon is your favorite? For more mythical top 10s published every day, be sure to subscribe to

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